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Where Grey's Anatomy: B-Team Falls In The Franchise's Timeline

"Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" may not have the nail-biting surgeries, McSteamys, or sky-high ratings of its iconic parent show "Grey's Anatomy," but... well, that's it, actually. It's not "Grey's Anatomy." However, the frothy six-webisode series still made an impact on "Grey's" fans when it premiered in 2018. Following the story of the "B-Team" that handles the "three B's" of bedpans, barf, and blood, "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" managed to earn its place as a diverting, if inessential, addition to the "Grey's" canon.

That said, it can still be unclear — even to "Grey's" superfans — how "B-Team" fits into the series as a whole. Thankfully, "B-Team" director Sarah Drew cleared that up in a 2018 interview. She explained that the first day of the "B-Team" actually occurs during the 300th episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

"We didn't really get to follow any of their stories or watch them really interact together," said Drew, who also played April Kepner on "Grey's Anatomy." "So this is the chance to kind of see what happened on that first day when we all watched the 300th episode." However, according to Drew, there are even more parallels between "B-Team" and "Grey's Anatomy" than fans think.

B-Team purposely calls back to the first episode of Grey's Anatomy

Since "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" is about a new set of interns on their first day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, it follows that the web series would closely resemble the pilot episode for "Grey's Anatomy." As actor Jaicy Elliot explained in the aforementioned interview with Sarah Drew, "It's exactly like what they went through in the pilot of the series, because it's all the doctors starting off." For the interview, Elliot joined her fellow "B-Team" co-stars Jeanine Mason, Jake Borelli, Rushi Kota, and Alex Blue Davis.

But the similarities between "B-Team" and "Grey's Anatomy" don't stop there. "We even use some of the music on ["B-Team"] from the original pilot episode," Drew added. "It was fun to do some little throwbacks there."

Of course, seeing Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) boss around interns on "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" was already nostalgic enough for fans. However, it's nice to know that the "B-Team" creators had its parent show in mind as well.