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TWD's James Allen McCune Forgot About His Audition Before Getting The Part

Although "Walking Dead" fans haven't seen James Allen McCune's Jimmy in quite a few years, he plays a pretty big part in Season 2. As Beth Greene's (Emily Kinney) boyfriend, he lives on the family farm with Beth, her sister, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and several other survivors. Sadly, Jimmy doesn't live to see Season 3. Like many other characters on "The Walking Dead," he is torn apart by walkers (which McCune admitted he had nightmares about after the show).

That said, McCune put his all into bringing the character to life — because "The Walking Dead" expanded quite a bit in Season 2, a lot of weight rested on his shoulders (and on those of the other new characters). During a 2012 Reddit AMA, however, he confessed that he'd forgotten all about the audition by the time he was called back in. "I had no clue if I would get it before that phone call," McCune said. "I had even forgotten that I went out for it."

McCune discussed how the casting process varied from person to person

Redditor u/wheatfields was curious about what the audition process was like for James Allen McCune. "The processes for casting can get pretty nuts," the actor replied. "Everyone does something different, and every character is cast differently. For Lauren [Cohan] they casted her through a series of auditions and interviews and eventually they signed her on. For me there was one tape that was sent to the casting directors and three weeks later I got a call that I got the part. It was so unusual."

At the same time, this discrepancy does make sense. Very few characters introduced in Season 2 live long enough to see Season 3 — including Jimmy. Maggie, however, is a massive part of the "Walking Dead" franchise. In fact, she's even getting her own spin-off (along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan): "The Walking Dead: Dead City."