Samyarup Chowdhury

University Of Calcutta
Movies, Pop-Culture, Food & Travel
  • Samyarup has two years' worth of experience in the field of professional writing, working with Movieweb, Sportskeeda, EssentiallySports, and GameRant. Samyarup has also helped spearhead an entirely new division in the Sportskeeda Pop Culture segment.


Samyarup has been delving into pop culture since childhood and had the opportunity to blend his passion for writing by covering TV & entertainment, comics, and gaming for around three years. Currently, as a Web Stories Editor for Tasting Table, his mind has been opened to a newfound interest: the culinary world.


Samyarup Chowdhury is a Postgraduate in the field of English Literature from Calcutta University. His degree and his education prepared him for a hobby he always wanted to take on as a profession: writing.
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