Brian P. Rubin

Brian is the managing editor for Looper, Nicki Swift, Grunge, The List, SVG, and Mashed. Additionally, he's the script supervisor for the ZergNet, which produces YouTube videos for its entertainment properties. Currently based in Minneapolis, Brian has worked as a professional writer for over a decade. He cofounded AllNerdReview with Collin David in 2002, and he's been writing for dollars ever since. He was a full time reporter and associate editor for Ellenville's newspaper, the Shawangunk Journal, and wrote extensive features for magazines such as The Chronogram, and Geek. Brian also worked as a scriptwriter for Machinima's Inside Gaming Daily, as a regular contributor for CollectorsQuest, BestTechie, and ReadWrite, and as a feature writer for Minneapolis's City Pages. His quest to find a good slice of pizza in the Twin Cities remains unfulfilled.

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