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Which Wednesday Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"The Addams Family" brand continues to hold widespread popularity in the years since the cartoons were first published in the 1930s. At this point, with so many different iterations of the family's story, it is hard to find a fresh take on the beloved, twisted characters. Thanks to its originality, Netflix's "Wednesday" gained overnight popularity, with 150 million households and 1.02 billion viewing hours racked up within the first few weeks of release, according to Netflix.

Though many fans engaged with "Wednesday" because of Jenna Ortega — who's primarily known for her work on "Jane the Virgin" — others were excited to see this show provide a new take on the classic Wednesday Addams. Her dark nature stays the same, but her focus becomes less on macabre torture and more on detective work, making it her mission to discover what is really going on in the town of Jericho. 

"Wednesday" has something for everyone. If you like romance, there are love triangles and relationships. If you like mysteries, there is a great one at the center of the show. If you like horror, well, Wednesday is sure to have something up her sleeve.

But the best aspect of the show? It is extremely character-driven. Each role has distinct qualities that make audience members latch onto them, and everyone watching can likely identify with one character or another. The zodiac is a fun way to figure out which personality on the show you're most similar to. Here's a breakdown of which "Wednesday" character you are most like based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius - Professor Thornhill

First up is the secretly evil Professor Thornhill (Christina Ricci, who once played her own iconic version of Wednesday Addams), AKA Laurel Gates, who clocks in as the clear Aquarius (January 20-February 18). Those under this sign are known for their love of humans. Aquarius signs typically seek out change and are filled with an innate desire to achieve it, often through rebellion. They are very in touch with the human spirit and work hard to deepen that connection. They certainly have a sensitive side, but can often come across as tough to conceal their vulnerability. Aquarius signs need love, though are smart enough to know that they can survive without it. Armed with curiosity, intelligence, and a fire to spark change, Aquarius signs are the clear iconoclasts of the zodiac.

Professor Thornhill embodies this sign with her whole being. Professor Thornhill has a vendetta against monsters and believes that humans should be the only ones allowed to live. Her Aquarian human love, though misguided, comes across this way. She is in touch with parts of the human experience that are grounded in reality, most specifically with her knowledge and passion for plants. She is sensitive because of the devastating loss of her family but hides that in order to achieve her plan, which proves her toughness. She believes that change needs to happen and monsters need to be cut out of the world, and she's not afraid to fight against Nevermore Academy to achieve that plan.

Pisces - Gomez

It makes sense that the most passionate character in the show would be Pisces (February 19-March 20). Gomez (Luis Guzmán) wins that title by a landslide. Pisces signs are constantly being pulled between their love of their fantasy world and their love of their reality. Armed with a sense of whimsy, Pisces signs feel every emotion deeply and intensely. They also work hard to learn from their experiences. This sign almost always achieves success, as their innate empathy helps them to move forward in the world. Always dreaming and finding new ways to embark on creative adventures, Pisces signs are ambitious. They do not like conflict, which can be frustrating, but they always will protect the ones they love if it comes down to it.

Who better than Gomez Addams, the patriarch and most passionate member of the Addams family, to take on the Pisces role? Gomez constantly alternates between fantasy and reality. Though he is tough and equipped to deal with whatever life throws at him, he is most content when able to spoil and dote on his wife, Morticia. He quickly took the blame for Morticia's incident so she would not have to suffer in prison. His empathy for others makes him the lone whimsical member of the family, but it is still clear by his dark desires that he is an Addams, through and through.

Aries - Dr. Kinbott

The confident, bold title of Aries (March 21-April 19) goes to Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome). This might seem surprising, but she's more suited to the sign than she seems. This sign is known for its bravery, yes, but mostly because Aries tend to act before thinking and dive headfirst into situations. They are passionate and extroverted and use these traits to help others succeed. This sign can sometimes misunderstand the emotional intensity of situations, not always taking warnings as seriously as they should. However, they are positive beings by nature, and will always use that to persevere.

Dr. Kinbott is one of the most outwardly cheerful people in Jericho. Her role as a therapist aligns well with the Aries sign because she uses her passion and positivity to help others succeed in their own lives. Dr. Kinbott loves for situations to be uncomplicated. Any time Wednesday tries to question the goings-on of Jericho, Dr. Kinbott demurs. Though it seems at first like she does this because she may be involved, it turns out that it is because she just refuses to believe Wednesday's claims. Thankfully, she makes up for her faults with her positivity and energetic attitude — classic Aries traits.

