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What the cast of Xena: Warrior Princess is doing today

Xena, as inimitably portrayed by Lucy Lawless, first made her appearance in a powerful three-episode arc on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The public went wild, she got her own show, and the rest is TV history. From 1995 to 2001, Xena: Warrior Princess delivered 134 episodes of historical fantasy, magical action, and zany humor. Its cult following endures to this day — Xena fans are still, nearly two decades since the show's end, getting together to celebrate the series.

Xena's appeal is no mystery. Its take on the ancient world is a delirious delight: Xena pals around with the likes of Arthur Pendragon and Aphrodite in a world that encompasses ancient Greece, Arthurian legend, and tales of Asgard. Moreover, Xena brought girl power to the masses with a mythological twist. It wasn't just way ahead of its time — it still holds up, thanks to its sense of humor, anything-goes attitude, and above all, its talented cast. In celebration of their innuendo-laden jokes, killer action sequences, and ability to pull off a whole lot of weird fantasy armor, we're here to catch you up on the careers of the Xena cast, one Amazon at a time.

Lucy Lawless

Though she starts out as a ruthless warrior, Xena's arc bends towards mercy after an epiphany leads her to seek forgiveness for the many crimes of her past. Meeting the gentle Gabrielle, who proves to be the perfect counterpoint to Xena's aggression, certainly helps — with a "good angel" in tow, Xena wends her way towards something like redemption. That's not to say she doesn't do a whole lot of incredibly cool fighting along the way, of course. This isn't a show called Xena: Pacifist Princess. But now, Xena fights for those who can't defend themselves. Over the course of the series, she takes on evil-doers of all kinds, from the pettiest warlords to the mightiest gods, all in the name of justice.

Xena might live an active life, but so does Lucy Lawless, the actress who plays her. Since 2001, Lawless has barely taken a break from television and film, racking up an impressive collection of on-screen work. Lawless has had significant character arcs on shows like Battlestar Galactica, The L Word, Spartacus, Parks and Recreation, and even teamed up with her old Xena co-star Bruce Campbell in Ash vs. The Evil Dead. As for movies, Lawless had small roles in Spider-ManEuroTrip, The Changeovers, and a plethora of television movies. Her next role will be as the voice of Nunchuk in Minions: The Rise of Gru, slated for a 2021 release.

Renee O'Connor

Xena: Warrior Princess set a high bar for women's representation on screen. Take Gabrielle: Played by Renee O'Connor, she begins as a babe-in-the-woods type who tempers Xena's bloodier instincts. But as she learns how to fight and protect others, Gabrielle grows, changes, and discovers entirely new facets of herself. Eventually, Gabrielle becomes a celebrated bard, a skilled warrior, and an actual Amazon.

While Renee O'Connor has continued working in television since her 134-episode run on Xena, her career has stayed relatively low-key. O'Connor has done a number of made-for-television movies including Last Chance, and the horror movies Monster Ark and Alien Apocalypse. On the big screen, O'Connor has had roles in Ghost Town: The MovieBoogeyman 2, Diamonds and Guns, and Deadrise. O'Connor's most recent screen credits are from 2017, when she starred in the drama A Question of Faith and the family sci-fi movie Watch the Sky. If you're surprised by her seeming scarcity of work, don't be — its because O'Connor has shifted from the screen to the stage. She's been in productions of Annie, Uncle Vanya, Mary Poppins, and Romeo and Juliet over the last few years, to tremendous acclaim. Sure, it might be weird to imagine sweet Gabrielle as the fearsome Lady Macbeth, but O'Connor's skill is enough to make it work.

Ted Raimi

While Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor star in every episode of Xena, Ted Raimi's Joxer the Mighty only appears in 43 episodes. This might come as a surprise to even the most seasoned Xena fan, such is the strength of Raimi's performance. Joxer is a wannabe soldier who accidentally falls in with Xena and Gabrielle, who tolerate him in spite of his eternal incompetence. Joxer eventually falls in love with Gabrielle, who briefly returns his affections while under a love spell. But it fades, of course, and Joxer ultimately marries one of Xena's many lookalikes, with whom he has many children. Because that's just how things roll in the Xenaverse.

