Alexander Billet

Los Angeles, CA
Syracuse University
Film And Television, Theater, Literature, Travel
  • Alexander has been writing and publishing on arts and culture for 20 years.
  • He has been published in Los Angeles Review of Books, Real Life, In These Times, Jacobin, and several other publications.
  • Alexander is currently working on his first book, a nonfiction account of the intersection between popular music and urban protest.


If it counts as culture or there's a cultural dimension to it, then there's a very good chance Alexander Billet writes about it. Film, television, art, music, literature, cities, travel, work, history; all are subjects he's dipped his proverbial pen into, and he brings a unique breadth of knowledge to all of them. Alexander has also worked in the entertainment industry, including as a producer of the forthcoming independent short film Hangman.


Alexander is an alumnus of Syracuse University's Visual and Performing Arts undergraduate program. He attended from 2001 to 2006.
Stories By Alexander Billet