Will Trent Scene-Stealer Betty The Chihuahua Also Appeared In A Disney Remake

"Will Trent" is not your average police procedural. Sure, the ABC series' human star Will Trent (Ramón Rodriguez) is a grizzled, battle-hardened cop with emotional baggage to spare. But his most charming co-star is not a witty and beautiful romantic co-lead, or even a sarcastic and hilarious work buddy. It's a tiny chihuahua named Betty, whom Will adopts in the series premiere. Betty has captured the hearts of viewers, and is a huge part of why the show was renewed for a second season.

But there's a real dog behind Betty, of course, and she's a formidable actor in her own right. Bluebell, as she's known in the biz, previously starred in 2021's "Cruella" opposite Emma Stone. Namely, she played the eyepatched troublemaker Wink, who often stole the show with her hijinks.

That said, this doesn't necessarily mean that acting has come naturally to Bluebell. In fact, she has required lots of training in order to exude the charisma she displays on "Will Trent."

Bluebell's trainer and co-star use tricks to ensure Bluebell hits her marks

"Will Trent" and the novel it's based on are both beloved for their depiction of Will and Betty's squee-inducing relationship. But Betty's heart-melting looks on the show don't come easy. Canine actor Bluebell often needs a little coaxing from her trainer, April Macklin. In fact, Macklin has to wave a telescopic pointer from off camera just to get Bluebell to look in the right direction.

However, Macklin generously credits Bluebell's co-star, Ramón Rodriguez, for bringing out the best in her. "Ramón has such a sixth sense in that he knows exactly what to do with [Bluebell]," Macklin told Parade. "There was one scene where he figured out how to do something brilliant with her. He'll even put some chicken in the bed to get her to pull a behavior. I think he really loves her."

Rodriguez and Bluebell certainly wouldn't be the first co-stars to have ever fallen in love on set, and they certainly won't be the last. But in this case, the pair's budding off-screen relationship has only added to their on-screen chemistry. It also doesn't hurt that Bluebell is such an innate talent.