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Bloopers That Make Us Love Ryan Reynolds Even More

While he has been active in the industry since 1991, Ryan Reynolds first rose to fame after appearing in "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" — a late '90s sitcom that has been largely forgotten, but was considered one of the more respectable "Friends" knockoffs during its era. From there, the Canadian turned his hand to romantic comedies like "The Proposal" and "The Change-Up" before transitioning to action roles in films such as "Blade: Trinity" and "Green Lantern."

The actor quickly established himself as a leading man thanks to his loveable charm and witty persona, making him the perfect choice for playing cheeky protagonists. However, in the last decade, Reynolds has really jumped into a new level of stardom thanks to his standout performances in "Deadpool" and its sequel, bringing him a whole host of new fans. In recent years, he has gone on to star in everything from "Free Guy" and "Red Notice" to "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu."

With Reynolds always bringing a playful edge and a sharp sense of humor to his roles, it shouldn't be a surprise that he also causes plenty of laughs behind the scenes. These hilarious outtakes and bloopers showcase just why everyone loves Reynolds so much.

Deadpool: Trying out some insults

With "Deadpool," Hollywood finally figured out what to do with Ryan Reynolds, and that's simply let him be himself. Released in 2016, the first film about the famous Merc with a Mouth was the perfect match for Reynolds, allowing him to play a character that is similarly as sarcastic, self-deprecating, and self-aware as he is. Much of the film follows Wade Wilson as he hunts down Francis Freeman (Ed Skrein), the man ultimately responsible for giving him his mutant powers but also for brutally scarring his entire body. The film was a huge success and proved there was a lot of appetite for R-rated superhero movies that contain graphic violence, raunchy scenes, and excessive cursing.

A big part of the movie's appeal is that the fictional character of Wade Wilson blends seamlessly with Reynolds' real-life snarkiness. "Deadpool" relies heavily on Reynolds' funny improvisations and comedic riffing, so the blooper reel for the film contains several alternate takes for scenes. However, only one take can make the final cut, meaning there's lots of outtake footage left out, like this scene where Reynolds tries out a bunch of ideas when he shows up at the mansion of the X-Men to the amusement of everyone on set.

Blade: Trinity: Talking about music

After two successful "Blade" movies, David S. Goyer began work in a third film in the Marvel franchise. Widely viewed as the worst entry in the trilogy, the film was also something of a disaster behind the scenes, with Wesley Snipes making production difficult for everyone involved. With Kris Kristofferson having a diminished role, the likes of Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds had to step up to support Snipes in a story in which the vampire hunter and his allies battle to stop Dracula from coming to full power. 

The "Blade" movies aren't known for being funny despite having a small number of lighthearted comedy scenes. The few comic moments in the dark and violent conclusion to Wesley Snipes' vampire hunter trilogy come courtesy of Reynolds, even though Blade himself ignores most of those jokes. In this blooper, director David S. Goyer lets Reynolds riff in character, describing what music is on the radio. Reynolds amusingly and self-deprecatingly exposes his character's not-very-hip musical tastes in the process and provides some levity in a movie otherwise lacking in redeeming qualities.

The Proposal: Messing around with Betty White

Continuing his run of appearances in romantic comedies, Ryan Reynolds starred in the 2009 film "The Proposal" opposite Sandra Bullock. In the movie, he plays Andrew Paxton, the assistant to Bullock's character Margaret. When her visa application is denied and she faces deportation back to Canada, Margaret forces Andrew to propose to her and pretend as if they are planning on getting married so she can remain in the country. This inevitably leads to tricky and funny situations as they navigate their new lives together. 

Veteran actor Betty White also appears as Andrew's protective grandmother. She and Reynolds are similar in that both can get a little dark or dirty while remaining charming enough for the audience to still eat it up. In this blooper, White pretends to bite off a sensitive part of Reynolds' anatomy to the shock of everyone around. Of course, just maybe, it's Reynolds who pulls the fast one here by trying to convince the cast and crew that Betty White bit his nipple out of the blue and without warning.

The Hitman's Bodyguard: Mocking some nuns

Throw together some of the biggest actors in the world — including Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman — and you can't help but have a hit, especially when the endearing Ryan Reynolds leads the cast. The 2017 action comedy "The Hitman's Bodyguard" does just that, thrusting Reynolds into the role of a bodyguard forced to protect a hitman as he is transferred to the International Criminal Court to testify against a wanted war criminal. 

