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All The Wonder Woman 1984 Rumors And Spoilers Leaked So Far

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is coming back!

Since the establishment of the DCEU, its appeal has been less than universal. While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Suicide Squad all made money, the critical reactions to all three films were horrible. In the middle of all the disappointment, however, was one bright spot — 2017's Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot as the Themyscrian warrior princess, was a huge success in terms of reviews and ticket sales. Regardless of the fate of Warner Bros.'s other DC Comics franchises, it seems like a good bet that the acting lead/director team of Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will be chronicling the adventures of Princess Diana for as long as they want to. 

A month after Wonder Woman's theatrical release, at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. officially announced that a Wonder Woman sequel was on the way. Rumors were already flying about the setting, the director, the writer, and other details. A lot of those early rumors proved true. We know a lot more now than we did back in 2017, and we're going to keep track until the sequel is ready for theaters. Read on for all the rumors and spoilers leaked so far about Wonder Woman 1984.

Patty Jenkins returns to direct Wonder Woman 1984

One of the first details we learned was that, unsurprisingly, Patty Jenkins would return to direct the Wonder Woman sequel. Jenkins' first time up at bat was an undeniable success. There was early Oscar nomination buzz that unfortunately never materialized, but the film earned other nominations and wins, including those from the American Film Institute Awards, the Critics' Choice Awards, and the Empire Awards. With Wonder Woman, Jenkins became the highest-grossing female director for a live-action movie. Before the official SDCC announcement, veteran comic book and television writer Geoff Johns had already revealed he was working on a script for it. Two months later, Expendables co-writer Dave Callaham was reported to have been recruited to work on the script with Johns and Jenkins.

In January 2018, Jenkins spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about why she didn't necessarily see Wonder Woman 1984 as a sequel. "We're actually making a totally different film... it's its own movie completely, it's not [Wonder Woman] 'two' to us. It's an entirely new adventure together." 

What's the release date for Wonder Woman 1984?

In an interview that was originally posted to Gal Gadot's Instagram (via ScreenRant), director Patty Jenkins joked about regretting Wonder Woman 1984's release date pushed back to 2020, though it was her petitioning to Warner Bros. that got the date pushed back. 

In the interview, Jenkins says that now that she's seen the finished product, it's almost too good to wait. Jenkins said in the interview "I've just screened a version of the film. And now I'm 'Oh my God can we move [the release date] back up again? I cannot wait to release this film."

Wonder Woman 1984 was originally scheduled for a theatrical release in November 1, 2019, but the date was pushed to June 5, 2020 due to what Gal Gadot called the "changing landscape." The changes Gadot was referring to most likely had something to do with the various casting shake-ups in the DCEU, not to mention the release of Joker in October of 2019. Of course, like the rest of the summer 2020 movie season, it found itself upended into yet another new release date: August 14, 2020.

Wonder Woman takes us back to 1984

Even before Warner Bros.' official announcement that there would be a sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman, rumors stirred that the follow-up would be set in the 1980s. Instead of the World War I of the first movie, Wonder Woman would find herself in the middle of the Cold War, facing the Soviet Union instead of the Germans.

In April 2018, at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas, director Patty Jenkins confirmed the film would be set in the '80s, and previous interviews indicated that unlike the first film, this one would be set in the United States. There was nothing about the Cold War aspects of the earlier rumors, but '80s America would at least seem appropriate for that kind of conflict. "The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right," Jenkins told Entertainment Weekly in June 2017. Jenkins added "She's Wonder Woman. She's got to come to America. It's time." 

We'll have to wait to see how Diana's experiences in the New World inform her in important decisions — like where she falls in the David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar debate, or if she thought David Lynch's Dune adaptation had enough guitar solos.

Wonder Woman gets a new costume for a new decade

We got our first look at Gal Gadot on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 and in costume in June 2018. With the caption "She's back..." Gadot posted a shot of herself dressed as Wonder Woman to her Instagram account.

