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The Only Schitt's Creek Characters To Appear In Every Episode

Schitt's Creek delivered the laughs from the get-go when it premiered on Pop TV and CBC in 2015. The Canadian sitcom was definitely a late bloomer in terms of its reception, only truly getting the recognition it deserved toward the end of its six-season run. Thanks to Netflix, Schitt's Creek was able to reach a wider audience.

Schitt's Creek highlighted the riches-to-rags plight of the Roses. A business manager betrayed them by neglecting to pay their taxes, which cost them their fortune and got them evicted from their palatial mansion. The family then traveled to Schitt's Creek, a town that patriarch David Rose (Eugene Levy) had once purchased as a joke for his son, David Rose (Daniel Levy). The joke turned out to be the family's saving grace, as it became one of their few remaining assets. Broke after tax evasion proceedings, they moved into the town's rundown motel. 

Emotional terrorist Moira Rose (Catherine O'Hara) and spoiled, boy-crazy daughter Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) also offered up laughs episode in and episode out as the foursome adapted to life in the middle of nowhere. 

In addition to the four members of the Rose family, several supporting characters delivered just as many laughs across the show's 80-episode run. Only four Schitt's Creek characters popped up in each and every episode, however, despite it seeming like others were there for the entire journey.

Johnny Rose

The undeniable leader of the Rose family, Johnny Rose is a dedicated businessman who once ran the second-most successful video rental franchise (a la Blockbuster) in the country. Johnny takes pride in everything he does. He's set on building a new foundation for his wife and kids, which will hopefully take them back to the lavish lifestyle they once enjoyed.

We first meet Johnny in the series' first episode, "Our Cup Runneth Over," as he collects as many of his belongings as possible while the government raids his home. For the next 80 episodes, Johnny attempts to rebuild their lives and relationships. Often playing the straight man to Moira's over-the-top theatrics and his children's narcissistic misadventures, Johnny is the glue of the Rose family. Although he struggles to adapt — despite his enterprising nature and pragmatic mindset, he's the last of the family to get a job — he offers unconditional love and support to his loved ones throughout six seasons.

Some of his highlights across the years include him defending Mayor Roland Schitt and Schitt's Creek itself to his snooty friends in season 2 episode 13 ("Happy Anniversary"), and season 6 episode 7 ("Moira Rosé"), when he has a heart-to-heart with future son-in-law Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid). 

The last we see of Johnny, he's leaving for Los Angeles with his wife to run Rosebud Motel Group after an investor funds his new business venture. He delivers the last line of the series when he leaves Schitt's Creek, taking one last look at its incredibly inappropriate welcome sign before declaring, "Driver, we're ready." It's a very satisfying conclusion to Johnny's arc. Levy was awarded an Emmy for his performance in 2020.

Moira Rose

Moira Rose is easily one of the most eccentric sitcom characters ever written, and her character was brilliantly portrayed by Catherine O'Hara. For all 80 episodes, Moira was never content with staying in Schitt's Creek and always clung to the belief that she and her family would get out of the tiny town one day.

The Rose family matriarch was a former soap opera star who never seemed to truly accept that the spotlight was no longer on her. With a passion for wigs and an uncanny ability to turn anyone else's story into one about herself, Moira was the character most resistant to change. Still, viewers did see a softer side to her in later seasons. Eventually, Moira formed close relationships with Schitt's Creek locals and shared several tender moments with both her children and townsfolk Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson), Twyla Sands (Sarah Levy), and Ronnie Lee (Karen Robinson).

One of Moira's best moments came in Season 3 Episode 3 ("New Car"), when she and her husband Johnny Rose visited a used car dealership and she took on an entirely different persona in a failed attempt to get a lower price from the salesman. Another great O'Hara moment came in the series finale, when she dressed up as the Pope to perform her son's wedding ceremony with a shockingly long blond wig.

