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The B Positive Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"B Positive" on CBS is a comedy about people coming together and finding meaning in their lives. Drew, the co-lead of the series (played by Thomas Middleditch of "Silicon Valley"), discovers in the opening scene of the first episode that he is in renal failure and needs a new kidney. This news comes after a painful divorce when he is at his lowest. While attending a wedding, he reconnects with a wild woman named Gina (Broadway star Annaleigh Ashford) who he knew in college. 

Gina shakes up his safe, risk-averse life by offering to be his kidney donor. The first season is about Drew coping with his medical condition, making new friends during his dialysis treatments, stepping up as a father, and helping Gina get her messy life back together. Everything changes in the second season when Gina inherits 48 million dollars (24 after taxes) and she buys the retirement home where she works. The series transitions from an "Odd Couple" dynamic to a workplace comedy.

Between all the new people Drew meets in Season 1 and all the new residents of the retirement home we encounter in Season 2, the series has no shortage of colorful characters for audiences to identify with. We've decided to assign astrological signs to 12 characters based on their actions so you can find out which "B Positive" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) - Eli

When Drew starts his dialysis treatment, he meets three new people who become his friends over the course of Season 1. Eli, the former NFL superstar who never misses an opportunity to flash his Superbowl ring (played by Terence Terrell of "Bosch"), actually becomes more involved in Drew's life than the others when a romance sparks between himself and Gina. While he is a very calm and kind man, who loves dishing out compliments, he does suffer from insecurity thanks to his NFL career coming to an end. 

This is where the competitiveness of an Aries comes into play. Sure, he loves to brag about his championship, but Eli doesn't come across as a cocky or overconfident man. That is, until he admits to being broke, after giving family and friends large sums of money and investing in businesses and Gina becomes a millionaire. Early in their relationship, he said it was difficult to be with Gina because she didn't care about his fame or money and that was uncomfortable for him. He didn't know how to handle being in a relationship with someone who actually cares about him, but he works on it.

The last straw is when he tries to take Gina on a romantic trip that she has to pay for because his credit cards aren't working. Seeing his significant other be the one to pay doesn't sit right with him and their relationship doesn't last long beyond that.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) - Gideon

Gideon (Darryl Stephens, "Saved By The Bell") is the man in charge of Drew's dialysis treatments. He is very picky about his time and expects others to respect that. When Drew shows up late, Gideon lets him know right off the bat that he does not appreciate that kind of behavior. For much of his screen time in Season 1, Gideon is limited to acting as an outside observer, offering snarky comments on the events unfolding in front of him.

As the season progresses, however, we learn more about Gideon's personal life and desire to be an actor. He is clearly someone who knows he is capable of doing more with his life and believes he deserves it. It's said that individuals born under the sign of Taurus like to treat themselves. Gideon's tendency for referring to himself in the third person, his refusal to bend to someone else's will, and the sleeping mask he wore when Drew showed up at his apartment unannounced, prove unequivocally that Gideon likes to take care of himself.

Do we see him luxuriate in a bubble bath, go shopping for fancy things, or only dine on the finest meals? No. But can we totally see that happening? Absolutely. 

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) - Samantha

Another friend from Drew's time getting dialysis is Samantha (Briga Heelan, "Love"), the aggro businesswoman who doesn't have time for other people's crap. When she sows up late for treatment, she refuses to listen to Gideon's complaint. She's got important business to do and her bad kidney is just getting in the way. Although Samantha left unceremoniously before the end of Season 1, we did get to see the wall she kept around her start to crumble a tiny bit.

Geminis are said to be incredibly busy people. In nearly every scene she appears in, Samantha is either texting, emailing, scrolling, or actively taking a phone call. When they finally convince her to spend more time with the dialysis group outside of treatment, she agrees to have dinner with them, but spends it on a Zoom call with work. She has to go back and forth between explaining who she's talking to and what she's reacting to — that's just how busy she is.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) - Norma

One of Gina's many sources of revenue is working at a retirement home. One of her duties at that retirement home is driving the van that transports the residents where they need to go. This gives her the opportunity to bond with them on a larger scale, which is something she appears to very much enjoy. One of the residents she has gotten to know is a woman named Norma (played by Linda Lavin, "Alice"). She serves as Gina's stand-in mother, even though she's probably old enough to be her grandmother.