Wonder Woman's garb doesn't seem to have changed much from her first film. It's seems a bit shinier than it did in Wonder Woman, but that's about it — and that could be the effect of lighting rather than the clothing itself. When you consider how many changes there are to leads' costumes between entries of most solo superhero franchises — like Thor, Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America — not to mention a usually stronger focus on women's clothing (you'd need a dozen hands or more to count the number of times Marvel's the Wasp has changed costume designs), it's pretty surprising there's been so little change in her garb, if any at all. 

While this new outfit might look pretty similar to the old one, we now know at some point in Wonder Woman 1984 Diana's going to be wearing something radically different. In June 2019, director Patty Jenkins unveiled a poster with Diana in a new gold outfit, and with the release of the first trailer, we've gotten to see even more of the stunning costume. Revealed in the final few moments of the trailer, the gold suit has a new helmet and a pair of wings. The costume appears to be based on the outfit the future version of Wonder Woman appears in the dystopian comic Kingdom Come.

Clearing up some false assumptions about Wonder Woman 1984

In December 2017, Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to counter what she called "false assumptions" about the more romantic aspects of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. Pointing to a Collider article headlined "Wonder Woman 2 will have a new love story," Jenkins tweeted "Quite a few people, including this headline, seem to be completely misunderstanding or making some pretty false assumptions based on one of many vague quotes I made about something I can't say anything about."

The "false assumptions" Jenkins referred to were rumors flying that — in light of Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) death at the end of Wonder Woman — the hero would have a completely new love interest, and some fans were theorizing her supposed new romance might be with a woman. 

The quote from the Collider piece that sparked all the speculation was from a broad description of the film. Among other things, Jenkins said Wonder Woman 1984 would have "a great love story again and a couple new unbelievable characters who I'm so excited about, who are very different than... in the last movie." 

Considering the quote, it's difficult to blame people for speculating. But as fans would eventually learn, it was a little too soon to count Steve Trevor as being out of the dating pool.

Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor

Though the dashing pilot went boom at the end of 2017's Wonder Woman, rumors of his return in Wonder Woman 1984 were one the first to circulate, and in June 2018 Patty Jenkins confirmed it, tweeting "Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor!" If any fans wondered if news of his resurrection was premature and the pilot was simply returning in a flashback, those doubts were soothed by a production photo of Chris Pine as Trevor in '80s-era clothes. 

So far, we don't know for sure how Trevor got back to the land of the living, or for that matter why he looks to be roughly the same age he was in 1918. One rumor involves a magical return from one of the film's villains, though the reported plot points hinge on so many unconfirmed details that it would be more than a little premature to call it a lock.

All we know for sure is that Steve Trevor will be back. As a transplant from 1918, the time shift will likely be even more jarring than it was for another veteran named Steve who woke up decades after serving in a World War. Trevor will likely be very confused once he sees some of the more extreme '80s fashions, and equally bewildered the first time he hears Devo.

Kristen Wiig joins the Wonder Woman cast as Cheetah

In Feb. 2018 That Hashtag Show reported that the Cheetah — a supervillain known for locking horns with Wonder Woman in the comics — would be Princess Diana's antagonist in Wonder Woman 1984. Only a few days later, Deadline reported the surprising news that Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig was the top pick to play Wonder Woman's feline nemesis. It didn't take long for the report to become more than rumor. In early March, Patty Jenkins tweeted a confirmation, calling herself "incredibly lucky to welcome the sensationally talented Kristen Wiig to our Wonder Woman family."

Though she's known mainly for her work in comedy, Wiig has clearly been making strides to show her dramatic range in movies like 2017's Mother!, 2015's The Martian, and 2014's Welcome to Me. As to who she'll be playing, there have been different versions of Cheetah over the years. Wiig will be playing Barbara Ann Minerva — an ambitious, ethically questionable archaeologist. She gains her powers and new half-human half-feline form when she interrupts a ritual to an ancient African god. 

The first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer doesn't tells us a lot more about Barbara Minerva, but it does imply that she and Diana start off as friends. Early in the trailer we see the two having drinks, with Minerva joking about what sounds like a complicated love life.

