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What The Cast Of Ghost Whisperer Is Doing Today

When looking back on classic television series of the last few decades, one that shouldn't be overlooked is Ghost Whisperer. It ran for five seasons on CBS from 2005 to 2010, pairing a strong and well-thought out cast with an interesting premise.

If you aren't familiar, Ghost Whisperer starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, an antique shop owner who has the ability to communicate with restless spirits. She used her gift to help put these spirits at ease and help them cross over. It combined several genres and featured a good combination of "monster of the week" episodes and overarching, season-long arcs.

Hewitt has said the role is one of her favorites, and she would be interested in returning to it if the show was ever revived or brought back. It isn't too much of a stretch, considering the series' name recognition and cult following. Today, we're taking a look at Hewitt and the rest of the cast of Ghost Whisperer. Here's what they're up to now.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Melinda Gordon

The official "Ghost Whisperer" of Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt has gone through a few reinventions in her acting career. She got started as a child actor when she was only ten years old before moving into teen heartthrob territory in the late 1990s with films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and television series like Party of Five. Ghost Whisperer marked a successful return to television for the actress, and she's found solid success there since the show ended.

After her run as Melinda Gordon, Hewitt starred in the Lifetime series The Client List for two seasons. She then had a short run on Criminal Minds as Kate Callahan before taking a break from acting for a few years. Her acting break was intentional after the birth of her second child. However, she only stayed away for three years. Her latest gig is another television role as emergency dispatcher Maddie on the Fox series 9-1-1.

Aisha Tyler - Andrea Marino

Melinda's best friend and the co-owner of their antique shop, Andrea Marino was also the central focus of one of Ghost Whisperer's best twists. The reveal of what really happened at the end of season one was a pretty impressive turn of events, made even more effective because actress Aisha Tyler made Andrea such an interesting character.

Tyler has continued to find success in both movies and television over her career, in traditional and voice acting roles alike. She's used her talents in comedic roles, like her breakout as Charlie on Friends, Mother Nature in The Santa Clause films, or as the voice of Lana Kane on Archer. She's also had plenty of success in more dramatic roles, often on procedurals. She's had recurring roles on CSI, 24, and Criminal Minds.

Tyler continues to stretch her creative muscles and keeps a steady list of credits. Some of her most recent roles include films like Bad Therapy and Friendsgiving, and she still has her starring role in the voice cast of Archer.

David Conrad - Jim Clancy

The only actor to appear in every episode of Ghost Whisperer besides Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad played Melinda's husband Jim Clancy (and another character in a way, but we'll get to him). Conrad's body of work is relatively small, though he's one of those actors with a memorable face who pops up in things and has you diving for your phone to try to figure out who he is.

Conrad's success in television got started with one of his very first roles, when he starred as Leo on the series Relativity. He also had recurring roles on series like Roswell, Miss Match, and Boston Public. On the film side of things, Conrad's biggest role came as Captain Hanks in the military drama Men of Honor, and he also had roles in major films like Wedding Crashers and Anything Else.

That said, Conrad has been relatively quiet since Ghost Whisperer came to an end. He's worked in various guest roles and has a few unsold pilots, but his only major, recent role came on the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he played Ian Quinn.

Camryn Manheim - Delia Banks

After Aisha Tyler's character is written off the show at the end of season one, Melinda needed a new best friend to help keep things running and keep her in check. Enter Delia Banks, played by Camryn Manheim. She joined the series near the very beginning of the show's second season and remained a major character until the show went off the air.

Manheim was very well-established in television before joining Ghost Whisperer – she had appeared in dozens of roles across many shows and had even won a Primetime Emmy for her role as Ellenor on The Practice. She has continued that success in the years after Ghost Whisperer as well. She has had some smaller film roles, but Manheim is still best known for her television work. Some of her more recent roles have come in shows like Person of Interest, Stumptown, and The Magicians. Around the same time she was on Ghost Whisperer, she also got several award nominations for her performance as Gladys Presley on the miniseries Elvis.

Christoph Sanders - Ned Banks

Delia's son Ned was originally portrayed by another actor, but Christoph Sanders took over the role soon after the character's introduction and played it until the series' conclusion. He only has a handful of roles to his credit, but he has landed some large parts in both film and television considering his relative inexperience. You may also have seen him in Lil Nas X's music video for "Old Town Road."

Sanders had a few small roles in films like Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Hounddog before taking over as Ned on Ghost Whisperer. Once the series came to an end in 2010, he had a few other guest spots and small roles before landing another major gig as Kyle Anderson on the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing. He continues to act on that series, though the ninth season in 2021 is slated to be its last. Considering Sanders' ability to work in both dramatic and comedic roles, it seems likely it won't take him long to land another major part once Last Man Standing comes to an end.

Jay Mohr - Professor Rick Payne

Comedian and actor Jay Mohr may have seemed like an odd pick to play Professor Rick Payne on Ghost Whisperer, but he performed well in the role. Mohr did most of his major work prior to appearing on the show, but he still lands more than enough work in both film, television, and various other media pursuits.

Mohr was a pretty major star from the mid-'90s through the early 2000s. He featured as a cast member on Saturday Night Live for a few years and appeared in memorable roles in films like Go, Jerry Maguire, Suicide Kings, and Pay It Forward. After Ghost Whisperer, he starred on the CBS sitcom Gary Unmarried. In recent years, he appeared in films like American Nightmares and Hollow Point and has had guest roles on television series like The Mick.

Outside of acting roles, Mohr has worked in stand-up comedy, podcasting, sports radio, and many other ventures. You've probably seen or heard him somewhere even if you haven't realized it.