Based on small bits of information Norma lets slip from time to time, we can see that much of her youth resembled Gina's current lifestyle. She likes to drink, isn't afraid of drugs, and makes men blush with stories of her previous adventures. All this life experience has given her an insight into people that is practically supernatural, hence why she is the show's best example of the Cancer sign.

Cancers are very intuitive. There isn't much that gets past Norma. All it takes is a few minutes for her to recognize the parts of people they're hiding from themselves. Any character who thinks they're keeping their true feelings a secret should really avoid Norma if they hope to go on thinking that because she will effortlessly pluck the truth out of them simply by observing them and reporting bluntly on what she sees. 

Leo (July 23 – August 22) - Bette

One of the residents we meet in the show's second season is Bette (Jane Seymour, "Live and Let Die"), a senior who likes to act and dress like a much younger woman. All her wigs, form-fitting outfits, jewelry, and makeup are an attempt at making her appear younger and more relevant than she may feel on the inside, but that doesn't mean she doesn't also believe she is every bit the rockstar she presents herself as.

A common belief about people born under the sign of Leo is that they like to be the center of attention. They have no qualms about flaunting their self-confidence and status. This is certainly true of Bette, even if she is harboring the same insecurities of other individuals her age. For instance, she is devastated when her son refuses to allow her to move in with him and his wife. It bothers her so much that she stays up late drinking vodka. 

It's obvious that she doesn't love her current station in life. She doesn't necessarily want the spend the rest of her life in a home, unable to take care of herself on her own. So, she makes up for it by dressing flamboyantly, perhaps thinking that changing her outward appearance might have a positive effect on how she feels. Again, just because she's hiding insecurity, doesn't mean she doesn't also believe she is the queen she presents herself to be.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) - Drew

Drew starts his journey in the show at rock bottom. As mentioned before, shortly after his divorce, he is informed by his doctor that he is in renal failure and needs a kidney. Not only has his marriage ended, but he might actually die. For a man who is deeply set in his ways, this kind of traumatic change can really mess with his system. Things start to look up when an old acquaintance from high school volunteers to donate her kidney, only to nosedive again when he sees her destructive lifestyle.

Drew's character arc is about breaking out of his slump and engaging with life head-on, instead of remaining in his safe and tiny bubble. Until getting the kidney transplant, Drew personified the negative side to the typical Virgo traits of attacking life with a plan. He's been so stuck in how he thinks things should be done, that he never considered alternative options that might actually let him enjoy his life.

In Season 2, he takes that old approach and turns it on its head by deciding to be more active and less pensive. Instead of taking on traits of another zodiac sign, however, he is simply changing his tactics, embracing the positive side of being a Virgo.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) - Julia

Julia (Sara Rue, "Mom") is Drew's ex-wife and the mother of their daughter Maddie. Despite their separation, she still cares deeply for Drew and is there to support him as he struggles with his medical condition. We don't know a ton about her character, but we do understand that she is a balanced, considerate woman who knows how to acknowledge the harsh realities around her without allowing them to kill her spirit.

In fact, it's her innate ability to look at things practically and with a clear mind that makes her the perfect Libra. Sure, she gives in to the occasional impulse by sleeping with Drew again, but she doesn't let it get in the way of the new life she is forging for herself. Maybe she's a little too excited by the wine delivery she's been expecting, but she's not going out on benders and getting trashed. Overall, like a Libra, she knows how to expertly balance her vices with her responsibilities.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) - Peter

Gina's decision to buy the retirement home where she works after inheriting millions of dollars from a recently deceased resident is what transforms "B Positive" into a workplace comedy. It opens the door to meeting more of the people who live and work there. Peter (played by Ben Vereen, "Roots"), is one of those residents. He appears to be an affable, cultured man, but he is also harboring a secret.