Pedro Pascal will play Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984

At the end of March 2018, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Chilean-born actor Pedro Pascal — perhaps best known in his role of Oberyn Martell, a.k.a. the Viper, in HBO's Game of Thrones – had been cast in an undisclosed role for Wonder Woman 1984. In July 2018 Patty Jenkins tweeted a photo of Pascal in character, accompanying the photo with "Can't...Stop... Watching... @PedroPascal1 !!! #WW84." 

At first, both Jenkins and Pascal were mum about exactly who the Mandalorian star would be playing in Wonder Woman 1984, but the popular theory was that Pascal would be filling the shoes of DC villain Maxwell Lord — an enigmatic businessman who was first introduced to comics when he helped fund a new '80s iteration of the Justice League. At the end of October 2019, those theories were confirmed. Jenkins spilled the beans in a tweet in which she posted a panel of the character from the comics and wrote, "Well hello... Max."

Lord's character has changed a lot throughout the comics. When he's first introduced in 1987's Justice League #1, the character is definitely a pain in the heroes' butts, but he's far from a bad guy. He would take a much more villainous turn in the 21st century. During the lead-up to DC Comics' 2005-06 line-wide event Infinite Crisis, Lord murders the Blue Beetle, one of the heroes who was on that '80s Justice League team. Wonder Woman is branded an outlaw in the Infinite Crisis prologue series The OMAC Project when she murders Lord on live television by snapping his neck. We'll have to wait to see which version of Lord we'll get in Wonder Woman 1984, and whether history will repeat itself as far as how Diana deals with him.

Rumors of resurrections and revenge in Wonder Woman 1984

In January 2019, We Got This Covered reported that their sources had revealed Wonder Woman 1984 story details allegedly solving the mystery of Steve Trevor's resurrection.

According to the report, Maxwell Lord is searching for artifacts to grant him godlike power, and in this endeavor he enlists the aid of archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva (Kristen Wiig). It's during the search for these artifacts that Minerva is transformed into the Cheetah, and she blames Lord for the curse. Not yet having the power to protect himself from someone as strong as the Cheetah, Lord asks Wonder Woman for help. Using one of the artifacts he presumably finds before Minerva's transformation, Lord resurrects Steve Trevor in return for the Amazon's protection. 

This wouldn't be the last time we'd hear such reports. In November, Cosmic Book News leaked what the site claimed to be story details that agreed with the notion that Lord would bring about Steve Trevor's resurrection with a magical artifact. The first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer would seem to confirm at least one slice of these rumors — that Lord's plans include a magical artifact. In part of the trailer we see Lord holding some kind of mystic looking item and regarding it with a mixture of awe, fear, and determination.

Diana storms a shopping mall in Wonder Woman 1984

Footage of an action scene from Wonder Woman 1984 was shown in July 2018 at the San Diego Comic-Con's Warner Bros. film slate panel. The footage wasn't released online, but according to reports, the footage was well-received in spite of being referred to as a rough cut. At Birth.Movies.Death., Evan Saathoff noted happily how, compared to 2017's Wonder Woman, the preview "was decidedly brighter, faster and (brace yourself) sillier."

Viewers reported the scene begins with Wonder Woman crashing into a shopping mall to stop two armed men. In the middle of the action a little girl puts herself in danger when she walks up to the superhero and exclaims "Oh my gosh!" At Birth.Movies.Death. they called the moment "super super cute." Once Wonder Woman gets the little girl to safety she takes out the gunmen, leaps to the mall's ground floor, and runs out of the mall and on into the city. 

It seems likely we've seen at least a little bit of this footage ourselves. The first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer shows Diana in full costume going into action in a shopping mall — facing off against gunmen, using her lasso to swing around, and taking out a security camera with her tiara.

1984's mystery woman

In late July 2018, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Natasha Rothwell was joining the cast of Wonder Woman 1984. Known best for her work as Kelli on HBO's Insecure, Rothwell joins the Wonder Woman 1984 production without any reveals about her character.

Rothwell responded to the report by tweeting simply "I have no words." Rothwell fans responded by flooding her with congratulations and support.

