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The Entire Teen Wolf Timeline Explained

It's been a few years since Scott McCall and his pack roamed the streets of Beacon Hills, defeating supervillains, mad scientists, and monsters alike, but that doesn't mean we're finished with the "Teen Wolf" story. Sure, Scott's not exactly a teenager anymore, but he's definitely still a werewolf. As Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, and the "Teen Wolf" gang reunite for the Paramount+ continuation, it's important to take a look back at where our shapeshifting heroes have been before embracing their next adventure. 

Taking place over the course of three years, MTV's "Teen Wolf" ran for six seasons with a varying number of episodes. While many members of the "Teen Wolf" cast have reunited on camera before — namely, Tyler Hoechlin and Ian Bohen on "Superman & Lois" — "Teen Wolf: The Movie" brings back most of our fan favorites (well, except Dylan O'Brien) together on the screen, including longtime favorite Crystal Reed, who played Allison Argent in the first three seasons before exiting the show.

Nevertheless, long before "The Movie" was a reality, we had only the series, which never failed to challenge our perceptions of werewolves, turning them from movie monsters to heroic supernatural saviors. Join us as we travel back to Beacon Hills and explain the series timeline of "Teen Wolf."

Becoming a werewolf

In the fall of 2011, Scott McCall and his best friend Stiles Stilinski, son of Sheriff Noah Stilinski, wander out into the woods to look for a dead body. That night, Scott is bitten by an Alpha werewolf, becoming one himself. As Scott and Stiles learn how to be a werewolf with help from local werewolf Derek Hale, they work hard to avoid a group of Hunters surnamed Argent (which happens to be the French word for silver). Of course, things get a bit stickier when Scott's lacrosse rival, Jackson Whittemore, learns that Scott is a werewolf, and even worse when Scott learns that his new girlfriend, Allison Argent's, dad is the leader of the Hunter pack, though Allison remains oblivious.

But wait, there's more. Allison's sadistic aunt and Derek's ex-girlfriend, Kate Argent, arrives to cause some trouble, namely for Derek. It's revealed that she was behind the house fire that killed Derek's entire family, save Derek's uncle Peter Hale, who survived. As Kate tries to get into Allison's head so she'll kill Scott and Derek, her father, Chris Argent, steps in and stops her, having been told the truth about Kate from Stiles. It's then revealed that Peter has been terrorizing the town as the Alpha, forcing Scott, Derek, and Argent to work together to stop him, but not before Peter kills Kate. Since Peter killed Derek's own sister, Derek kills Peter in turn.

The curse of the Kanima

Against Allison's parents' wishes, she and Scott continue to date, though their bliss doesn't last long. Allison's grandfather, Gerard, arrives in Beacon Hill for Kate's funeral and declares war on all werewolves. During this time, Derek puts together his own pack, which includes the abused Isaac Lahey, whose father is murdered by a strange lizard-like creature. As it turns out, Scott's former bully (and lacrosse team captain) Jackson tried to get Derek to turn him into a werewolf, but the bite backfired and turned Jackson into the Kanima instead. As the Kanima, Jackson is first controlled by a fellow student named Mark, who wants revenge on those who wronged him. Gerard kills Mark and takes Jackson for himself.

Meanwhile, after being bitten by Peter months earlier, Allison's best friend Lydia Martin begins having strange visions that strengthen her bond with the supernatural. These visions eventually lead back to the old Hale house, resulting in Peter's resurrection from the dead. At the same time, Allison's mother, Victoria, learns that her daughter is still dating Scott McCall and hunts the boy mercilessly. Hoping to protect Scott, Derek bites Victoria, which causes her to kill herself rather than turn into a monster. This allows Gerard to manipulate a grief-stricken Allison into becoming an uber-violent Hunter. After being exposed, Gerard is driven away by Scott and Derek, who poison him and break the link between him and the Kanima, freeing Jackson from his control.

Scott and Allison

Hoping to find herself and her true place as an Argent, Allison decides that she and Scott should take some time apart. Though she struggles to break up with Scott, who remains confident that they'll find each other again, he understands entirely. Scott and Allison are the initial "Teen Wolf" endgame couple, and although the writers' plans would change, Scott continues to fight for Allison and the love they shared. Throughout the remainder of their school year, Scott and Allison continue to play the "will-they, won't-they" game, often finding themselves in sensual and romantic situations beyond their professional partnership as the unofficial protectors of Beacon Hills.

