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Shelley Hennig Dishes On What She Thinks About Malia's Ending In Teen Wolf - Exclusive

The "Teen Wolf" series often left its fandom divided, especially regarding the show's passionate matchups. Of course, fans rooting for a Stiles and Derek (Sterek) romance were crushed by the Stiles and Lydia (Stydia) endgame, while fans of the latter pairing were thrilled. Meanwhile, Scott and Malia (Scalia) getting together by the show's end took most fans by surprise. Given that Malia and Stiles dated for quite a while, it seems like she would be off-limits for Scott — even if there was something there. But Stiles is an MVP, and he would never deprive his best friend happiness, so by the end of the MTV series, we leave Beacon Hills watching Stydia and Scalia walk off into the sunset (or moonlight, as it were). 

Yet, the story doesn't stop just because we can't see it anymore. Let's face it: The "Teen Wolf" characters are 18-year-olds either heading off to college or walking into the rest of their adult lives, and anyone who's lived through that tumultuous period knows how difficult it is to make a high school relationship work as adults. That's not to say it's impossible — and the Beacon Hills alums certainly faced more trauma and horrors than most people will face in their lifetimes. But now that a "Teen Wolf" movie is officially in the works at Paramount+, we'll get a glimpse at which of the show's endgame pairings are actually endgame and which fizzled in the years since the 2017 finale. 

As it turns out, Malia actress Shelley Hennig has a few ideas about the relationship status of Malia and Scott (played by Tyler Posey). During an exclusive interview with Looper, Hennig dished on Malia's "Teen Wolf" ending and revealed whether or not she thinks Scalia is still going strong. 

Is Scalia really endgame material?

Regarding some of the best memories Shelley Hennig shared with the "Teen Wolf" cast, she told Looper, "Well, it's funny. I just came from Tyler Posey's house. We caught up for a smoothie for the first time in a really, really long time because of the pandemic and everything. We were talking about how much we adore everyone on that show, and it's been such a wild ride, and it's really special." Hennig then added, "There's just nothing but warm feelings about it, and honestly, I've never laughed so much in my life. I have some of my best adult memories with that cast and crew, and our hearts are definitely in it." Hennig is now officially tied to the new film reboot coming to Paramount+, so we'll soon get to see her and the cast interact onscreen once again.

Malia managed to make it through the series unscathed for the most part, which is more than many of the show's characters can say. But Hennig doesn't have good news for Scalia fans, however. On her character's ending with Scott, she said, "I'm going to guess she and Scott are not still together." Ouch. Hennig even teased some ideas she pitched for the film, so Scott or no Scott, "Teen Wolf" fans have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Malia's story arc in the upcoming movie.

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