Jamie Kennedy - Professor Eli James

Like star Jennifer Love Hewitt with I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jamie Kennedy catapulted to stardom with a role in horror. One of his most memorable acting gigs came as Randy, the "horror expert" in Scream who constantly explains to his friends the best ways to stay alive. Kennedy played Professor Eli James during the last few seasons of Ghost Whisperer, becoming a friend and confidant of Hewitt's character.

Kennedy's star shone brightest prior to his time on Ghost Whisperer. Outside of the Scream franchise, he also had roles in films like Romeo + Juliet, Malibu's Most Wanted, Bowfinger, and Son of the Mask. He cooled down a bit in the following years, though he has always managed to stay busy in smaller roles and working as a comedian and podcaster.

In recent years, Kennedy has had guest roles on television shows like Lucifer and Criminal Minds, and he's also worked on several films like horror movie Trick and the sixth (!) Tremors film, subtitled A Cold Day in Hell.

Anne Archer - Beth Gordon

Beth Gordon only appeared in a handful of episodes of Ghost Whisperer, but she played an important role in the story nonetheless. Portrayed by actress Anne Archer, Beth is Melinda's mother and also had the ability to speak with ghosts. Unlike Melinda, however, Beth chose not to embrace her gift, leaving Melinda to solve the mysteries of it herself.

Archer has had a long and successful acting career, though many of her most well-known roles came long before her time on Ghost Whisperer. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the film Fatal Attraction, and she also appeared in films like Short Cuts and Patriot Games.

After her time on Ghost Whisperer, she took a brief hiatus from acting but has since returned to movies and television alike. Some of her recent work includes guest appearances on series like Law & Order: SVU, The Grinder, and Paper Empire. She also appeared in the film Trafficked and is rumored to have a part of the upcoming Ulysses Coyote.

June Squibb - Mary Anne Patterson

Another of Melinda's family members, Mary Anne Patterson was the character's grandmother. She passed away before the events of the series took place, but she appeared in several episodes through flashbacks and visions. Like her granddaughter (and her daughter, Beth), Mary Anne had the ability to speak to ghosts. She played a big part in how well Melinda understood her powers and even helped her solve a few of her trickier cases.

Mary Anne was played by actress June Squibb, who continues to stay incredibly busy despite having been born in 1929. She has appeared in several successful films over the decades, including In & Out with Kevin Kline, About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson, and in the 2013 film Nebraska. That last film netted her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, though she lost out to Lupita Nyong'o in 12 Years a Slave.

Squibb has several major roles in recent memory as well. Her voice is in various Pixar films, like Soul and Toy Story 4. She played recurring roles on Good Girls and Shameless. She even played Hubie's mom in Netflix's Hubie Halloween. Despite being over 90 years old, Squibb is still going strong.

Kenneth Mitchell - Sam Lucas

If you didn't follow the plot of Ghost Whisperer, this concept is going to go way over your head, but here goes: Sam Lucas, played by Kenneth Mitchell, is a traffic accident victim who is possessed by the ghost of Melinda's husband, Jim. The audience sees the actor David Conrad, but all the characters in the show see Mitchell.

Try to keep up.

Kenneth Mitchell had an impressive acting career both before and after the series. His big break came in the Kurt Russell film Miracle, and he continued that success into a starring role on the series Jericho before joining Hewitt and the rest of the Ghost Whisperer cast. Since then, he's had roles in series like The Astronaut Wives Club, Star Trek: Discovery, and Nancy Drew. He also played Carol's father, Joseph, in Captain Marvel.

Mitchell has had several recent roles, but he has also revealed that he has been diagnosed with ALS and is unable to get around without a wheelchair. How that will affect his work remains to be seen, though he does have at least one upcoming role in the books: a miniseries titled The Old Man. We wish him the best.

Ignacio Serricchio - Gabriel Lawrence

The Argentine-American actor Ignacio Serricchio played another ghost whisperer named Gabriel on the series and also claimed to be Melinda's half-brother. His intentions were anything but noble, however: As the series went on, it was revealed that Gabriel was actually working to make the dead stronger than the living and help fulfill a dark, ancient prophecy. Pretty standard stuff in the world of the supernatural.

Serricchio has a lot of acting experience under his belt already, despite only being born in 1982. He's cut his teeth in the world of soap operas, with recurring roles on both General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. He's had film success in a few roles, like Edmundo in The Wedding Ringer and Julio in The Mule. He had a memorable role for a handful of episodes on Bones, and he also stars in Netflix's Lost in Space.

Finally, Serricchio has also done some recent voice work with Seth MacFarlane. He voices a variety of characters on both American Dad! and Family Guy.

John Walcutt - Romano

Though he only actually appeared in a few early episodes of Ghost Whisperer, few of the show's villains are quite as memorable as Romano. Played by character actor John Walcutt, Romano often appeared clad entirely in black, with a wide-brimmed hat obscuring much of his face. He haunted Melinda throughout the series, tempting souls away from the light and trying to win them over to the darkness.

Walcutt has often played memorable guest roles on popular series. Over the years, you may have caught him on Beverly Hills 90210, The Practice, Sliders, JAG, Mad Men, Crash, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and many more. He often pops in, provides a snide or sinister comment, and moves on. If you've watched a lot of television over the years, you've probably seen John Walcutt.

He doesn't work much anymore — his last major role came in 2012's V/H/S horror anthology. However, he has also appeared in a few short films and has a few other roles stuck in various stages of production, so keep your eyes open for more from John Walcutt.