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Bloopers That Make Us Love These Infinity War Actors Even More

Marvel fans everywhere can vouch that the Marvel Cinematic Universe features some of the most amazing action sequences, most tragic superhero backstories, and most gut-wrenching storylines in film history. The enormous ensemble flick Avengers: Infinity War that thundered into theaters in April featured all that and more — from Captain America getting all up in Thanos' business after the Mad Titan killed Loki and chucked Gamora off a cliff, to Gamora standing up to her adoptive father Thanos, to Spider-Man whimpering his last words to Iron Man. 

But for all the blood-pumping brawls, sentimental scenes, and general doom and gloom seen on screen in Infinity War, there was just as much laughter, banter, and goofs that played out behind the scenes. And thanks to the Blu-ray release of Infinity War, which features a two minute-long gag reel, viewers at home can witness the best of those bloopers that will make everyone love the actors even more than they already do.

Something wrong with Wong

After Thanos and his evil sycophants – Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight, and Corvus Glaive — ambush the Asgardian refugee ship, kill Loki, extract the Space Stone from the Tesseract, fling Thor into space, and send the Hulk hurtling back to Earth via the Bifröst, the four underlings head to Earth to stir up even more trouble. 

No longer in his Hulk form after Thanos smacked the big green guy into submission, Bruce crash-lands at the New York Sanctum following his cosmic face-off. There, he meets up with Iron Man, Wong, and Doctor Strange. Wong and Doctor Strange give a crash course on the Infinity Stones, Bruce explains just how wicked Thanos is, and Iron Man goes to call Captain America for help, hoping to reconcile after their falling out in Captain America: Civil War. But when Iron Man notices that the wind has picked up, the four men slowly turn to face the Sanctum's streetside door and realize that Thanos' lieutenants have already touched down on Earth. 

Impactful scene, right? Well, during filming, actor Benedict Wong couldn't help but get silly when the camera panned to across his face as he stared at the Sanctum door. With dramatic music swelling in the background, Wong shifts his eyes, stares directly into the lens, shakes his face, and shivers. Off screen, the crew laughs and a voice yells, "That was it!" Sounds like everything that came before this blooper was included in the theatrical cut of the film.

A hairy situation

Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson didn't let slightly overpowered wind machines get her down when shooting Avengers: Infinity War

Nearing the third act of the film, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, War Machine, and Vision travel to Wakanda to visit Shuri, the genius younger sister of T'Challa, who's known for her advanced technological creations like the Black Panther suit. The group hopes that Shuri can safely and successfully remove the Mind Stone from Vision's forehead — Bruce theorizes that the "best parts" of him will still remain functional even without the yellow gem — and they can destroy it before Thanos seizes it and uses it to power the Infinity Gauntlet, snap his fingers, and kill half the universe. Once in the lush, futuristic country, the heroes wind up preparing to battle the purple-muscled despot, with Black Widow joining the fight inside a ship alongside Wakandan warriors and members of the Dora Milaje. 

Shot in front of a green screen, this sequence required the use of a machine to simulate real wind whipping past the open-top ship — and boy, did it work. The artificial wind got a little intense during filming, blowing Johansson's hair across her face. With her buttery blonde blocks in front of her eyes, Johansson laughs out L'Oréal Paris' iconic catchphrase: "Because you're worth it." If she ever gets tired of acting, Johansson could totally do shampoo commercials.

Clumsy Chris

The God of Thunder, the current king of Asgard, the former wielder of the mythical hammer Mjolnir (y'know, before it was crushed to bits in Thor: Ragnarok), and the hero who helped radically change the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Oh yeah, he's all kinds of bold and badass. The guy who plays him, however? Not so much. 

While Bruce Banner posits how Vision could have the Mind Stone extracted from his forehead and still live, and Captain America hints that Wakanda is the perfect place for the gem removal to take place, Thor and Rocket Raccoon concoct their own plan to take down big bad Thanos. The Asgardian ruler and the scrappy Guardian venture to Nidavellir to pay Eitri a visit and get Thor set up with a sweet new weapon, Stormbreaker, which is meant to kill Thanos. Thor almost flawlessly reignites a dying star and holds open a mechanical iris so Eitri can heat the metal needed to make the weapon — but Hemsworth had a tough time getting through the scene as seamlessly as his character did.

In the Infinity War gag reel, Hemsworth proves he isn't quite as graceful as The Big Blonde Dude with the Hammer when he jumps onto a platform in front of the giant iris and twice fails to stick the landing, his super-ripped legs slipping out from underneath him in both attempts. Thor may be a pirate-angel, but Hemsworth certainly isn't. 