Ted Raimi has gone on to have a booming on-screen career since Xena's end.  He's worked as a voice actor in Code Monkeys and Buddy Thunderstruck, as well as a conventional live-action actor on shows like CSI: NY, Masters of Horror, and Legend of the Seeker. He also starred in his brother Sam Raimi's Ash Vs. The Evil Dead alongside two of his Xena co-stars, Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell. But film is where Raimi's career has really taken off. He's starred in such blockbusters as all three Raimi-directed Spider-Man movies, The Grudge, The Midnight Meat Train, and Drag Me to Hell.

Kevin Smith

Like Xena, Ares began as a Hercules: The Legendary Journeys character, played by New Zealander Kevin Smith. Smoldering Ares is a complicated figure in the Xenaverse — particularly when it comes to Xena herself. It is Ares that imbues Xena with her murderous warrior spirit, and Ares with whom she has a complex romance. He's complicated, stormy, and played to perfection by Smith.

After Smith's time on Xena, he had a small uncredited role in the first The Fast and the Furious movie as one of the truck drivers. He went on to play the lead role in the TV movie Lawless: Dead Evidence and a short film called The Meeting. Smith was also in the 2002 martial arts fantasy film Warriors of Virtue 2: Return to Tao – but while filming Warriors of Virtue, Smith took a tragic fall. He passed away at the age of 38. His TV movie Riverworld was released posthumously in 2003, and is his final film. Had he lived, Smith's next project would have been the Bruce Willis action caper Man of War, set to start filming just one month after his death.

Hudson Leick

As Xena's nemesis Callisto, Hudson Leick is the picture of malice. A survivor of one of Xena's past rampages, she lost her village and her family to the warrior princess' bloodlust. Over the course of 18 episodes, Callisto's sole ambition is to make Xena's life hell, whenever humanly (or inhumanly) possible. Callisto pretends to be Xena for a while, committing new atrocious crimes in her name to stir up public hatred. She even dies multiple times by Xena's hand, but is continually brought back. She becomes a warlord, a demon, an angel, and even a goddess over the course of her vengeful journey.

Hudson Leick has had a number of one-off roles in television shows since her stint on Xena, including Tru Calling, CSI, Nip/Tuck, Shark, and Law and Order: LA. Movie-wise, she has starred in the action thriller Cold Heart, the rom-com One, Two, Many, and a noirish mystery called Paris Connections.  Recently however, Leick's career has undergone a major change. She now works primarily as a yoga instructor through her company, Healing Heart Yoga, through which she runs retreats, teaches classes, and even does astrology readings.

Karl Urban

Karl Urban's Julius Caesar is one of Xena's mortal enemies. Seriously: Their first meeting ends in him breaking her legs and crucifying her. After Xena is resurrected, her enmity towards Caesar grows until she finally kills him once and for all in season four's "The Ides of March." Even that isn't the end for Caesar, however — he manages to take the Fates hostage and re-write reality via their magical loom. Xena saves the day, of course, but not before being trapped in an alternate reality in which she and Caesar rule Rome as Empress and Emperor. 

So what's Urban been up to since Xena? The better question is, what hasn't he done? Urban has had significant roles in some of the biggest film franchises of the last two decades, including starring as Eomer in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Return of the King, as Bones in Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond, and as Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok. Urban recently expanded his superhero repertoire as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime's The Boys, and had a full-season arc as Detective John Kenneck in Almost Human. Urban has also played leading roles in Dredd, The Bourne Supremacy, Doom, and more. He is set to star in the crime drama Cold Providence alongside Malin Akerman, which goes into production in 2021. Turns out he and Caesar share an unstoppable work ethic.

Alexandra Tydings

Alexandra Tydings' Aphrodite has a longer character arc on Hercules, but the 11 episodes of Xena in which she appears are still plenty significant. Aphrodite is something of a valley girl in Xena, often used for comic relief and light-hearted looks into the politics of Mount Olympus. Her arc turns horrifying, however, when her brother Ares dies and she undergoes a psychotic break. This results in the total loss of love in the world, as this emotion cannot exist without the balance provided by war. Naturally, Xena comes to the rescue by resurrecting Aphrodite and Ares, and thus world order.

