Clement Obropta

St Andrews, Scotland
Ithaca College, University Of St Andrews, Scotland
Movies, TV, Video Games
  • Clement has been writing media criticism for over seven years, with over 100 articles in publications including Film Inquiry, Film Daze and The Slice.
  • After graduating with a bachelor's in cinema and photography from Ithaca College, he traveled to Scotland to pursue a master's degree in film studies from the University of St Andrews.
  • Besides his work at Looper, he edits for MAYDAY magazine, Frames Cinema Journal and Film Inquiry and edits photography for Wanderlust Journal.


From campus publications to Men's Journal and various online sites and magazines, he has written film reviews, interviews with filmmakers, film news, and entertainment journalism. He edits with MAYDAY magazine, Film Inquiry, and Wanderlust Journal and constantly threatens to start his own lit mag. He joined Static Media in 2022. His published poetry, nonfiction and fiction, including screenplays, can be found elsewhere.


Clement has a bachelor's in film and photography from Ithaca College in upstate New York; he is also studying toward a master's degree in film studies from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he researches, among other things, environmental film, Italian horror cinema, and propaganda.