Regardless of religion, most people would generally prefer not to hassle nuns. After all, they are, generally speaking, senior citizens who pray all day. However, their de facto protected status in the real world makes them low-hanging fruit for mockery in the fictional world. An open goal like that is not something that Reynolds will miss thanks to his cheeky sense of humor — messing with people by being mildly shocking is his jam. Of course, few people are able to hassle a nun and get away with it, but that's exactly what the actor does in this blooper from "The Hitman's Bodyguard."

The Change-Up: Forgetting his lines

"The Change-Up" is a 2011 rom-com that features two friends who have slowly drifted apart as they grew up. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds portray the once inseparable pair who now live very different lives. Dave (Bateman) is a husband and family man with three kids, while Mitch (Reynolds) is a womanizing bachelor. After both express a wish to live the other's life after a drunken night, they awaken in the morning to find they have switched bodies. Unfortunately, they soon find out that they may have been envious of something they don't actually want. 

This sounds like something a pretentious acting teacher — or a deadpan Reynolds directly to the camera — might say about the "process," but acting is really reacting to other actors and situations. In this blooper from the body switch movie, Reynolds reacts quickly when he can't remember his lines. He stays in character as long as he can before admitting to co-star Bateman that he has no idea what he's supposed to be doing.

Just Friends: Pooping his pants

"Just Friends" came at a time when Ryan Reynolds was still finding his way in Hollywood, with the actor mainly landing romantic comedy roles thanks to his good looks and charming personality. The 2005 Christmas film sees Reynolds take on the role of Chris Brander, a former overweight high school student who is in love with classmate Jamie (Amy Smart). After being humiliated and rejected, he becomes a successful record producer as an adult but still has feelings for Jamie despite getting the attention of Anna Faris' character, Samantha. 

The fancier, more sophisticated individuals among us would never admit to it publicly, but poop jokes are usually funny. They're even funny on repeat — possibly even funnier in some respects. Case in point: This blooper from the comedy where Reynolds is tasked with delivering the most suitable variation on how his character would hypothetically soil his pants, but each attempt just makes Reynolds (and co-star Amy Smart) laugh harder and harder.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Dog farts

Reynolds' first big leading role came in 2002's "National Lampoon's Van Wilder," a lewd and crude college comedy in the tradition of "Animal House" and "Revenge of the Nerds." Reynolds played the titular smarmy-but-charming dude-bro Vance "Van" Wilder, Jr., while Tara Reid, Kal Penn, and Tim Matheson had supporting roles. Having spent seven years in college, Van Wilder is cut off by his father and has to suddenly work on his own to get enough money to pay his tuition so he can finally graduate. 

Part of the lovable energy of Reynolds' character was that he brought his bulldog (part pet, part mascot) almost everywhere he went. Animals, however, make for difficult co-stars because they don't follow the social graces that keep human interactions civil. For example, if they have to fart, they'll fart. The dog in Van Wilder apparently farted right on Reynolds's face during a snuggling scene. In the clip, the human actor suffers for his art but plays it off for the hilarious moment that it is.

The Proposal: Smooching with a dog

There are lots of great interactions in "The Proposal" between Ryan Reynolds and his various co-stars, whether it's Sandra Bullock, Betty White, or Craig T. Nelson. The one relationship in the film that really steals the show, though, is that of Andrew Paxton and the family dog Kevin. This adorable white fluffball has a particular fondness for Reynolds' character and takes an immediate dislike to Margaret, perhaps sensing how she was taking advantage of her long-suffering assistant.

If this blooper is anything to go by, it appears as if the real-life dog also had a strong connection with Reynolds. During the scene, the actor and the animal share a brief kiss, but the blooper descends into a far more involved hot and heavy make-out session, as Reynolds is more than happy to let the dog lick his face. His human co-star didn't seem to embrace the moment quite as much — Bullock quickly left the area in a fit of giggles.

R.I.P.D.: Playing with Jeff Bridges

The 2013 supernatural film "R.I.P.D." follows the adventures of Roicephus "Roy" Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges) and Nick Walker (Reynolds), two R.I.P.D. officers who have died and are now tasked with hunting down the spirits of those who have died but escaped judgment in the afterlife. As part of their investigations, the pair uncover a plot that threatens to allow the dead to return to Earth en masse. 

"R.I.P.D." has its fair share of comedy moments, including the fact that Reynolds and Bridges appear as an elderly Asian man and blonde woman respectively. It's also nice to see that some actors never lose their childlike whimsy and sense of fun while filming a movie. As this footage from the making of R.I.P.D. shows, Reynolds always has a blast while making a film. Of course, it helps that he's got a fellow goofball like Jeff Bridges to play against ... and a stunt car to mess around in.