As a screen actress, Alexandra Tydings has been fairly quiet since Xena. She has had small roles on the 2001 television show Sheena, modern classic The Wire in 2008, and a handful of other shows and TV movies. From 2015 to 2016, she starred in a number of episodes of the documentary series  From the Mouth of Babes, in which she discusses her time on Xena. Her most exciting work since Xena has actually been behind the camera as an independent writer, director, and producer. The Trial of Hanna Porn, her 2015 look at the struggle for reproductive rights, won the Best of Fringe award at the Charm City Fringe Festival, while Rainbow Bridge, a short film covering similar themes, was successfully Kickstarted in 2017.

Adrienne Wilkinson

Many strange characters populate Xena's five seasons, but Eve is one of the weirdest. Played by Adrienne Wilkinson, Eve is Xena's daughter, conceived immaculately to serve as Callisto's reincarnation after she beomes an angel. Yes, really. Eve is prophesied to be the "bringer of Twilight," who will end the reign of the Olympian gods. For a huge chunk of Eve's life, she is hidden away and/or on the run, eventually finding protection with her birth mother, Xena. She eventually becomes a missionary of Eli, the Xenaverse's loose take on Jesus Christ, and sets sail to China to spread his gospel.

Actress Adrienne Wilkinson has kept extremely busy since her 11 episodes as Eve on Xena. She has done a great deal of voice acting for video games including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Command and Conquer 3, The Sopranos: Road to Respect, and Dead To Rights II. Her television appearances include Undressed, As If, Angel, ER, Charmed, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She's also had small roles in movies including action caper Raze, and is slated to appear in the 2020 horror flick Dreamcatcher. Wilkinson also wrote, directed, and co-produced the documentary series From the Mouth of Babesin which she interviews many of her Xena co-stars.

Marton Csokas

Xena and Borias go back to Xena's days as a bloodthirsty tyrant — in fact, that's what he liked best about her. Borias and Xena were partners in literal crime as well as lovers, and have a son, Solan, between them. Borias appears in only 11 episodes, and is ultimately killed during the Battle of Corinth. The majority of Borias' screen time takes place in the land of Chin, the Xenaverse's version of China, and many of his episodes use Asian influences in both costume and set design.

Since his turn as Xena's paramour, Martin Csokas has been booked up. He's had significant arcs on TV shows including The Farm, Klondike, Sons of Liberty, Into the Badlands, and Divorce. But it's his movie career that has really taken off since his stint on Xena. Csokas has appeared in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the KingxXx, The Bourne Supremacy, Kingdom of Heaven, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, among many others. His next role will be alongside Eva Green and Himesh Patel in the action-adventure miniseries The Luminaries, which is currently in post-production.

Danielle Cormack

As ruler of the Amazons, Danielle Cormack's Ephiny is yet another fierce and powerful woman of the Xenaverse. While she starts out on rocky ground with both Xena and Gabrielle, the women eventually become staunch allies. Ephiny marries the centaur Phantes, and names her child Xenan after Xena, who performs an emergency c-section during Ephiny's childbirth. Ephiny is tragically killed in battle protecting her Amazonian tribe, and avenged by Gabrielle.

Danielle Cormack has added an impressive number of New Zealand and Australian television credits to her name since appearing on Xena. Cormack starred in young adult fantasy Maddigan's Quest, the dramedy Rude Awakenings, crime dramas The Strip and Underbelly, drama The Cult, action-adventure The Legend of the Seeker, courtroom comedy The Rake, prison drama Wentworth, crime procedural Jack Irish, horror drama Patricia Moore, mystery thriller Secret City, and rom-com Fresh Eggs. She is currently working again with her Xena co-star Lucy Lawless on the crime drama My Life Is Murder.

Bruce Campbell

A master escape artist, Autolycus is characterized by his deep sense of justice, excellent disguises, and campy flair. He only figures in eight episodes, though he has a longer arc on Hercules, but boy does he make them count. Not only is Autolycus an important ally to Xena and Gabrielle, he brings a wonderful, banter-heavy comedy to the show fans relish years after the series' end.

His actor, the legendary Bruce Campbell, needs no introduction. This star of the iconic Evil Dead series — created by Xena co-star Ted Raimi's brother, Sam — has been a fearsome force in movies and television for years. Campbell has played significant roles on Burn Notice, The Replacements, Fargo, and the title role in Ash vs. The Evil Dead, where he once again works alongside Lucy Lawless. Campbell has also compiled an impressive roster of voice work that includes Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, and Cars 2. He has also appeared in Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers, and as a cameo in the 2013 Evil Dead remake, along with a whole host of other big and small-screen films.