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Elden Ring: How To Complete The Diallos Quest

"Elden Ring" has been one of those games that pretty much everyone's in love with. Critics had endless praise for the game, and the hype for it didn't die down quickly at all as fans discovered more and more to love. "Elden Ring" was so successful that FromSoftware revealed that it was just getting started, and the group has plans to expand the franchise already.

In fact, the V1.03 patch for the game added content only about three weeks after the game was released, including a way to track NPCs on the map. With an almost overwhelming number of NPCs that players can meet and interact with, it feels impossible to keep track of all the quests. In particular, the NPC Diallos' questline can be tricky to follow. Here's how you can complete it without any problem, starting from the moment you meet Diallos. This interconnected quest can be easy to miss, but don't fear. This is how to complete it. 

Completing Diallos' quest

YouTube channel Gaming with Abyss has a step-by-step video to complete the quest. Once you've met Diallos at the Roundtable Hold, you'll need to fast travel to Academy Gate Town. Go North, and you'll see him standing on a rooftop. After you've spoken to him, you can find him back in the Roundtable Hold.

Next, you'll need to join the Recusants and get to Volcano Manor, where you'll find Diallos yet again. There are some steps here that you may have to complete if you haven't gotten through any of the Volcano Manor questline, and it includes talking to Jar Bairn and Alexander. Once you're able to speak to Diallos in the Volcano Manor, then you'll continue doing Jar Bairn's quest.

From there, the two quests are pretty connected to each other. You'll talk to Jar Bairn until he explains that Diallos is back, and then speak to both of them until neither have anything new to say. Let the day go by, and then speak to Jar Bairns again. Finish Jar Bairns requests, and then you can speak to Diallos the next day at Jarburg and complete his quest.