Deadpool: Experimenting with name calling

Before he became the antihero Deadpool, Wade Wilson was a skilled mercenary who had once been a special forces soldier. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he takes part in an experimental procedure intended to treat the disease. However, Ajax and his team subject him to torture and inject him with a serum in an attempt to activate his latent mutant genes. It's a terrible process that would destroy many other characters but Wade Wilson manages to keep his humanity and not give up hope. 

One of the key ways that he keeps his spirits up is by making fun of his captors, especially Ajax after discovering his real name is Francis, which gives Reynolds a chance to rattle off a diverse set of different insults, so filmmakers can choose the perfect one for the final edit. He compares the appearance of the villainous Angel Dust (Gina Carano) to a wildly diverse series of individuals, from Kevin Sorbo to Henry Winkler to Chunk from "The Goonies." Also, it appears Ryan Reynolds can do an excellent Chunk impression when called upon.

Spirited: Having a great time with Will Ferrell

When you think of Ryan Reynolds, the first thing that comes to mind is unlikely to be musicals or Christmas films. So the fact that he stars in the 2022 Christmas musical "Spirited" may seem like something of an oddity at first — especially when he has little experience singing or dancing. However, the satirical nature of the film and its buddy comedy focus make Reynolds a good choice. For the actor, it also provided a chance to work alongside someone who he is clearly a big fan of. Reynolds told Vogue, "It was a very elaborate excuse to get to work with somebody I've admired my whole career, which is Will Ferrell."

At its heart, "Spirited" is a modern retelling of the classic Charles Dickens story "A Christmas Carol." Yet, it's a far more light-hearted approach to the tale that is better suited to family viewing than other adaptations that stick closely to the macabre elements of the story. Reynolds plays the seemingly unredeemable Clint Briggs while Ferrell portrays Ebenezer Scrooge who acts as the Ghost of Christmas Present and sets his sights on converting Briggs to become a better human.

The relationship between the two main characters is central to the success of "Spirited" and the pair definitely had plenty of chemistry behind the scenes. The whole blooper reel is one long demonstration of Reynolds and Ferrell very obviously having a great time filming the movie, continuously laughing as they try to get through the various scenes they are trying to shoot.

Red Notice: A very meta conversation

"Red Notice" from 2021 proved to be a huge success for Netflix, ending up as one of the most streamed movies of the year in spite of the lack of critical acclaim. With so much love from audiences, Netflix is already developing two sequels with the main cast of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot all set to return. Like many of his previous roles, Reynolds portrays a loveable and goofy character who uses his charm and quick thinking to get him out of trouble. Meanwhile, Johnson is an authoritative FBI profiler who is secretly working with the antagonistic Sarah Black (Gadot), a competing art thief to Reynolds' Nolan Booth.

The premise leads to a lot of quick-witted banter between the main characters as they share back-and-forth dialogue. A good example of this is during a scene where Johnson's character questions why Nolan Booth jumped into the water if it wasn't to try and save his life. In the outtake, Reynolds argues that it was because he thought he had dropped his phone in the water, leading to both he and Johnson realizing that this would throw a problem in the film's continuity if the character had a smartphone on him the entire time.

The Adam Project: Unexpected cursing

Ryan Reynolds' collaboration with Netflix and Shawn Levy continued with "The Adam Project" in 2022. In the movie, Reynolds stars as a time-traveling fighter pilot who goes back in time to try and save his wife. On the way, his time jet crashes, leaving him stranded in 2022 where he encounters his 12-year-old self (played by Walker Scobell) and must work with the child version of himself to get home and complete his original mission. It's an interesting concept and provides plenty of opportunity for humor as the two Adams adventure together and battle against Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener), the leader of the dystopian future world.

Reynolds and Scobell spent a lot of time filming together for the movie, each playing a version of Adam from different points in his life. But with such a young actor being heavily involved in the movie and the fact that it is rated PG-13, it means that there isn't a lot of scope for cursing. That's something that Scobell even mentions in the blooper above as he and Reynolds share a scene in a spaceship. However, in the very next moment of the gag reel, Scobell lets out a bleeped-out exclamation, prompting Reynolds to quickly say to the rest of the cast and crew that he can't be blamed for the outburst despite his reputation as the infamously vulgar Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool 2: Needing some help with his lines

After a successful first outing, Ryan Reynolds returned to the world of Marvel in 2018 for the sequel "Deadpool 2." Following the murder of his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Deadpool joins the X-Men and teams up with both Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). However, he ends up leaving the team and starting his own group to try and keep the teenage mutant Firefist (Julian Dennison) safe from the time-traveling super soldier Cable (Josh Brolin) who is determined to kill him and prevent the youngster from becoming an unstoppable force in the future.

