Riley Runnells

Sylvania, Ohio, United States
Ohio University
Movies, TV, Celebrity News
  • Riley is constantly immersed in entertainment, including television, film, and celebrity culture.
  • She has previously written for and held editor positions with The Post, Thread Magazine, PAPER Magazine, and Los Angeles Magazine.
  • She spent her senior year of college studying the intersection of gender in film and television, and wrote a book called "Not Your Cool Girl" about the Cool Girl trope in media.


Riley has worked as a professional writer throughout her college career and beyond. She was the editor in chief of Thread Magazine, a fashion and culture publication on Ohio University's campus. She was also the Culture editor at The Post newspaper, Ohio University's premier college publication. Outside of her editorships, Riley interned with PAPER Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine. She has been the host of two podcasts, including an entertainment podcast called "Stay Tuned," and started the Q&A section of The Post newspaper, where she interviewed many celebrities during the coronavirus pandemic. Riley joined Static Media in 2022 and is excited to be sharing her knowledge of the entertainment industry with Looper's avid readers.


Riley has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.
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