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Things Fans Want To See In Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel took the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) by storm when the film dominated the box office in 2019. The movie, led by Brie Larson, raked in $1.128 billion — defying the pre-release hate it received for having a woman as the title character. The female-led adventure also marked the first time Marvel hired a woman to direct a major motion picture, and everything about the film was a hit, from Nick Fury snuggling an alien cat to Carol Danvers' '90s sass and glowing fists.

Fans have been grasping for scraps of news since Disney officially announced the sequel. Marvel is finally giving the people what they want, having just dropped the dates of its upcoming slate of films and shows. Captain Marvel 2 will release on August 9th 2022.

The sequel has found a writer in Megan McDonnell, a staff writer on the upcoming Disney+ show WandaVision, but the search for a female director reportedly continues. It's unclear whether these dates will change, given that all production has been put on hold while the COVID-19 crisis rages on around the world. But now that Disney has given us some tangible dates, what better way pass the time than speculating where Captain Marvel will fly to next?

Ditch the future, stay in the '90s (or weave in flashbacks)

Millennials daydreaming over the Blockbuster and chill days make up a significant portion of Marvel viewers. The '90s soundtrack and vibe helped solidify Captain Marvel's unique place in the MCU while giving viewers a blast from the past. Although the writers can feasibly place her in any timeline (or planet), the prequel format is a refreshing change from the universe fans have seen since 2008's Iron Man.

Some signs point to a post-Endgame sequel, and though that opens the door to a slew of crossover opportunities, it would do a disservice to the universe created in the first movie. There's so much left to explore in that period — a sentiment Kevin Feige vaguely noted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. When asked if a possible sequel would take place in the '90s or the present day, Feige said, "We have ideas for both. We'll see."

Although another prequel would prevent the opportunity for cameos from many current MCU characters, it would allow deceased heroes to fly back into the universe. A '90s follow-up could bring in a spry 75-year-old Peggy Carter, a Winter Soldier cameo, or younger versions of any MCU heroes or villains. If a prequel is out of the question, some flashbacks could provide closure for the open-ended plots in the first film. Given that Captain Marvel teeters between the past and deciphering memories, the follow-up can flash between past and present seamlessly to fit within that format.

Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel dominate the MCU

Fans are jonesing for Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel to tackle a foe together — including the leading lady herself. Kamala Khan, more commonly known as Ms. Marvel, is a Pakistani-American superhero who first enters the scene unnamed in a panel of Captain Marvel volume 7, in 2013. The high-school-aged superhero with healing and shapeshifting powers gained popularity, snagging her own comic series in 2015.

Ms. Marvel will get her own Disney+ show in 2022 — the same year Captain Marvel 2 arrives. No month is attached to the show's release date, making it likely that her introduction will take place in the film before she veers off on her own. Ms. Marvel marks the first-ever Muslim superhero in the MCU, providing some much-needed representation to the universe.

CBR reported that during a Singapore press conference, a fan asked Larson which superhero she wanted to appear alongside in the sequel, to which she responded, "My dream would be that Ms. Marvel gets to come into play." Fans met her answer with a round of applause. No fan's opinion holds more weight than Larson herself, and on top of making fans happy, a movie appearance would garner interest from fans who aren't familiar with the comic book source material, likely resulting in higher viewership for the Disney+ show.

Carol hooks up with Thor

In the comic books, Carol's dating history is spotty at best, and yikes at worst. From loving and leaving her consorts, stealing her dead ex's name, and dating her therapist, she's never been the "settle down" type — a refreshing change of course for a heroine. Many comic books reduce women to their male partners, and who better than Captain Marvel to turn the cliche on its head?

Unfortunately, Marvel doesn't keep its women single for long, even when the plot calls for it (we're looking at you, Age of Ultron). If Carol must have an onscreen romance, it might as well be with Thor. Their limited screen time together captivated fans in Endgame, producing a slew of fan fiction and fan art. On the flip side, Syfy Wire reported a large fanbase for Carol and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), with some fans vying for a throuple between the three. According to Insider, Larson and Thompson are team Valkyrie and Carol. Given that Marvel has yet to provide any substantial LGBTQ representation among its heroes, Captain Marvel and Valkyrie would be a great place to start.