Taurus - Eugene

Taurus (April 20-May 20) is known for its stubbornness, and no one better exemplifies this than Eugene (Moosa Mostafa), who gets hurt by his own obstinacy. This sign enjoys the finer things in life, always prioritizing comfort. However, this does not make them spoiled. Rather, Taurus signs are very hard-working and know what they need to do to achieve what they want. This sign is resilient and perpetually hones their skills. They carefully choose who to rely on, but once they have someone they trust, are profoundly loyal (maybe because of the aforementioned mulishness). 

Eugene is arguably the most resilient character in the whole show. After he is attacked by the Hyde, Eugene is one of the only people who survives it, no matter how touch-and-go it seemed. Eugene's stubborn insistence upon helping with Wednesday's investigation is what gets him attacked in the first place, which is a clear trait of a Taurus. Plus, Eugene's diligent pursuit of his beekeeping hobby proves that, though he shies from some unpleasant activities, he knows how to get his hands dirty. Eugene's loyalty to Wednesday, whom he considers his only real friend, is beautiful and saves many lives in the show.

Gemini - Principal Weems

One of the most compelling characters in the series is Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie), a Gemini through and through. Gemini (May 21-June 20) signs have a hand in everything. They are professionally and personally busy, always in leadership positions and ever the social butterflies. They are always one step ahead, making plans for their lives and the lives of those around them. Gemini signs are often described as two-faced — after all, they are the twins of the zodiac — but this doesn't mean they're secretly evil. Instead, it usually means they encompass stark contrasts. They're very involved and curious about the world.  

Principal Weems is two-faced in a more literal way. Not only does the audience spend the entire season wondering if Principal Weems is secretly involved in the nefarious happenings at Nevermore, but she also is literally a shapeshifter, so she can change her face at any given moment. Principal Weems has a leadership position at the school, while also working with the sheriff and mayor of Jericho to have a hand in everything that goes on in the town. Her schemes are always pointed toward what she thinks is the right thing to do, even if they might seem negative. At the end of the day, Principal Weems is a good person who isn't afraid to be cutthroat for what she wants.

Cancer - Xavier

Cancer (June 21-July 22) signs are emotionally perceptive to a degree that no other signs possess. This is a gift and a curse, as characters like Xavier (Percy Hynes White) come to find. At first, Cancer signs may come across as quiet or distanced from others, like crabs in their shells. This is not because they're misanthropic, but because they are extremely guarded people. Once Cancer signs warm up, they are some of the most fun and compassionate people you'll meet. Another part of their emotional perception comes from their innately caring nature. Cancer signs are gentle, kind, and lovely people who will often be found in safe spaces. They aren't risk-taking types. 

Xavier is the most outwardly cold character of the bunch, save for Wednesday. Underneath Xavier's guarded outer layer lies a kind, tortured soul who longs to care for those he loves. Xavier, like most Cancers, has his hideout where he can comfortably do his art and have visions while still feeling safe. Wednesday gets to see his space because he warms up to her and feels comfortable with her. Xavier is one of the only people to immediately see Wednesday for who she is and think fondly of her despite her flaws. He cares about Wednesday, and, by extension, warms up to the other people who care about her also. His brooding yet loving nature makes him the perfect Cancer sign.

Leo - Enid

Roll out the red carpet; Enid (Emma Myers) has arrived. Leo signs (July 23-August 22) are by far the most extroverted and attention-grabbing of the zodiac signs. This is not a bad thing, because their outgoing nature usually brings people together and helps others break out of their shells. However, sometimes they can forget that they are not the center of attention. This sign is an artist and creative at heart and often longs for spectacular romances. Their talent and star quality talk the talk and walk the walk, and though they never tire of the spotlight, they always have room in their drama-filled lives to give some attention to their friends.

Enid is, without a doubt, the Leo of the group. She is the most artistic and creative of them all, except for maybe Xavier, and shows her colorful nature in every aspect of her life — be it her room decor, loud personality, or passion for school events. Enid immediately tries to take Wednesday under her wing and give her attention so she feels welcome in the school, but there is definitely a part of Enid that loves the attention she gets from having Wednesday as her roommate. Her romance with Ajax, too, is a form of drama that she loves to engage in, but not for the superficial reasons that others may think. Enid has talent, love, and color to spare, and is a great friend because of her extroverted personality.

Virgo - Tyler

Virgo (August 23-September 22) signs are bound by rules, and so is our Hyde monster, Tyler (Hunter Doohan). Virgo signs apply reason to their lives as much as possible, always looking for logic in the illogical. This can be a problem for this sign because it can often lead them to make wrong decisions while trying to make the correct one. This sign believes in repetition, practice, and always focusing on the details instead of the big picture. They do their best to live up to the expectations of those depending on them. Virgos are serious and smart, and should never be underestimated.