One possibility that seems likely is that Rothwell will play an '80s answer to Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) from the first film — a character who acted both as a friend to Diana and comic relief for the film. But you never know, especially when it comes to superhero movies. Rothwell could be playing a villain, or another hero. Really, it's tough to not wonder — if Rothwell is playing something as relatively non "super" as a friend/comic relief — why her character's name hasn't been released. You don't hide the character names for the guy playing Alfred the Butler or Ned "The Guy in the Chair" Leeds" — you hide the name of the dude who's secretly playing Ra's al Ghul or the one you think is the Mandarin but is actually playing a brainless junkie actor who has no idea what he's doing but is pretty hilarious while he does it.

Looking to the future of Wonder Woman

We may need to wait until the summer of 2020 to see Wonder Woman kicking butt in shopping malls, but Patty Jenkins is already thinking about the follow-up to Wonder Woman 1984. In early 2019, she told Vanity Fair she has something specific in mind for the third chapter in Wonder Woman's solo cinematic saga. 

"I have pretty clear plans for Wonder Woman 3," Jenkins told Vanity Fair. She didn't get specific about her ideas, but she went on to make it clear she hoped her plan would stick whether Warner Bros. continued with her as director or not. She told Vanity Fair "Whether I [direct] it or not, I see how her arc should end in my incarnation of Wonder Woman. I have great passion for that."

Regardless of what her plans are, it seems likely if Wonder Woman 1984 enjoys the same kind of success as Wonder Woman, Jenkins will get her chance to finish the story she started.

Diana in gold

At the same time director Patty Jenkins mentioned that the Wonder Woman 1984 campaign would start "in full" in December, she gave fans something of a treat to tide them over — a dynamic poster featuring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in a stunning new gold costume set against a colorful kaleidoscope background. 

Prior to Jenkins' reveal, the only costume we'd seen in photos for Wonder Woman 1984 was the same basic design as the one we saw in 2017's Wonder Woman. The new outfit has a more royal feel to it — and it doesn't look like what you'd usually think Wonder Woman would wear in a fight. It's also a little bit "space age." It's particularly interesting when you remember that Wonder Woman 1984 takes place before Wonder Woman's appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, which leads us to the question of why we never see this costume in those films.

With the release of the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, we've gotten the chance to see more of this outfit. In the trailer's final moments, Diana sheds her clothes to reveal the gold costume in full. Unlike in the poster, the gold costume includes a helmet and wings. Ironically, while Wonder Woman 1984 is set in the past, it takes its inspiration for this look from the future. The costume is first seen being worn by a Wonder Woman from a dystopian future in the 1996 DC Comics mini-series Kingdom Come.

The Wonder Woman 1984 banner

While it didn't feature any new gold costumes, an '80s-style banner showed up at the 2019 Licensing Expo in early June. 

A Spanish-speaking Expo attendee tweeted a shot of the banner, which shows Gadot in her more classic costume. "WW84" appears behind her in an '80s-inspired font, highlighting the era in which the film is set. The image was posted on the web only a day before Patty Jenkins revealed the poster showing Wonder Woman's new gold costume on Twitter.

Considering everything, it looks like the Warner Bros. marketing team is getting behind the movie's period setting. Upcoming movie posters and convention banners could include the Themysciran Princess playing Dig Dug in an arcade or maybe appearing as a guest VJ on MTV. It's too bad Highlander — a film about immortal warriors, including a Scottish man who's been alive since the 16th century — didn't come out until 1986. Otherwise maybe Diana and Steve could go see it in the theater and Steve would have to explain afterward that it wasn't a documentary. 

Why 1984?

While appearing on Deadline's "Crew Call" podcast (Via Heroic Hollywood), Patty Jenkins spoke to the question of why she chose 1984 America as the time and setting for the sequel to Wonder Woman. Jenkins didn't get too far into it, but she said more about it than she has previously. 

"I picked 1984 for a very specific reason," Jenkins said. "I think it was the pinnacle of the success in the '80s... because it's before the market started to get a little more struggling as the '80s went on... I feel like there's something about the excess of that period of time, which is so linked up to where we are in the world right now." 

With the release of the first trailer for the sequel, we see a little bit of what Jenkins is talking about. The trailer shows a large shopping mall and one film's villains, Maxwell Lord, speaking on some kind of infomercial with a huge jewel behind him. He tells his viewers, "Life is good, but it can be better. And why shouldn't it be? All you need is to want it."