One thing is clear throughout their time apart: they each want the other to be happy. This manifests in a few different ways, but primarily in their ability to let go. By the end of that year, both Scott and Allison become interested in other people; while these relationships aren't exactly long-term, they're equally challenging for the other to accept. Still, Scott and Allison do their best to remain a consistent part of each other's lives, even until the heartbreaking end.

Battle of the wolf packs

As it turns out, the reason Derek builds his own wolf pack — excluding Jackson after his move to London — is because of the impending threat of the Alpha Pack making its way to Beacon Hills. This Alpha Pack is made up entirely of, well, Alphas, and refuses to be tamed. Led by the blind Deucalion, the Alphas abduct members of Derek's pack, hoping to make them stronger and untamable. While Scott, Derek, Stiles, and Allison manage to save the wolves, they're forced to capture them once again with Chris Argent's help after they go "rabid." This leads to Derek's pack taking the offensive on the Alphas, which doesn't exactly end well for them. 

As Scott and his friends deal with the Alphas, another evil rears its ugly head in Beacon Hills: the Darach. The Darach begins sacrificing people throughout the town until Lydia exposes her as Derek's girlfriend, the schoolteacher Jennifer Blake. Jennifer is a former ally and emissary to the supernatural who was betrayed by the Alpha Pack and left for dead. Enraged, Jennifer tries to kill Lydia, only to discover that Lydia is actually a banshee, which further explains her inclination towards the supernatural. For her final sacrifice, Jennifer kidnaps Stiles' father, Noah; Scott's mother, Melissa McCall; and Allison's father, Chris Argent, using them to give herself immense power through an energy source called the Nemeton.

The True Alpha

During these events, Scott's emissary, advisor, and boss, Dr. Alan Deaton, explains that Scott has the potential to become a red-eyed True Alpha. That's why Deucalion comes to Beacon Hills in the first place: he hopes to conscript Scott into his Alpha Pack. A True Alpha, unlike other Alphas, doesn't have to kill to assert their dominance, but can rather rise to such a status through their own "strength of character, by virtue, by sheer force of will." Although Scott tries and fails to defeat the Alpha Pack, he eventually steps into his role as a True Alpha and finds the power within himself to overcome his enemies, namely the Darach.

To find their parents, Scott, Stiles, and Allison undergo a process that leaves them "temporarily dead" so that they can reach the Nemeton, where their parents were being held. During this process, they use tethers to keep themselves alive: for Scott, it's Deaton; for Stiles, it's Lydia; and for Allison, it's Isaac, with whom she becomes romantically close. After discovering the Nemeton's location, Scott joins Deucalion to face off against the Darach, who attempts to keep herself from harm by surrounding herself with mountain ash, a mineral that deters supernatural creatures. Finally embracing his status as a True Alpha, Scott breaks through the ashen barrier and helps Derek and Deucalion defeat Jennifer, leaving her for dead before Peter Hale returns to finish the job.

The Nogitsune wakes up

Thanks to Scott, Stiles, and Allison's temporary deaths, the trio begins to experience intense hallucinations, even when wide awake. They also wake up an even greater evil to torment Beacon Hills: the Nogitsune. Because of the Nogitsune's threat, masked spirits known as the Oni attack all the supernatural creatures in and around the northern California town, including Isaac, who's nearly killed in the process. As Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia work to uncover the secrets of the Oni, they meet a new student named Kira Yukimura, who just so happened to be a Thunder Kitsune, a Fox spirit with power over electricity. After Allison and Isaac learn more about the Oni from her father, it becomes clear that the Oni aren't there to hurt everyone, but are only looking for the Nogitsune's host.

Unfortunately, that host turns out to be Stiles, who's been tormented by the evil spirit for weeks. Afraid of what he might do, Stiles checks himself into Eichen House — a mental facility equipped to deal with the supernatural — where he befriends and eventually begins a relationship with Malia Tate, a werecoyote whom he and Scott helped rescue earlier that year. Though Stiles tries to stay awake so he can fight the Nogitsune, it isn't enough, as the evil spirit threatens to kill Malia right in front of him. Stiles then relinquishes control of his body to the creature and becomes void of himself.