Tyler is the biggest rule follower of the show, usually doing exactly what he is told. Professor Thornhill activates his Hyde side, controlling what he does. Tyler is very smart and plays Wednesday like a fiddle throughout the entire season, even winning her affection, which is a near-impossible feat. He rationalizes the fact that he is a monster by viewing what he is doing as taking out the "bad" monsters and helping Professor Thornhill. Tyler does not care about the big picture, leaving that to Thornhill. He is much more focused on the details of satisfying Professor Thornhill's demands.

Libra - Morticia

Libra (September 23-October 22) signs represent harmony and nurturing light, and that's true of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) — even if her nurturing looks a little darker than normal. Libra signs look for symmetry and focus on the greater good. They often will sacrifice their own needs to care for those around them, which usually means that they end up being romantically paired with someone who cares solely for them above all else. Libra signs lift up the arts, beauty, and other creative pursuits. This sign does not jump to conclusions, instead considering every perspective to make the most informed decision. Sometimes, Libra signs will struggle with indecision, but make up for this with their charm and ability to adapt.

As the matriarch of the Addams family, Morticia Addams is the most grounded of the group. She, like the rest of the family, thrives in the darkness, but she also is the most perceptive to other people's feelings and needs. She is charming to all, so much so that she even gained a stalker at Nevermore. She sacrifices her own safety to save Gomez from being killed by the stalker. Though Gomez takes the fall for her, Morticia's Libra nature takes over when she sacrifices everything to save him. She values art and beauty, in her own twisted way. Morticia clearly does whatever she can to help the ones she loves thrive, no matter how dark she seems.

Scorpio - Wednesday

The titular character herself, Wednesday, is a great example of a Scorpio sign. Scorpio (October 23-November 21) signs are powerful, passionate, and admittedly slightly scary. They have great intuition, which they use to figure out different mysteries. Scorpio signs view life as a game, and in this game, they constantly stay several steps ahead. Even if they do not have any offensive moves, they are known for waiting out their opponents until they win. More than anything, though, Scorpio signs are mysterious, ambitious, and intense.

Wednesday is a Scorpio through and through. She is mysterious to everyone around her, and that mystery helps her figure out how to stay ahead of others. Her power and passion come through in her detective work, and her intuition is almost always pointed in the right direction. Whenever Wednesday does not know which direction to head in, she waits for someone to give themselves up. Wednesday is tough and scary, but she also develops compassion for the classmates who work their way into her inner circle. She knows how to get what she wants, and she makes sure her ambitions of being a novelist and detective are always within her reach.

Sagittarius - Ajax

This sign is the hardest of all to pin down to a single type of person, just like Ajax (Georgie Farmer). Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) signs blend curiosity, passion, bravery, and smarts. This sign often dares to do what others are afraid of, especially if someone they love is in present danger. Sagittarius signs value truth and justice, and though that makes them seem more lawful than anything else, they are free spirits at heart. This sign can often be blunt in their pursuit of the truth, though they rarely intend to be cruel. They often try to be comic relief for their loved ones. 

Ajax is the biggest Sagittarius. His character is hard to pin down because he's full of many different traits. He is quirky and funny, especially with Enid, but he also is very grounded in reality and does his best to achieve the justice he knows his friends deserve. He is a pacifist, but isn't afraid to join the fight if it means saving his loved ones. Ajax also knows that he is a free spirit, so he tries to avoid drama and uses his uniqueness to forge friendships.

Capricorn - Bianca

Last but not least, we have the "Wednesday" Capricorn, Bianca (Joy Sunday). Capricorn signs (December 22-January 19) are resilient and ambitious, sometimes to a fault. This helps them make it through ridiculously difficult circumstances and still prevail. They are no strangers to adversity, but manage to use their drive to push through it. Though they typically operate by the book, they have an inner rebellion that will pop out every now and again. They seem serious, but that is only because they view life as fleeting, and that they need to seize every opportunity to achieve their goals.

Bianca is a Capricorn not just because of her incredible drive, but also in her perseverance through so much adversity. Her mother essentially forced her to be in a cult her whole adolescence and use her siren powers for nefarious purposes. Bianca left the cult and started a new life at Nevermore, where she gets amazing grades, participates in a lot of clubs, and gains many friends. She operates by the book, except for when her loved ones need her, and then her rebellion shines through. Through her stressful upbringing, failed relationship with Xavier, and continued attempts at staying on top both socially and academically, Bianca shows impressive resilience. She and Wednesday get along eventually because of their shared sense of ambition.