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The Schitt's Creek Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Schitt's Creek" ran for six seasons, beginning in 2015 and ending in April of 2020. Created by Dan Levy (who also stars in the series alongside his father, comedy legend Eugene Levy), the series follows the downfall and revival of a wealthy family who, after a serious tax fraud issue, are forced to live in a tiny town they purchased as a joke decades earlier. The heart of the show is how a family accustomed to luxury has to acclimate and thrive in an area that most people would consider hopeless.

That town, the eponymous Schitt's Creek, is populated with a slew of eccentric and colorful characters that both complicate and enrich the Roses' new lives. At first, these simple people are viewed by the protagonists as nothing more than a nuisance in the way of returning to their previous lives. As the series unfolds, however, they discover that the people of Schitt's Creek look out for their own, including the Roses. 

From the friendly, if clingy, Mayor Roland Schitt and his wife Jocelyn, to the sardonic and guarded Stevie, "Schitt's Creek" has a quirky cast of characters that audiences can't help but compare themselves to. Having trouble deciding which character is the most like you? Here's a list of characters' personalities tied to astrological signs. Take a look and find out which "Schitt's Creek" character with which the stars align you.

Aries - Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose is the patriarch of the Rose family. A very successful businessman, Johnny built a video rental empire called "Rose Video" that should have set his family up for life. Unfortunately, the family's business manager was stealing from them, leading to the family's move to Schitt's Creek in what one might call "reduced circumstances." He spends most of the series doing whatever he can to put his family back on top.

Individuals born under the sign of Aries (March 21 – April 19), have very specific character traits. The one quality that seems most common is determination. Whether it's out of love or hate, an Aries goes after what they want with such vigor that nothing will stand in their way. This is certainly the case with Johnny Rose. He doesn't just want to get rich again for the status and convenience, he wants to make sure his family never has to worry. 

After realizing that their previous lifestyle turned his family into a group of selfish, disconnected strangers, he also sees their horrible situation as an opportunity to reintroduce some humility into their lives. That desire to see his family secure and to have them reconnect as a unit is what drives almost every single decision he makes. Only an Aries can be that committed. 

Taurus - Moira Rose

Perhaps nobody struggles with the sudden and traumatic change in status for the Roses more than its matriarch Moira Rose. This may have something to do with her stalled career. A former soap star, Moira has a lot of trouble coming to terms with the fact that her time in the spotlight may be over. Keeping up such a delusion is probably a lot simpler when they live in a huge house and want for nothing. Once the majority of their belongings are taken from them and they start living in a motel, she can't keep lying to herself and reality comes crashing down on her all at once.

The Taurus (April 20 – May 20) is said to appreciate the finer things in life and be fairly analytical. Moira still owns an array of wigs and outfits that are far too luxurious for their new surroundings, as she clings to that star life as tightly as possible. Also, she may not be a working actress anymore, but she does still retain the actor's ability to read people and situations. Even if it doesn't always seem like she's paying attention, and she's often not, she has a keen understanding of people that she can put to use when the need arises.

Gemini - Alexis Rose

It's believed that people born under the sign of Gemini (May 21 – June 20) are gregarious, multifaceted social types who work best in small doses. It's almost like they're describing Alexis Rose in that breakdown. She is the daughter of Johnny and Moira Rose and is the epitome of a rich party girl. If someone were to take all the reality star daughters of famous people and smash them together, the result would be Alexis.

From a young age, she has lived a life that would make any parent blush. She seems to know every celebrity who ever existed, dated a lot of them, and had adventures so wild that every time she alludes to them, you can't help but wonder how she even survived her teenage years. Even when the family moves to Schitt's Creek, she's always got an escape plan. But when the reality of their situation kicks in, she takes it pretty hard.

Still, she does her best to stay upbeat. Whether this is out of a true sense of optimism or denial is unclear. What is clear, though, is that people seem drawn to her. Her larger-than-life personality has people curious, while her unfiltered speech can turn them off if she's around too much. Even when she says or does something that gets her in trouble, she rarely means any harm and is willing to make it up to those she hurt.