It's been said that a Scorpio is mysterious. You can't always understand who they are and the reasons behind their actions, leading to misunderstandings. While Peter comes across as a perfectly nice man with a dangerously sharp mind, it is revealed that he is having trouble with his memory. After a movie night where the residents gather together to enjoy the screening of a "Bond" film, Peter returns to his room.

In the lonely silence, he jots down a note on a sticky note. He then opens his closet to reveal several pictures of the people he lives with. Each one is accompanied by a note about their personality. Next to Bette's picture he adds the note, "She Knows." This is in reference to her pointing out his recent habit of repeating himself. It is a tragic reveal for a friendly character.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) - Gina

Gina isn't in the best place when we meet her. Serving as a bridesmaid in a wedding that Drew is attending, she tries to remind him of who she is by repositioning her body into poses he might remember. After that, she is seen smoking a joint in the hall and offers to give Drew her Kidney. When Drew surprises her at work, she has no real memory of their reuniting or offering up an organ to save her life. 

She likes her job but is always struggling with money. She enjoys living a wild lifestyle but is struggling to find stability and purpose. All that gradually changes when she commits to donating her kidney and becoming a constant part of Drew's life. She stops trying to be the fun party girl the world expects and tries to take on real responsibilities in order to turn her life around.

It's that search for meaning that makes her a Sagittarius, as it is said that they are always interested in new life pursuits. She doesn't really start to find her way, however, until she buys the retirement home where she works because she feels a sense of purpose when trying to make the lives of its residents as great as they can possibly be.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) - Jerry

The third member of the dialysis trio Drew meets when starting treatment is a dentist named Jerry (David Anthony Higgins, "Malcolm in the Middle"). Yeah, he's pretty much a stereotypical nerd, and Samantha doesn't hesitate to remind him (it's his fault she knows who Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings" is), but his heart and openness with those around him make him a welcome addition in Drew's life.

When we first encounter Drew, he's been waiting seven years for a kidney. Suddenly, the call comes through and he is next in line for a viable new kidney, by way of a deceased organ donor. His, and everyone else's, excitement dissipates when his body rejects the kidney and the life he'd been patiently waiting for is ripped away from him once again.

Only someone with the patience of a Capricorn would have the strength to weather that kind of pain. To wait almost an entire decade for a new lease on life, only to be told you have to start all over again seems like an impossible hurdle to overcome. With the help of his new friends, though, Jerry finds the endurance to brush himself off and stay in the fight.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) - Dr. Baskin

Drew's doctor Dr. Baskin (Jason Kravits, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt") doesn't get a ton of screentime, but what we do see speaks volumes as to the kind of character he is. Describing him as a professional no-nonsense type would be both accurate and a little disingenuous. That makes him sound cold and unfeeling when in actuality, he just wants to help.

Being that he literally saves Drew's life, Dr. Baskin has the healing attributes of an Aquarius. Dealing with Drew's neuroses and Gina's unhinged behavior isn't his job, so when they're in his office giving him a hard time, he tends to be as stone-faced as Buster Keaton. However, when things do go well, his mood brightens. This is a man driven to makes peoples' lives better and he doesn't let personal drama get in the way.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) - Megyn

Following Samantha's sudden departure, a new member of the dialysis crew is brought in. Her name is Megyn (Melissa Tang, "The Kominsky Method") and she's usually in the afternoon group, however, she recently changed to the morning with Drew, Eli, and Jerry, taking Samantha's chair. She's only seen in two episodes, but we learn enough about her right up front (like she likes the lighting in Samantha's chair much better than her usual one) to see that she is clearly the Pisces of the group.

While everyone tries to introduce themselves and let her know what they're all about, she instantly silences them with the information that she is very empathic and capable of picking up on peoples' character traits right away. It's said that folks born under the Pisces sign are practically psychic. They get people right away, and Megyn demonstrates this when she nails each and every one of their characters in one go.