There's an extensive blooper reel video available from "Deadpool 2" showing the various gags and outtakes from the movie. Like other movies, the most common type of blooper involves actors simply forgetting their lines and needing to ask for help to remember what they should be saying. In this particular blooper, Reynolds has clearly forgotten his line and tries to make out that it's only a minor error before admitting to forgetting all of his dialogue. "Okay, what's the first line of the last speech," he says. "And all the middle parts and the end."

Free Guy: Insulting a goldfish

"Free Guy" tells the story of a non-playable character called Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who is part of the massively online multiplayer game Free City. Although he doesn't initially know that he is an NPC within a game, a chance encounter with Millie Rusk (Jodie Comer) — a coder who believes Soonami Studios CEO Antwan Hovachelik (Taika Waititi) stole her code for the game — sets in motion a chain of events that leads to Guy becoming self-aware. He goes on to work with Millie to help her find evidence of the theft and ultimately stop the destruction of Free City when the developer intends to launch a sequel.

As an NPC, Guy has a strict routine that he follows from the moment he wakes up until the time he gets back into bed. His morning ritual involves getting dressed and then saying good morning to his pet goldfish, imaginatively named Goldie, before heading out to his bank job. In this blooper, Reynolds gets R-rated and rather than greeting Goldie in the usual way, instead he warns Goldy not to be "a f**king a**hole" as if the animal had been a pain to work with.

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard: Getting hit by Salma Hayek

Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Salma Hayek returned to work together once again for the 2021 sequel "Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard." This time around, Hayek's character, Sonia Kincaid, recruits the reformed Michael Bryce to track down and rescue her husband from mobsters who have kidnapped him. Proving more unstable than ever before, Sonia lands all three characters in the middle of a sinister plot by a terrorist billionaire threatening to launch an attack against all of Europe.

As the title suggests, this movie has more of a focus on Sonia, something that Hayek was particularly pleased with as it meant she got to add elements to the character, such as the fact that she is going through menopause. A female action hero whom Hayek describes as "crazy, but not randomly crazy" (via WION), Sonia isn't one to avoid getting involved in the fighting — and that's certainly clear in this outtake.

While attempting to slap some sense into Reynolds' character, Hayek accidentally hits him in the head prompting a wave of apologies and then fake annoyance over the fact that her co-star is moving too much. All the while, Reynolds plays up the incident and ends up exclaiming that he just wants to reset the scene because he can't wait to get hit again.

Red Notice: Flubbing his speech

It seems that the entire filming of "Red Notice" was one big excuse for the cast to have as good of a time as possible. Speaking on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Dwayne Johnson explained that the film had hundreds of ruined takes but that the vast majority of them were the fault of Ryan Reynolds, who seemingly made it his mission to make his co-star laugh whenever possible. "Oh my god, I never laughed so hard," he told Fallon. "It got to a point where he would say something and then I would say something and then he would say it in a way he knew that I liked, which is actually needling me when the camera is on me."

But it seems that Reynolds didn't always have to be actively trying to make either Johnson or Gal Gadot laugh on purpose. If this blooper is anything to go by, his inability to get his line out as intended was just as funny to his fellow actors. Taking place near the end of the film when Reynolds' character gets his own back on his fellow art thieves, it shows him incapable of explaining how he discovered where the pair hid their money despite several attempts. But rather than get frustrated, the actor simply suggests that Gadot and Johnson say the line instead.

The Adam Project: Speaking gibberish

Although it isn't a hard sci-fi film filled with accurate science, "The Adam Project" has some technical jargon and complex terms. This is partly due to the fact that Reynolds' version of Adam comes from decades in the future and has to explain his time travel jet to his younger self. But it is also a result of the fact that time travel is always somewhat complicated, especially when Mark Ruffalo's character Louis Reed is a quantum physicist and the originator of the technology needed to travel through time.

Poking fun at this, Reynolds can be heard talking complete nonsense to his younger co-star while in his time jet during this blooper. Spouting a stream of gibberish that amuses Walker Scobell, the actor gives a cheeky look and grin to the camera to make it obvious that he knows exactly what he is doing. The reference to the seemingly made-up spangledonners is particularly pleasing and Reynolds looks very proud of his off-the-cuff remarks.

