Jessica Daniels

Columbus, OH
The Ohio State University
Movies, TV, Song Lyrics
  • Jessica was a latchkey kid raised by television and summer road trips, which means her formative years were spent filling her mind with theme songs, cassette tapes, and game show strategies instead of how to function in the world.
  • She was introduced to prestige films at a young age, going to whatever movie her mother wanted to see because back then studios didn't cater to nine-year-olds, and became obsessed with the Oscars as a result.
  • Every year she attempts the Oscar Death Race (watching all nominated titles between nomination morning and the night of the ceremony) and completed it as recently as 2021, thanks in large part to the pandemic forcing all the international feature film nominees onto streaming earlier than usual.


Jessica is a New Yorker living in the Buckeye State with her kids, her cats, and an occasional husband, who has spent most of her work life doing corporate office jobs. She's always loved entertainment and writing, though, and has been pitching articles for ten years. Her pieces have been published at NPR and Bitch Media, focusing on television and the female experience.


Despite acquiring most of her esoteric knowledge from movies and TV, Jessica actually graduated from The Ohio State University in 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in English and a focus on creative writing. She has always drifted to the written word, and expresses herself best in that medium. In her bursts of creative energy, Jessica composes poetry, song lyrics, short stories, and screenplays — and fully intends to finish that novel sitting on her hard drive one of these days.
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