Cancer - Patrick Brewer

One of the words closely associated with the personality traits of a Cancer (Jun 21 – July 22) is loyalty. They expect loyalty and are fiercely loyal themselves. The only person with enough patience and trust to lower David Rose's defenses and get him to commit to a steady, mature relationship would have to be a Cancer. That is why David's love interest and business partner, Patrick Brewer, fits the bill perfectly.

Patrick serves as the sturdy pillar that David Rose needs to keep from falling. All of the life skills that David lacks, Patrick possesses in spades. When David has the idea to open a store, Patrick is the one who steps in and handles all the day-to-day stuff that David's creativity can't handle. He's also perfectly capable of calling David out on his BS. As perfect as the couple is, Patrick isn't a perfect person. He makes mistakes, he has unresolved issues from his past, and it can be hard for him to open up. Still, his willingness to stand by David and allow himself to seek help only further cement his status as a Cancer.

Leo - David Rose

According this piece from Cosmopolitan, Leos (July 23 – August 22) tend to see themselves as the center of the universe. This doesn't make them malicious, it just means that they automatically assume they have an innate understanding that they are special and should be seen as such. That describes David Rose almost too perfectly. From his daring wardrobe choices, to the way he takes over every conversation, David can't help but assert his dominance as the most fashionable, elegant, and observant person in any given situation. Even if he's actually just as clueless as everyone else.

While his mother and sister outwardly exude their extravagance in loud and elaborate ways, David comes off as more reserved by comparison. However, this probably stems from confidence in his taste and point of view. The reason he doesn't engage with people as openly as the rest of his family does is that he doesn't see the point. It wouldn't be surprising if he admitted to feeling alone in a crowded room because he knows no one will ever match his expertise. If they can't appreciate his refined palate, then they wouldn't appreciate him.

Depressing as that sounds, he does find solace in his friendship with Stevie and romance with Patrick. Against all odds, this self-assured alpha of culture is able to find companions in a town that appears to be the amalgamation of everything he despises. 

Virgo - Twyla Sands

For a wealthy family that is probably used to others preparing their meals, there's really only one place in Schitt's Creek. The name of that establishment is Cafe Tropical, a nice diner owned by a nice woman named Twyla Sands. She is one of the citizens of Schitt's Creek who is always polite, cheery, and willing to help. She seems to like the Roses a lot, even if they're not always nice to her. In fact, nothing really seems to get her down.

Maybe that's because she's a Virgo (August 23 – September 22). After all, it is said that people born under this star sign appear to have everything under control, but they're constantly moving, spinning plates, and being self-critical below the surface. Twyla owns the diner and serves everybody. She's a busy lady who never fails to deliver a smile with her service. However, over the course of the series, we do get the occasional glimpse into her life and see that it's much lonelier and sadder than it appears. Twyla is just very good at making sure none of that gets in the way of taking care of others. 

Libra - Jocelyn Schitt

Being the mayor's wife, even in a small town like Schitt's Creek, is going to have its challenges. You are constantly tied to your spouse's actions as mayor, whether you like it or not. Some people may even see you as an extension of the mayor themselves. Perhaps they come to you with their problems instead of your spouse because you're more approachable. 

Add your own career as a teacher, and that's got to be a tough existence. Only a Libra (September 23 – October 22) could be able to handle that kind of push-and-pull lifestyle. It's said that they can mix with any group of people and get along well with almost anyone. Well, that means that Jocelyn Schitt must be a Libra. Not only is her husband Roland the mayor, but he's also pretty odd. She's a teacher, an active member of the community, and an aspiring friend to Moira Rose. (Aspiring because Moira doesn't make friendship easy.)

Despite all the chaos going on around her, Jocelyn can stay mostly upbeat. She could be doing so just to save face as the spouse of a public servant, but it's more likely that avoiding conflict is part of her nature. That's how Libras do things.

Scorpio - Stevie

Stevie is like a buoy in the hectic waters of David Rose's life. She works at the motel he's forced to live in and, like him, she does not want to be there. A reluctant townie, she also sees David's presence here as some kind of oasis. Finally, she has someone in her life who sees this town and the people who live here the way she does. They latch onto each other quickly and remain connected for the rest of the series. Not only do they briefly consider a relationship, but they also date the same person for a short period of time. By the end, when David and Patrick decide to marry, she's part of the wedding. That kind of friendship is strange, confusing, and eternally binding. 