The fox and the wolf

While Stiles deals with his demons, Scott and Kira discover that Kira's mother Noshiko — who sent the Oni after the Nogitsune — is actually a 900-year-old kitsune and the last person to defeat the Nogitsune during the Second World War. She reveals that after she fell in love with a young medic at a Japanese internment camp, he was badly burned in a riot that resulted in his death. Calling out to the Nogitsune, which is a rogue kitsune, for revenge, Noshiko was shocked when it possessed her lover's corpse and began killing everyone in its path. Noshiko was forced to defeat the creature and bury it at the Nemeton before Scott, Stiles, and Allison accidentally woke it up nearly 70 years later.

With Peter Hale's help, Scott and Lydia enter Stiles' mind and are able to free him from the Nogitsune, though the creature takes on a body of his own that looks like Stiles. Oh, and it kidnaps Lydia in the process. The Nogitsune also takes control of the Oni and sends them after Scott's pack, resulting in Allison's untimely death. In their heartbreaking final moments, Allison and Scott confess their love for each other before she dies in his arms. Soon after, Scott and his friends defeat the Nogitsune when Scott bites the creature and captures it in a box made from the Nemeton.

The dead pool

Still reeling from the death of Allison, the McCall Pack heads to Mexico to rescue Derek from a resurrected Kate Argent, now a supernatural creature called a Nagual. Upon rescuing Derek and returning to California, Scott and his team try to stop Kate from stealing the Hale family vault underneath the high school, but fail as someone new escapes with Peter's money. Not long after, supernatural beings throughout Beacon Hills are hunted and killed by a collective of assassins, including the Mute, Violet, and her boyfriend Garrett. Then Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and newcomer Deputy Jordan Parrish uncover a dead pool hit list of all the supernatural beings in the town, including Parrish himself, who miraculously survives being burned alive.

While trying to save fellow lacrosse teammate Liam Dunbar from a wendigo, Scott is forced to bite Liam, which turns him into a werewolf too — Scott's first Beta. As Scott and Stiles deal with educating Liam on the supernatural, the mysterious Benefactor continues to put out death orders on their friends. Eventually, Lydia discovers that the Benefactor is another banshee named Meredith Walker, who was only executing a plan that a deranged Peter Hale devised years earlier when they were roommates at Eichen House. Stiles and Malia — the latter of whom learns that Peter was her real father — find and shut down the computers at Lydia's grandmother's house responsible for the hit orders and routing the stolen money to the assassins, terminating the Benefactor's contracts.

Kate's revenge

As Scott and his friends deal with supernatural assassins, Kate Argent is still seeking revenge for the death of her niece. With a host of Berserkers by her side, Kate attempts to kill both Scott and her brother Chris Argent for their roles in Allison's death, though not much ever comes of these encounters. Eventually, Peter Hale makes a deal with Kate, hoping that, by teaching her how to control her supernatural transformations, he'll be one step closer to killing Scott for good, stealing his powers, and regaining his own status as an Alpha. Scott and Kira go on their first official date, which is quickly interrupted by Kate, who kidnaps the couple back to Mexico.

While in Mexico, Kate turns Scott into a Berserker and sets him loose on his friends. As Stiles rescues Kira, the Berserker Scott battles Peter, Malia, and Liam. Before Scott can seriously injure anyone, Liam reaches his Alpha and pulls Scott out of the trance. A defeated Kate escapes in all the chaos, forcing Chris Argent to follow after her and leave Beacon Hills. Derek also leaves Scott and his pack after gaining the ability to transform himself into an actual wolf. Revealing his true plans, Peter attacks Scott to try and steal his power, but Scott quickly defeats Peter and has him sent back to the supernatural ward at Eichen House.

The Dread Doctors

Heading into their senior year, Scott, Lydia, Kira, and Malia try to focus a bit more on their studies. Stiles, on the other hand, worries that he'll lose all his friends during college and keeps pursuing the supernatural. Eventually, the pack is introduced to Theo Raeken, an old friend of Scott and Stiles who is now a werewolf hoping to join the McCall Pack. A bit distrusting of Theo, the group investigates a series of supernatural incidents after Deaton reveals to them that someone has been scientifically manipulating the supernatural, creating Chimeras immune to supernatural weaknesses like mountain ash. Those responsible? The Dread Doctors.