At the series end, she took off for Los Angeles with Johnny as she was set to reprise her role in a reboot of the soap opera that made her famous, Sunrise Bay. O'Hara was praised for her portrayal of Moira, taking home an Emmy in 2020 and a Golden Globe in 2021. 

David Rose

The breakout star of Schitt's Creek, Daniel Levy portrayed David Rose for all 80 episodes of the comedy series. David was the most disturbed by his family's new situation and had one of the hardest times adapting to his new surroundings. Appalled by almost everything and everyone, the former New York City gallery owner was unwilling to conform to life in Schitt's Creek until he forged a friendship with the motel's front desk clerk, Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire).

Slowly but surely — and one "Oh my God" at a time — David adapted to life in Schitt's Creek and began a shaky venture into the workforce. Eventually, David broke into the small business world and opened up a boutique, Rose Apothecary, with business partner-turned-husband Patrick Brewer. The love affair between the two became one of the series' central stories and turned David from a sourpuss to a sweetheart. In a surprising twist, David ends up being the one family of the Rose's that stays behind to live a life with Patrick, after always seeming like he'd be the one to leave the town first.

David was one of the first openly pansexual characters on television. One of his biggest highlights came in season 1 episode 10 ("Honeymoon"), when he explained what exactly pansexual means to Stevie by describing how he loved all kinds of wine. Levy's performance earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, while he also received recognition from GLAAD.

Alexis Rose

For 80 episodes, Annie Murphy hilariously portrayed the enigma that was Alexis Rose. The youngest of the Rose family, Alexis was the most spoiled, yet somehow the most willing to adapt to life in Schitt's Creek. While she occasionally looked for an escape, Alexis always found herself pulled back to the town.

Throughout six seasons, Alexis was on a path to self-discovery that she might never have gone down if her family hadn't been stripped of their wealth. She was constantly trying to better herself, and was, in her own oblivious, self-absorbed way, extremely kind to all the townspeople, befriending many of them. Murphy was able to bring depth to Alexis, and fans fell in love with her throughout her tenure on the show.

Alexis' greatest moment in the series — and arguably the series' greatest moment ever — came in episode 8 of season 5 ("The Hospies"), when she performed her single "A Little Bit Alexis" as an audition number for a local play being cast by her mother. The song was so atrocious, so ridiculous, and so unbelievably hilarious that it's amazing Murphy was able to get through the scene at all during filming.

While the series ends with Alexis still in Schitt's Creek, it's understood that she'll soon head to New York to work as a publicist for streaming service Interflix. Despite having an on-again, off-again relationship with local veterinarian Ted Mullens (Dustin Milligan) that fans adored, she left the show as a strong single woman ready to take the world by storm. As with the rest of her main castmates, Murphy was granted an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2020.

Roland Schitt & Stevie Budd

There were two supporting characters in Schitt's Creek who appeared in all six seasons of the show but were just one and two episodes shy of making it to all 80. These characters were integral to the story, influencing the major characters and helping them adapt to their new life along the way.

Roland Schitt, played by comedian Chris Elliott, made it to 79 episodes, according to IMDB, falling just one short of officially making it throughout the show's entirety. We met Roland in the first episode, when he welcomed the Roses to the town where he serves as mayor. Roland is only absent in season 2 episode 3 ("Jazzagals"). There's no hint in the story as to why he isn't around, but with Johnny mostly occupied with Bob Currie (John Hemphill) throughout the episode, and Moira tied up with Roland's wife, Jocelyn, the character didn't seem to have a place in the storyline.

Motel clerk Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire) was just behind Roland with 78 episode appearances. Always one to put the Rose family — especially David — in check (even while checking in guests), Stevie was the quick-witted, sarcastic voice of reason throughout six seasons. Stevie was missing in season 3 episode 9 ("The Affair") and season 4 episode 10 ("Baby Sprinkle"). Her absence is never explained, but she's mentioned in each episode briefly.

Other honorable mentions for the series include Jocelyn (65 episodes) and cafe waitress Twyla Sands (63 episodes).