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Stars Who Double Dipped In Super Bowl 2023 Commercials

After a well-fought game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2023 Super Bowl resulted in the Chiefs as the reigning champions. Led by Head Coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs beat the Eagles 38 to 35. But enough about football, let's get to the real reason why we tune in to the Super Bowl every year — the commercials.

Each year, companies, films, and more pay exorbitant prices to earn a coveted slot in the Super Bowl's commercial lineup. Brands like Pepsi, Squarespace, and Michelob Ultra all work hard to come up with creative ways to advertise their brand and astonish fans during one of the most watched events in the country.

Because of the pressure to perform, brands often hire celebrities to be a part of their commercial. However, some celebrities are so sought after that you might see them more than once while watching the Super Bowl advertisements.

For the 2023 Super Bowl, eight celebrities were featured in more than one commercial spot. Be it through a film trailer and an advertisement or multiple brands wanting to be associated with them, let's read about the eight celebs who double-dipped in Super Bowl ads this year.

Adam Driver

First up on the list is Adam Driver, who was featured in both the advertisement for Squarespace and the trailer for the upcoming film, "65." Driver, known for his roles as Kylo Ren in "Star Wars" and Maurizio Gucci in "House of Gucci" has made quite the name for himself in the acting community. That is evident with the trailer for "65," in which he plays a man who is trying to survive 65 million years before human life existed on planet Earth. After crash landing in the past, he and one other survivor must work together to figure out how to get back to their time and survive routine attacks from prehistoric creatures.

On a less serious note, and in a more comedic tone, Driver also appears in the ad for Squarespace, a website-building and hosting company. In his ad for Squarespace, Driver goes through an existential crisis of sorts as he comprehends how Squarespace is a website that, in and of itself, makes websites. A slew of Adam Drivers show up and all exist within a closed-loop creation that is sucked into a black hole of websites. The various suited-up Adam Drivers are hilarious, and though the mental crisis is meant to be a jest, it does bring up an excellent point about Squarespace being the very thing it creates. Thanks for giving us that to think about, Adam Driver.

Ben Affleck

Up next is Ben Affleck, who is one of two people to triple-dip on this list. Affleck appeared in three commercial spots: "The Flash" movie trailer, an ad for Dunkin', and the trailer for "Air."

Though many people have mixed feelings on Affleck's version of Batman, he is returning to the role of the vengeful billionaire in "The Flash." The film follows The Flash, aka Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) as he travels to the past to prevent the murder of his mother. Affleck's Batman encourages him to proceed with caution, or not proceed at all. However, though Affleck's Batman is present, the real excitement of the trailer comes from the return of Michael Keaton's Batman, who also appears in the film.

For Dunkin', Affleck is working the drive thru window. He takes orders, snaps some selfies with fans, and eventually has to explain to his wife, Jennifer Lopez, why he is spending his time at Dunkin' instead of really working or being at home.

Finally, in "Air," Affleck wears two hats, as he's both acting in and directing the film. The film follows the conception of Nike's relationship with Michael Jordan and the creation of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker. Matt Damon co-stars with his longtime friend and collaborator Affleck, who is playing Nike's CEO Phil Knight.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper technically only physically appeared in one commercial spot for T-Mobile, but he counts as double-dipping because of his participation in the hype video before the Super Bowl began. Also, we could argue that Cooper actually triple-dips because of his voice role as Rocket Raccoon in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," which aired a trailer during the Super Bowl as well.

Cooper is known for being an Eagles' superfan, so it was only natural for them to recruit him to narrate the opening hype video for the team. The video, entitled "One More," focuses on the team winning just "one more" game — the biggest game of Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts' young career. Obviously, the Eagles did not win the game, but that is no fault of Cooper.

The actual commercial we saw Cooper in is for T-Mobile and includes a special cameo from Cooper's mom. The entire commercial is a precious display of the adorable relationship Cooper and his mother have. Though Cooper continuously tries to tell his mother information about T-Mobile, she always has some silly remark to get him off track and make him laugh. They struggle with getting the catchphrases of T-Mobile ads right, his mother keeps looking at the teleprompter instead of looking at him and, most importantly, they have a lot of great laughs together about the commercial and about Cooper's appearance in the bright pink shirt.

Chris Pratt

Though Chris Pratt did not appear in any brand advertisements for Super Bowl 2023, he did double-dip by appearing in two film trailers that aired during the commercial spots. The first film is the highly anticipated third installment of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" series, and the second is the animated trailer for the latest film adaptation of the "Super Mario Bros." video game franchise, appropriately called "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."