Deadpool 2: Making a slow getaway

At the start of "Deadpool 2," things are looking up for Wade Wilson. Things don't stay that way for long, though, and when Vanessa is killed by someone seeking revenge against Deadpool, he loses the will to live and tries to end his life. The attempt is unsuccessful, largely due to his mutant healing factor, and he later tries to join the X-Men after being put back together by Colossus.

Despite having a change of heart in terms of wanting to be a hero, Wilson is not completely convinced that he is fit to be an X-Man. While healing at the X-Men headquarters, he travels around the house in a motorized wheelchair and asks Colossus not to touch him as he isn't ready for human contact while simultaneously attempting to make his escape. The wheelchair isn't particularly quick and this leads to the actor breaking character to point out that he isn't sure why he can't get out of the room more quickly.

Free Guy: Hitting it off with Rel Howery

Before he encounters Millie in Free City, Guy's best friend and closest companion is Buddy (Lil Rel Howery). Buddy works as a security guard at Free City's bank and speaks with Guy daily. Although he isn't quite as self-aware as his friend, Howery's character is loyal and determined to do anything he can to help Guy get more out of his life and plays a huge role in supporting him throughout "Free Guy." So it shouldn't be a huge surprise that the pair had some fun on set simply because they worked so closely together.

In fact, speaking at a press event for the movie, Reynolds said, "Rel and I just immediately, from the moment we met, kind of clicked ... It was great to get out there and mess around and play and sort of form that bond and put it up on the big screen." This real-life friendship is demonstrated in this blooper, which shows Howery flubbing a line and the pair being unable to control their laughter as they adorably chuckle while lying just inches away from each other's faces. It's a cute moment demonstrating that Reynolds obviously doesn't take things too seriously when on set.

Welcome to Wrexham: Can't help but laugh

"Welcome to Wrexham" is a 2022 sports documentary that charts the fortunes of Welsh soccer team Wrexham A.F.C. after the club is purchased by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Originally broadcast on FX, the show is now in its second season and has been widely acclaimed for its honesty and upbeat energy. While the initial stages of Reynolds and McElhenney's ownership were met with some skepticism, the two eventually grew on the supporters and players despite knowing very little about the sport.

A large part of that is because of how involved the two actors have been and the fact that they are willing to poke fun at themselves to bring a sense of fun to their time at the club. This has included a series of hilarious promos for the documentary series and videos featuring legends such as former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

These bloopers come from a commercial for 1Password and see Reynolds making a variety of mistakes such as referring to the sport as "soccer" rather than "football." It also provides a look at some alternate takes as Reynolds threatens star player Paul Mullin with ever more elaborate consequences, something that Mullin, Reynolds, and the rest of the team can't help but laugh at.

Red Notice: Dropping the egg

Much of the story of "Red Notice" revolves around three valuable eggs from Ancient Egypt that the three main characters are trying to steal. While the three of them are able to recover two of the eggs through various means, the exact location of the third remains a mystery until Booth is forced to reveal its location when Dwayne Johnson's Hartley is apparently tortured at the hands of Sarah Black. However, Booth keeps the actual place of the egg hidden, giving Black false information to throw her off the scent.

Booth and Hartley travel to Argentina where they discover a secret bunker that is filled with various Nazi artifacts and memorabilia. After a brief search, Booth uncovers the hidden egg in one of the most dramatic moments of the entire movie — that is, until he drops the priceless object to the disgust of Hartley. Although Ryan Reynolds was supposed to drop the egg, this blooper shows him doing so in a far more dramatic way as the treasure flies off-screen, causing the cast and crew to burst out in laughter.

Free Guy: Hot coffee

The early parts of "Free Guy" show Ryan Reynolds' character going about his normal business without realizing he is actually in a video game. Guy clearly has a routine he follows every day that involves making his way to work and grabbing a cup of coffee on the journey.

One of the funniest bloopers from "Free Guy" is this example, which sees Reynolds reacting to a scorching hot coffee given to him by another NPC. They range from the character expressing his enjoyment of the drink by asking "Who put a flavor grenade in my mouth?" to exclaiming that he has to head straight to the hospital to get treatment for the burns from the coffee's excess heat.

It isn't exactly clear whether Reynolds is improvising, trying to make the cast and crew laugh, or just running through some scripted alternatives to the actual line delivered in the film here. Yet, what is clear is that this is another example of just how funny Reynolds can be when given the opportunity to try out different takes for any situation.