Jordan Baranowski

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Kansas City, MO
University Of Kansas
Avila University
Literature-based Movies, Classic Video Games, Horror
  • Jordan had a short career as an actor, appearing in a few films made in the Kansas City area. His IMDb page is... certainly something.
  • He has hosted a weekly bar trivia night for over five years.
  • Like Nicole Kidman, he has done work in marketing for AMC Theatres.


Jordan started writing video game reviews in high school, and still remembers the first "review copy" game he ever received: PaRappa the Rapper 2 for the PS2. Since then, he has gone on to review and write news for games, movies, and television across the years. Other than Looper, he has written for media companies like EGM, GameSkinny, The Nerd Stash, and more. He works full time in marketing, and he also writes for the Kansas City alternative news publication The Pitch.


Jordan has a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and a teaching certification from Avila.
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