In the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" trailer, Pratt reprises his role as Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians. The team is excited to have Gamora (Zoe Saldana) back somehow, but as far as her romantic relationship with Star-Lord, things don't seem to be going well. Meanwhile, Rocket reveals some information about his past, and the Guardians go on a dangerous mission.

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" commercial spot is slightly different from the original trailer for the film. There is still a bit of the plot present toward the end, but the beginning features an ad for Mario (Pratt) and Luigi's (Charlie Day) plumbing business. They help a customer and get some money, and even advertise their website and phone number for any prospective customers looking for more information.

Pete Davidson

Known for his comedy, Pete Davidson appeared in one brand advertisement for Hellmann's Mayonnaise, as well as a film trailer for "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts."

For Hellmann's, Davidson plays himself alongside actors Jon Hamm and Brie Larson. Hamm and Larson are both in the refrigerator with a jar of Hellmann's Mayonnaise, because both actors have food-based names (Hamm and Brie). Davidson then opens the refrigerator and tells the actors that he is going to eat them. The scene cuts to a delicious-looking sandwich being made, and then Davidson eats the sandwich with Hamm and Larson finally out of the refrigerator and back in real life.

In the "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" commercial, Davidson takes on the role of Mirage. It is a voice role, because Mirage is a transforming car. Davidson typically appears in comedy films, save for his triumph in "The King of Staten Island," so voicing one of the Autobots in such a popular franchise is a huge move for the actor.

Serena Williams

One pretty consistent staple of the Super Bowl is tennis star Serena Williams, who often appears in branded ads. This year is no exception, and Williams returned to the Super Bowl commercial spots by double-dipping for two brands: Remy Martin and Michelob Ultra.

In the ad for Remy Martin, Williams is motivating various athletes to keep fighting "one inch at a time." Football players, dancers, musicians, horse riders, and others are motivated by Williams' speech, which encourages them to look around them for support and motivation to keep fighting for what they love. The bottom line of her speech is encouraging people to seek motivation from their team, be it a sports team, a band, an acting troupe, or a collection of people willing to go the extra mile for what they love.

In the Michelob Ultra ad, Williams is taking on a sport that is not tennis — rather, the pro is playing golf. In a "Caddyshack"-reference-filled commercial, Williams goes head-to-head with "Succession" actor Brian Cox in a golf match so riveting that it all comes down to the last putt. Williams wins the match, thanks to Tony Romo opening a Michelob Ultra and causing birds to fly and the golf ball to just barely make it into the hole.

Tony Romo

Some people may know Tony Romo as an American sports commentator, but most will likely know him as the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo appeared in both ads for Michelob Ultra and made a brief cameo in the Snoop Dogg Skechers commercial.

For Michelob Ultra, the brand went with a theme based on "Caddyshack" — a film from 1980 centered around golf. Romo took on the role of Carl Spackler, the golf club's groundskeeper played by Bill Murray in the film. In the shorter, 15-second spot for Michelob Ultra, Romo recreates Spackler's Cinderella story monologue that was originally improvised by Murray. For the longer commercial, Romo still played Spackler and helped Serena Williams win the match against Brian Cox by opening a beer bottle and sending a wave of wind to push her ball in the hole.

For the Skechers commercial, Romo has a less important role, but it's still a great cameo. In the Skechers commercial, Snoop Dogg goes through his fabulous life wearing his Skechers for style and comfortability. At one point, Snoop Dogg is coaching a youth football team called the SnoopPups. Romo is part of the team and is playing in a really intense manner, causing Snoop Dogg to ask, "Are you sure you're 8?" To this, Romo responds, "I'm nine, actually," because of the number on his jersey. Both commercials are very cute and well produced.

Will Ferrell

Finally, the last double-dipper on the list is actor, comedian, and industry gem Will Ferrell. This year, Ferrell was featured in an ad and a trailer — the ad is for General Motors, and the trailer is for the movie "Strays." 

In his commercial for General Motors, the actor known for films like "Anchorman" and "Elf" bounces around in popular Netflix shows. Apparently, General Motors' is making a point to produce more electric vehicles and plans to buy product placement for its eco-friendlier cars in Netflix programs. Ferrell starts the commercial in the middle of "Army of the Dead," jumps over to "Squid Game," becomes a proper gentleman for "Bridgerton," travels back to the '80s for "Stranger Things," and even meets up with "Queer Eye" icons Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness.

The trailer for "Strays" does not feature Ferrell in person, just his voice as one of the abandoned dogs, Reggie. The film follows this dog who, after being abandoned by his owner, teams up with other abandoned dogs Bug (Jamie Foxx), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Hunter (Randall Park) to get revenge on Doug (Will Forte), his former owner. The film will premiere in the summer of 2023.