These Dread Doctors work to make their own rules, not bound by the laws of science or the supernatural. As the McCall Pack do their best to defeat them, they prove to be a bit more powerful than their previous adversaries. Eventually, Kira — who's strangely acting more aggressive — discovers that the Doctors experimented on her at some point. Until she can figure out what happened, she leaves town with her family. Left to deal with this threat alone, Scott and his friends are betrayed by Theo, who explains that he wanted his own pack of Chimeras who answer to no one, including Liam's girlfriend Hayden. Theo, who causes a rift between Scott, Stiles, and the McCall Pack, even kills Scott after an intense battle — that is, before his mother, Melissa, revives him.

The beast and the hellhound

During the Dread Doctor's terror, Deputy Parrish is outed as a Hellhound — which he became years ago when he first died —  who's taking supernatural corpses to the Nemeton. The Dread Doctors find a prophecy linking this Hellhound to what Gerard Argent would call "the Beast of Gévaudan," a creature that fought the Argent's ancestors, Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent, hundreds of years ago. As the Doctors try to revive this creature through their experiments, Scott and Stiles rekindle their friendship to investigate this Beast and reunite their pack. After bringing everyone back together —  Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Kira, and Liam — the Pack goes on the offensive and uncovers that the Beast is none other than Liam's best friend Mason, though it's not his fault.

Using Mason as a vessel, the original Beast, Sebastien Valet, revives himself and kills two of the three Dread Doctors before setting his sights on Scott and his friends. Lydia brings Mason back before Parrish faces the Beast, giving Scott time to impale Sebastien with one of the Dread Doctors' swords, which had once belonged to Marie-Jeanne Valet, who's the spitting image of Allison Argent. Ever the backstabber, Theo — who slaughtered his entire pack for power — tries to kill Scott again, but not before Kira summons Theo's dead sister (whom he killed) from the underworld to drag him down with her.

Hellos and goodbyes

Still unable to fully control the Fox spirit within her, Kira opts to return to the desert, where she finds a clan of Skinwalkers who help her better understand her powers. While Scott and Kira don't have a lot of time together, their brief romance was one Scott would remember, as he promises to look after Kira's sword while she's away. Like with Allison before her, Scott hopes he'll see Kira again, though this is sadly the last time they see one another. Kira stays in the desert for the remainder of the series, although her mother Noshiko returns to Beacon Hills. Though, to a Kitsune, a few years is more like a few days...

After the events surrounding the Dread Doctors, Scott finally agrees to turn Liam's girlfriend Hayden, a scientifically created Chimera, into a full-fledged werewolf. The process works and Hayden joins the McCall Pack, learning all the ins and outs of being a true werewolf. After these events, Stiles, now broken up with Malia, decides to pursue a career in law enforcement like his dad, eventually leading to the FBI. Not everything works out for the best, as the Dread Doctors' final experiment, a Nazi Alpha werewolf named Garrett Douglas, escapes his captivity to take over Beacon Hills, posing as a school teacher at Beacon Hills High School.

Ghost Riders in the sky

Things get even more complicated for the McCall Pack when the mythical Wild Hunt ride into town. These Ghost Riders have the ability to not only take people's memories but also wipe people from existence. After investigating the Wild Hunt, Stiles is taken to a mythical train station. While he hopes Lydia will remember him, she too soon forgets. Only Stiles' trademark Jeep is left in the school parking lot unattended; even his own father forgets about him. As the McCall Pack works the case, Chris Argent and Melissa McCall team up to track down the Alpha Nazi Garrett Douglas, a werewolf who's been eating his victims' pineal glands.

As Scott, Lydia, and Malia fight to remember Stiles, they encounter Peter, who's escaped the train station after being erased himself. This gives them hope for finding Stiles. After the entire town is taken, only Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam, Sheriff Stilinski, and a newly returned Theo, whom Liam brought back from the underworld with Kira's sword, remain. They discover that they can open a rift to the train station if they focus on Stiles together. Thankfully, they succeed, and Stiles returns to help his friends defeat Douglas, who'd hoped to turn the Wild Hunt into his own army. Of course, this backfires when Scott stops the Riders from merging worlds and they leave Beacon Hills, claiming Douglas as their own.