Motion capture mania

Infinity War stars Tom Holland and Josh Brolin — who portray teen superhero Spider-Man and the guy we all love to hate, Thanos, respectively — can likely attest to the slight awkwardness that comes with trying to deliver a strong performance in a motion capture suit. Holland needed to slip into the not-so-fashion-forward get-up so the digital effects team could create Spider-Man's sleek Iron Spider costume in post production, while Brolin had to be suited up in the triangle-covered onesie so the crew could place CGI Thanos in line with his movements. Something about the suits brought out the silly in the men while shooting the film.

In Infinity War, Spider-Man disobeys Iron Man's orders and ventures out into space to join the fight against Thanos, sneakily creeping up on Iron Man and Doctor Strange on Ebony Maw's spaceship. To film this, Holland was suspended in a harness — of which he took full comedic advantage. In the middle of shooting, the 21-year-old actor hung completely upside down and kicked his legs out like some kind of acrobatic yoga teacher.

Later in the film, Thanos heads to Wakanda to dig the Mind Stone out of Thanos' forehead, power his Gauntlet, and commit mass genocide. It's a super-serious sequence, but Brolin couldn't stay completely stoic. While the cameras were still rolling, Brolin sent a leg flying up into the air, fake-kicking the camera lens. That's one way to go about method acting, huh?

Gamora's gone goofy

Her character may have had a rough go in Avengers: Infinity War – and that's putting it lightly — but Gamora actress Zoe Saldana still found time to cut loose. 

Early on in the flick, Gamora travels relatively peacefully through space with her fellow galaxy-saving Guardians inside their new ship called the Benatar. Prior to Thor smacking into the ship's windshield, Gamora rocks out to The Spinners' "Rubberband Man" while Star-Lord is at the helm. Gamora and Star-Lord then explain to Rocket why they're responding to a distress signal: it's partially for the money they might earn, partially because they're trying to be good people. As Gamora insists that cash "isn't the point" of the mission, the camera gives us a close-up shot of the actress' face.

But before she dives into her lines, Saldana takes a moment to have some fun. "Rolling!" the actress says in a goofy voice, crossing for added comedic effect. (The cameras are rolling and so are her eyes — get it?)

Saldana tapped into humor again during the emotional scene on Vormir in Infinity War, Thanos grabs Gamora by the wrist and throws her off a cliff — a sacrifice he makes to obtain the Soul Stone. Though the moment doesn't show Thanos gripping Gamora's throat, the film's directors apparently shot a take in which he does. Flitting from genuine to goofy, Saldana breaks character to look in the camera and ask, "Was that good?"

It's a resounding "yes" from us.

Bumbling Benedict and Mush-Mouth Mark

Two of the smartest characters in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner were markedly, uncharacteristically maladroit for a few moments when filming Avengers: Infinity War.

After Heimdall summons the Bifröst and Bruce rides down the burning rainbow beam to Earth, the renowned scientist crashes into the steps of the New York Sanctum and warns Doctor Strange and Wong that "Thanos is coming." Bruce evidently told the pair about Iron Man shortly thereafter, since the next time we see Bruce and Doctor Strange is when they emerge from a portal and greet Iron Man and Pepper Potts in the park.

Iron Man briefly mistakes Doctor Strange for some kind of phony magician giving out tickets to a show, but he quickly realizes the truth when Doctor Strange introduces himself and says that the fate of the universe is at stake. That's when Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch got his tongue and feet twisted up when trying to deliver these important lines. 

"I'm Doctor St—eughhh," Cumberbatch jokingly gripes during one take. "I'm Doctor I Can't Walk!"

Mark Ruffalo had a similarly difficult time trying to get his words out when Bruce is meant to relay to Iron Man just how serious the Thanos situation is. Grabbing Robert Downey Jr.'s shoulders, Ruffalo stalls to recall his lines. "I mean," Ruffalo says, waving his hand in front of Downey Jr.'s chest. "Yeah?" Downey Jr. quips back. Ruffalo then completely gives up trying and falls into laughter.

Falcon gets funny

Anthony Mackie's Falcon wasn't as major a player in Avengers: Infinity War as, say, Iron Man, Star-Lord, or even Scarlet Witch. But a lack of narrative influence doesn't equate to a lackluster character or a boring actor. Mackie was actually a huge source of laughter on the Infinity War set, cracking more than a few jokes in front of the camera.

During the battle in Wakanda, Falcon soars through the sky to take down Black Order and the Outriders. Because Mackie is a human man and doesn't have mechanical wings like Falcon, the actor was hung up in a harness to film his flying sequences. Feeling he looked silly, Mackie laughed right before starting the scene, "Flying about 80 miles an hour. Just a big chocolate missile."

