Amber F

Southern California
Full Sail University
Movies, TV, Video Games
  • Amber F. has been writing about entertainment for 4 years across multiple platforms like CBR and POPSUGAR.
  • Focusing on how to craft a compelling story, she has spent many years dissecting media across multiple genres and mediums for personal gain as well as professional dissection.
  • While she specializes in screenplay writing for movies and television, Amber has firsthand experience writing prose, comics, video games, and more.


From the time Amber was a young girl, she was in love with the art of storytelling. Despite many telling her that writing wasn't a proper career path, she excelled in school to follow her dreams. For the past four years, Amber has written for several websites to converse, dissect, and explain popular media. Believing that the ability to tell a good story comes from understanding the art, she has as much passion for keeping on top of current topics as she does her own projects. With expertise in writing for and consuming television, movies, comics, and video games, she's a well-rounded writer with a critical eye.


Amber F. graduated valedictorian from Full Sail University with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an MFA in Creative Writing.
Stories By Amber F