What makes Stevie a Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is her sardonic behavior and the massive wall she builds up between herself and the rest of the world. She doesn't let people in easily, not even David. Although the two have a ball mocking this town from the sidelines, there's a lot about her he doesn't know until deep into the series' run. Once the wall begins to crumble, David starts to bring out the best in her, and she in him.

Sagittarius - Roland Schitt

If you're born under the Sagittarius sign (November 22 – December 21), it's believed that this makes you a rambunctious, funny, and innocently outspoken person. Sometimes you say things that might offend people, but you didn't mean anything by it. So, you're also quickly forgiven. This is absolutely true of the mayor of Schitt's Creek, Roland Schitt. The guy is completely oblivious to his, and the town's, strangeness. 

Roland is a pretty open and optimistic guy. He'll invite you over for dinner (even though the food quality is questionable), he'll readily help you out of a jam (sometimes making it worse in the process), and share way too much information with you. Still, the people of Schitt's Creek seem to love him. They even "Wake Up" with him and Jocelyn via a local TV program hosted by the husband and wife. Despite his propensity for providing unwanted specifics about his personal life, folks just can't help but forgive their goofball Sagittarius mayor.

Capricorn - Ronnie Lee

The Roses make an impact on everyone they meet. Usually, those people try to be friendly with them, even in the face of their dismissiveness. This is not the case when it comes to one of the members of the town council, Ronnie Lee. She has a job to do and the Roses just get in the way. Like everyone else, she warms to them eventually, but it's rough going at first.

Not that she ever lashes out at them, or goes on the attack. No, Ronnie's more stoic than that. A well-timed eye roll or a cutting jab is all she needs to let people know how she feels. That stoicism also serves her well on the town council. With all the eccentric people of the town, exacerbated by the presence of the Roses, she needs to keep her cool. She gets frustrated, sure, but it usually comes out in the form of wisecracks and subtly vindictive behavior.

Capricorns (December 22 – January 19) are said to be competitive and willing to do anything to succeed. That doesn't sound like Ronnie until you notice the confidence with which she carries herself. This is someone who has reached a point in life where she knows who she is and is comfortable with that. If you try to challenge it, she'll verbally shoot you down before you know what's happened. 

Aquarius - Mutt Schitt

The meeting of Alexis Rose and Mutt Schitt is a very unique example of a "meet-cute." After exchanging an impromptu kiss at a party in the woods, Alexis and Mutt are formally introduced when she is in the process of registering for her community service. Ronnie introduces Alexis to her fellow community serviceman, a bearded beefcake named Mutt. Alexis can't believe her eyes and openly stares at the rugged stranger with literal awe.

Unlike Alexis, Mutt isn't much of a talker. A man of few words, he lives an internal life. This is a little antithetical to the usual interpretation of Aquarians (January 20 – February 18), but considering his love for nature and the planet, his star sign becomes clear. Also, just because he doesn't spend the entirety of his screen time delivering one-liners and divulging his life story doesn't exempt him from saying what he means. He just waits until he has something worthwhile to say.

Pisces - Ted Mullens

A Pisces (February 19 – March 20) tends to be someone with two very distinct sides. There's the emotional and the practical. They empathize with others very easily, work hard, but luxuriate in time off. They can navigate the world of the emotionally driven and the problem-solvers with ease. That certainly sounds like Alexis' primary love interest Dr. Theodore Mullens, aka Ted.

Not only is Ted a kind and funny person with seemingly infinite patience, he is also a successful veterinarian. So he is constantly balancing the duties of a businessman and a caregiver. He needs to make sure that his practice is running well while treating his customers and their pets with warmth and generosity. Similar to the dynamic between Patrick and David, he contains life skills that Alexis does not. However, he doesn't mind indulging his girlfriend's quirkier idiosyncrasies. 

Also, like a Pisces, he's often pulled in two different directions at once. Alexis is his employee, but he can't deny his feelings for her. When given the opportunity to work abroad, he feels that it is his mission to go. However, that choice would mean sacrificing time with Alexis. One can't help but think Ted would love to spend a life of leisure with the one he loves, but his passion for his work keeps him busy. He's a Pisces to the very end.