Realistically, there's no way to make a Thor/Captain Marvel/Valkyrie relationship last long-term. Still, a hookup between Carol and either (or both) of the Asgardians would provide an entertaining plot, satiate the fans, and rule out the notion that Carol Danvers is anything but perfectly fine on her own.

Goose has Fury wrapped around his little tentacles

Up until Captain Marvel, the MCU's Nick Fury was always shown as a gruff, no-nonsense whirlwind of... Fury. If you told Captain America that the tough S.H.I.E.L.D. agent likes to snuggle cats in his spare time, he would probably laugh. Captain Marvel, however, shows a nurturing and charismatic side of Fury that leads to some of the best moments in the film. Even after the cat-like alien named Goose eviscerates his eye, Fury still keeps him by his side. Sure, Goose did swallow the Tesseract, but Fury's fondness for the little alien transcends usefulness.

Flerken, Goose's alien species, weren't introduced into the MCU until Captain Marvel. Their lifespan is a blank slate, making it feasible that he can appear even if the writers set the film in present times.

In the comics, Carol's flerken is called Chewie, a reference to Han Solo's Wookiee co-pilot in Star Wars. Captain Marvel co-director Anna Boden revealed to Collider that Chewie's name was changed to Goose in the film to pay homage to Top Gun, honoring Carol's past as a pilot. Chewie plays an integral part in the comics, so it's only fair that Goose has his time to shine — and bite. When he's not swallowing people whole, maybe he'll have some free time to provide Fury with some much-needed R&R (and cuddles). Hopefully, the agent doesn't lose his remaining eye.

What was Carol doing during most of Endgame?

Avengers: Endgame is a love letter to MCU fans and the core Avengers crew that kicked off the franchise. Though characters introduced after Phase One played a significant role in taking down Thanos, writers limited their screen time to give the original characters a proper goodbye. After learning that Thanos dusts Fury in the Snap, Carol leaves the Earth avenging to the Avengers, taking off to help other galaxies impacted by Thanos' dubious plan.

Spider-Man: Far from Home provides a glimpse of the aftermath of the purple giant's destruction on Earth, but what about the other planets Captain Marvel was off protecting? If the sequel takes place after the events of Endgame, it could provide an opportunity to feature species and galaxies that haven't yet been introduced to the MCU. Exploring how different galaxies are handling a post-Snap world would make for an interesting side plot.

Monica slays as Carol's protege

If kids were guaranteed to turn out as cool as Monica Rambeau (Akira Akbar), the population would probably double. The loyal, snarky, and smart as a whip 11-year-old steals everyone's hearts in Captain Marvel. The film planted the seeds for Monica's crimefighting future, which the comics explore further. Young Captain Trouble will likely grow up to take over Carol's position as Captain Marvel — much like Captain America passes the torch to Falcon in Endgame. In the comics, Monica Rambeau wielded the name "Captain Marvel" before Carol Danvers.

In MCU canon, Monica can take her place as Carol's protege in Captain Marvel 2 regardless of the time period. Whether it's a young Monica helping Carol with a mission out of harm's way or fighting alongside the heroine and her fists of fury, Monica needs to see some action in the sequel. Disney has already cast a grown-up Monica for a stint in WandaVision on Disney+. Tayonah Parris will play the adult daughter of Carol's best friend Mariah, according to Deadline.

Avengers, assemble in Captain Marvel 2

Multiple Avengers standalone films will arrive before Captain Marvel 2 — including Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther 2, and Thor: Love and Thunder. It's uncertain where each character's arc will lie on the timeline, but fans are always clamoring for their favorite Avengers to make cameos in other films. Likewise, integral characters like Scarlet Witch, Vision, Bucky, and Falcon are making their way to Disney+ shows instead of their usual blockbuster appearances.

Given that Captain Marvel hasn't had much of a chance to work with many of the core characters, the sequel would provide a good jumping-off point for Carol to cement herself further with the Avengers. With one foot in space and one planted on Earth, Carol has the unique position of living on multiple worlds, providing endless opportunities to team up with any of the other MCU characters on their respective planets or spacecrafts.

