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The Dark History Of The Beast In Teen Wolf

During its run on MTV, "Teen Wolf" — which was loosely based on the 1985 comedy of the same name starring Michael J. Fox — was quite the popular show. The program ran for six seasons with an impressive total of 100 episodes and stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, and Holland Roden. The story centers around Scott McCall (Posey), a seemingly average high schooler who starts to uncover the hidden world of werewolves after being bit by one. Unlike the movie that inspired it, "Teen Wolf" is not a lighthearted comedy — it is much more of a dark supernatural drama.

Out of all the ferocious and feral villains Scott and his best friend Stiles Stilinski (O'Brien) encounter throughout the show, one of the most intimidating and dangerous is The Beast, who serves as the overarching villain for the first five seasons of the show. Of course, like many villains, The Beast has his own history, and it's even darker than you might expect.

The origin of The Beast

The true origin of The Beast was revealed in the 18th episode of "Teen Wolf" Season 5 titled "Maid of Gevauden. The episode reveals that back in the late 1700s, French soldier Sebastien Valet became a werewolf while fleeing from British soldiers in Canada. Sebastien ultimately drank rainwater from the pawprint of a wolf, which transformed him into the fierce werewolf who is surrounded by smoke-like shadows. While some fans presumed that his new beastly form was what made Sebastien evil, show creator Jeff Davis confirmed that Sebastien was already evil prior to drinking the rainwater — being a werewolf only enhanced his sinister nature.

Official records in the series claim that The Beast is responsible for the murder of 113 people, but according to the nefarious dread doctors, the body count was much closer to 500. Many of the residents of Gevauden believed that The Beast killed for sport mainly because he never truly ate his victims and instead would only target their heads and necks.

The Beast's original demise

Sebastien Valet's reign of terror was covered up by his best friend Marcel until his sister Marie realized the truth. Marie went on to wield the only weapon known to kill The Beast, a steel pike made from Wolfsbane and Mountain Ash and then forged with her own blood under the light of a full moon. Marie ended up putting an end to her brother's bloody spree and killing him. She then went on to try to erase The Beast from history, burning everything Sebastien ever signed and everything he ever owned in a ritual known as Damnatio Memoriae.

Scott and Stiles also linked The Beast to the 1950s serial killer case known as the Demon Tailor, where a killer would lure unsuspecting children into his shop, kill them, boil them, and eat them. Much like the original case, all evidence of the serial killer was destroyed.

The Beast's resurrection

The Dread Doctors, hoping to resurrect The Beast, knew that they couldn't make the monster appear out of thin air, so they created an engineered version of the werewolf using a teenager chimera as a host. To make matters even darker, the Dread Doctors made it so that the chimera was human during the day but likely unaware he was transforming into The Beast at night.

The mad doctors used broadcast frequencies to cause the chimera to transform every night to ensure his development would speed up. The Beast's intelligence would increase every night and would regain memories of its former life, eventually physically wiping the teenage host from existence and replacing them with the creature's original host. In the end, Scott was able to kill the resurrected Beast by impaling him with the same silver pike that was the cause of his original demise.