Stiles and Lydia

For years, Stiles Stilinski pines after Lydia Martin, even before they became part of the same friend group and saved Beacon Hills together. Back before Lydia even gives Stiles the time of day, he knows he wanted to be with her. Years prior, when Stiles suffered a panic attack, Lydia kissed him to help him snap out of it. Unfortunately, it takes a few more apocalypses before these two make it official, dating others in the meantime. But once they do, everything changes. Before Stiles is taken by the Wild Hunt, he asks Lydia to remember him, and while she forgets him, she's the first to discover that he's missing and the one most determined to find him.

Once Stiles is returned to reality, Lydia wastes no more time. As the seniors all graduate, Stiles and Lydia opt to do the long-distance thing, with Stiles heading to train with the FBI and hunt down Derek Hale, apparently a fugitive from the law. Meanwhile, Lydia gets into MIT, though she'll remain in Beacon Hills for a little while longer as a new threat creeps into town, turning the townsfolk against our heroes. Rather than drag Stiles back in, Lydia fights to keep him out so he can continue his work with the Bureau, though that doesn't stop him from coming back for her and the rest of his friends later.

Two-faced town

After Stiles leaves, the rest of the McCall Pack discovers that a Native American creature called the Anuk-Ite, which turns those who see it to stone, escaped after Scott and his friends defeated the Ghost Riders. This faceless creature began roaming around Beacon Hills, making ordinary people deathly afraid of the supernatural. A Hunter named Tamora Monroe takes advantage of the hysteria and, working with Gerard Argent, conscripts most of the town to hunt down and kill Scott and his friends. After Liam and a few others are outed and nearly killed at school, the McCall Pack almost abandons Beacon Hills, but knows they have to stay and fight. 

As the war in Beacon Hills gets out of control, Stiles, Derek, Jackson, Theo, Peter, Deucalion, and Ethan all return to help Scott and his Pack defeat Monroe's army. As they split up, the Pack worked together to run Monroe out of town while Scott took on the Anuk-Ite one-on-one. With the help of Stiles and the strength of a True Alpha, Scott is able to save Beacon Hills from the fear-inducing creature, restoring to life those it had turned to stone. On top of this, Kate Argent returns to Beacon Hills, hoping to finally kill Scott. She settles instead for killing her father Gerard, who'd tried to kill her first, after Chris Argent reveals that Scott has saved Beacon Hills again.

Scott and Malia

Even before the Hunter invasion of their town, Scott and Malia begin having romantic feelings for one another, though they try to suppress them. Having both been single for a while after Kira left Scott and Stiles and Malia broke up, they've been spending more time together on missions. After nearly suffocating to death in Gerard's armory, Scott and Malia finally confess their feelings for one another, sparking a new romantic relationship in the McCall Pack — one that would last longer than either of their respective previous entanglements. After consummating their relationship, they become completely devoted to one another. Malia embraces Scott's hope for the future and value for human life.

In fact, it's because of their love that Malia is able to help Scott heal after he's forced to blind himself to face the Anuk-Ite. Her kiss triggers his healing factor, which restores his sight in a matter of moments, bringing him back to his full True Alpha strength. Two years later, Scott and Malia are still together, fighting the good fight and waging war on Monroe and her growing army as they help save other young shapeshifters and supernatural creatures from annihilation. While they remain an item when the series ends, it's unclear whether they'll be together forever


The series ends with a flash-forward to two years later as Scott and Chris Argent (now in a romantic relationship with Melissa McCall after spending quite a bit of time working together that season) rescue a young werewolf named Alec from Monroe's men. Running from Hunters just like Scott did all those years ago, Alec's scared and alone before Scott introduces him to his Pack — reuniting Scott, Stiles, Derek, Lydia, Malia, and Liam — as they walk off into the moonlight. It's established that Monroe has built a bigger, more lethal army than the one she put together in Beacon Hills, even expanding globally. With Gerard Argent finally dead, Monroe has become the biggest human threat to the supernatural world.

The McCall Pack is last seen together in Los Angeles, where they work to come up with a plan to defeat Monroe and her forces while also bringing newcomer Alec into the fold. No doubt, Scott and his friends are still out there saving those who can't protect themselves, even if it means a bit of globetrotting along the way. Whether the forces of evil are human, scientific, or supernatural, you can bet that the McCall Pack will be there to restore balance to the world, probably while riding in Stiles' Jeep.