Dr. Moonstone will see (kill) you now

A significant portion of Captain Marvel revolves around Vers (Carol) discovering who she is, and the villainous Kree plotline takes a backseat to her self-realization. That focus makes for a unique and compelling film, but the sequel will allow more villains from the comics to come into play. Every badass heroine needs a proper female villain, and Moonstone, also known as Dr. Karla Sofen, is one of the best around.

The former psychologist first appears in the Captain America comics in 1975, later snaking her way into the lives of multiple Marvel heroes. She eventually finds herself wreaking havoc on Captain Marvel's life, solidifying herself as one of Carol's greatest foes. Moonstone gets off on disguising herself as the heroine, poisoning her allies against her. That kind of diabolical mental manipulation lends itself to seamlessly follow up the introspective vibe of the first film. Moonstone's manipulative plot would provide a great way to bring in a host of Carol's past and present allies. Monica or Fury would be prime candidates to figure out that Moonstone's Captain Marvel persona is a fake.

The Guardians pop in for a Kree crisis

Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a common nemesis in the Kree. Given that the species becomes one of Carol's greatest enemies, it's not likely that they've resolved their beef even if the sequel moves to the future. Another Kree crisis could prompt the Guardians to get involved in the fight. While the original Avengers appear in multiple character-specific films, the Guardian crew has limited screen time outside of their series and the final two Avengers installments.

Thus far, Peter Quill and company have a dynamite dynamic with the other heroes they've paired up with, and fans are itching to see the team repped in more MCU films. Who doesn't want to watch a sass-off between Gamora and Carol? Add some popcorn and a pair of '90s red-and-blue 3-D glasses, and we're there.

Maria joins S.H.I.E.L.D.

Carol's reunion with Maria in Captain Marvel shows the former pilot retired from duty, and it takes a guilt trip from Monica for her mom to agree to assist with Captain Marvel's mission. Maria's battle-ready bounce back proves that she misses making a difference. Fury grows to respect Maria almost instantly, and it wouldn't be a stretch for him to offer her a position at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Whether this takes place in flashback form or not, Maria doesn't get as much screen time as she deserves in Captain Marvel. Earning her rank as an agent is the best way for her to make her mark in the MCU, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is always in need of skilled pilots. Maria would fit right into any team — and she could help keep an eye on the goings-on for Carol. Someone needs to keep Fury in line, anyway, and few are up to the challenge. 

The real reason Captain Marvel hasn't aged

While it may feel like the '90s were just yesterday, 1995 was decades ago. When Captain Marvel pops up in Endgame, beyond hairstyles, she looks the same as she does in her breakout film. Fans have debated the reason for her 60 going on 35 look since the movie dropped, and even scientists have weighed in on the subject.

Space.com sat down with Ohio State University cosmologist Paul Sutter to tackle the conundrum. Sutter theorized that Einstein's theory of special relativity could be a realistic answer to the question — even in our own universe. In simple terms, he proposed that Captain Marvel ages slowly when she's flying quickly through space, gaining mass.

While that's a perfectly reasonable conclusion for Carol's mystical anti-aging serum, the sequel could provide a more plot-driven answer that's tied to her powers (or something the Kree did to her). Either way, space expeditions may just be the new anti-aging snake oil.

Yon-Rogg takes Carol's place as Kree prisoner

Few things are more satisfying than watching villains get their just desserts. After brainwashing Carol for half a decade, poetic justice would have the Kree people turn on Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) for failing to carry out his mission. Something tells us that a civilization hell-bent on decimating other races for failing to comply with their rule doesn't take kindly to failure. A little torture may be in order. Savage? Maybe. But nobody messes with Carol Danvers.

Cinemablend reported a deleted scene (which was later released by Disney), depicting a conversation between Yon-Rogg and the Supreme Intelligence. The Intelligence instructs him to "bring us the core and the girl" to disable Carol's powers. If fans must wait until he fails this particular mission for the imprisonment to commence, then so be it.

An unsubstantiated rumor predicts that Jude Law will return for the sequel. In a surprising turn of events, word on the street says that Yon-Rogg will turn on the Kree and regain Captain Marvel's trust. How could anyone trust someone who toyed with their mind and manipulated them for six years? That's some Stockholm Syndrom nonsense right there. The Supreme Intelligence subtly hints at this possibility when it accuses Yon-Rogg of caring for Vers. If this potential change of heart leads to a romance between the two, fans will riot.