When shooting fighting sequences on the ground in Wakanda, Mackie had another hilarious moment, this time with co-director Joe Russo. "You want me to go Jamie Foxx on this one?" Mackie asks in the blooper reel. "Uh, I want Denzel [Washington]," Russo responds, to which Mackie warns everyone on set, "Oh, s**t. Everybody, put on your sunglasses — Denzel's coming out."

And if that wasn't chuckle-worthy enough, the actor even managed to draw out belly laughs during the film's intense final sequence. In the midst of Thanos' Snappening, Falcon rests slumped on the Wakandan forest floor. It was heartbreaking for viewers but a chance for humor for Mackie, who joked in the gag reel that he was "going full Cheadle" for one take — referring to his costar, Don "War Machine" Cheadle, of course.

An Iron Man in the streets

For as put-together and ultra-cool Iron Man may be, the man behind the smooth-talking genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist-superhero can sometimes be a bit of a space case, acting silly — and certainly not his 53 years of age — on set. But that's exactly why Marvel fans love him.

Robert Downey Jr. let his funny flag fly in Avengers: Infinity War, particularly when it came to filming scenes on the streets of New York just after he rallied with Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner and contemplating burying the hatchet with Captain America. In the film, RDJ's Iron Man pounds the pavement alongside Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce, walking past burning cars, crashed-into buildings, and plenty of rubble before coming face to face with Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw.

After asking Wong to keep an eye on Bruce, who somewhat inexplicably can't turn into the Hulk, Iron Man activates his suit, connects a sweet punch to Cull Obsidian's jaw, and sends the villain flying backwards using detached beam panels.

The actual cut of the scene was grade-A awesome, but a scrapped take featured RDJ acting wonderfully unlike the suave hero he plays.  

Before Iron Man suits up and smacks Cull Obsidian, Downey Jr. has some fun by jokingly pursing his lips and suggestively raising his eyebrows at the camera. RDJ maintains this momentum of humor while filming, later going full Mary Poppins as he shakes his hips and sings, "Supercalifragilisticexpiali-nano" — "nano" being a nod to Iron Man's nanotech-powered suit.

Black Panther vs. the Bleating Goats

Poised yet passionate, and undeniably powerful, Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa, better known as Black Panther, is generally able to keep his cool under even the worst of situations. This rings especially true in Infinity War, when Black Panther gifts Sebastian Stan's war-weathered Bucky Barnes a new bionic arm and subtly asks him to join the resistance against Thanos, whose Black Order was minutes away from landing in Wakanda.

"This one may be tired of war, but the White Wolf has rested long enough," Boseman's Black Panther tells Danai Gurira's Okoye in the film.

Upon seeing the pair and his upgraded limb, Bucky simply asks where the fight is. Black Panther tells him that it's coming.

The blooper reel features an extended version of this moment, in which Black Panther says to Bucky, "I know you have found something, a sense of peace."

Hilariously for viewers — but unfortunately for Boseman — a couple of extras couldn't keep quiet during filming. Specifically, two goats bleated loudly in the background of the scene, interrupting the actor and making it impossible for him to get through his lines.

"Okay, you are going too far now," South Carolina-native Boseman laughs in his Black Panther accent as Gurira folds over into a fit of giggles.

Not even the GOAT in Wakanda can control the goats in Wakanda, and now we know why Black Panther skipped over any formalities when recruiting Bucky for the battle to end all battles. 

Hold me closer, tiny Captain

It's easy for actors to fall in love while shooting a movie. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds caught each other's fancy on the set of 2010's Green Lantern, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar have been together since they shot I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997, and charming Brits Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy knew they were meant to be when they filmed Evening back in 2007.

While Avengers: Infinity War didn't feature a ton of romance, the footage that was left on the cutting room floor included a few moments that reveal just how affectionate the movie's actors were with one another.

In the actual film, when Corvus Glaive has Captain America pinned down, a weak Vision stabs the baddie through the chest and promptly collapses to the forest floor. Captain America helps him up, saying, "Come on, I told you to go." Vision answers sincerely, "We don't trade lives, Captain."

That take was sweet enough to tug on everyone's heartstrings, but Vision actor Paul Bettany took things further when filming his literal heart-to-heart with Captain America star Chris Evans.

Multiple times when shooting the emotional scene, Bettany couldn't quite say his lines, which sent him and Evans crumbling into cracks of laughter. But once when the pair tried to get it right, Bettany let his apparent true feelings for his scene partner show as he puckered up and attempted to kiss Evans.

Captain America and Vision? We will go down with that 'ship.