This also could confirm some leaked story details. The plot description leaked by Cosmic Book News included Maxwell Lord getting an artifact that grants him powers based on other people's wishes. If the leak was accurate, it would serve Lord to release informercials encouraging people to focus on what they want.

Not about Chris

While we still don't know for certain exactly how Steve Trevor will be returning to the land of the living in Wonder Woman 1984, Chris Pine spoke with Wonder Woman co-star Robin Wright in early June 2019 about the upcoming film as part of Variety's Actors on Actors series (via /Film). Pine didn't get too specific, but what he said hinted at the notion that his role in Wonder Woman 1984 won't bring him into the action quite so much.

"What I've found this time, the tables had turned on me as a man in terms of how I interacted and played on screen," Pine said. "I loved my lady. I loved, as the character, my woman. My partner. So that came to define this man." Pine also told Wright that the tables turning in this way didn't represent an easy transition. He talked about trying to get Patty Jenkins to let him in more action scenes, and joked about how the mantra of the production for him became "Not about you."

"My ego comes out, and I told Patty [Jenkins] all the time, 'I want the big... fight! Let me climb something!'" Pine told Wright. "And she's like 'No. Not about you.'... She said 'Not about you' more times making this film."

Now that we've seen the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, it's clear Pine won't be short on action scenes. In part of the trailer we see him helping Diana fight armed men in the White House. In another he's handing out knuckle sandwiches on an armed convoy traveling through a desert. Between those scenes and ones we haven't seen yet, we think it's a sure bet Steve Trevor will get more than a couple of chances to kick butt.

New footage of Wonder Woman 1984 is released

A little over a month before Wonder Woman 1984's first trailer dropped, WarnerMedia showed footage from the film at their HBO Max presentation, though only a description of the footage surfaced online. While a few details from that description can be seen in the trailer, some important bits are left out.

The first scene apparently takes place shortly after Diana discovers Steve Trevor is alive and, somehow, the same age he was when they parted in World War I. The description mentions the two walking past the Washington Monument. In a voiceover, Diana says, "I can almost see it, like a beautiful dream." The hero caresses Steve's face just before the preview cuts to the action sequence we see in the trailer — of Diana and Steve fighting off armed men in the White House.

We see quite a few shots of the White House scene in the trailer, though the November description mentions one important thing we don't see — Diana deflecting a bolt of energy from an unseen opponent. We don't see any bolts of energy in the trailer's White House shots. Instead we see her fighting what appear to be secret service agents and policemen. Apparently, someone else who is either a lot more powerful or has a more powerful weapon — or both — was hidden from us in the trailer.

Amr Waked says he'll be in Wonder Woman 1984

In November 2019, Amr Waked (Lucy, Geostorm) revealed on Twitter that he'd be appearing in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, though at first he didn't say anything about who he would be playing. Eventually, a fan's slightly cheeky question nudged him to reveal one detail. When a fan asked if Waked would get the chance to kiss Gal Gadot, Waked responded that most of his scenes were not with Gadot but with Pedro Pascal, who will be playing the DC villain Maxwell Lord.

It's interesting to note that not only do we not know who Waked will be playing, but the Wonder Woman 1984 IMDb page does not list Waked as a cast member. His name's absence, of course, doesn't necessarily mean anything, considering the secrecy surrounding even the smallest details about superhero blockbusters. Studios are getting increasingly wise to the fact that fans' encyclopedic knowledge of comic book history can turn speculation into spoilers before you know it.

We may be seeing Wonder Woman's invisible jet in the sequel

There's speculation that a couple of shots in the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer reveal that the hero's iconic invisible jet may make its first appearance in the DCEU. As ScreenRant points out, a little over halfway into the trailer, we see Diana and Steve Trevor in the cockpit of a plane flying through fireworks. You aren't often invited the chance to fly through fireworks, but if your mode of transportation can't be seen by the naked eye no one can tell you not to do it. There's also the fact that neither character seems to be wearing any kind of helmet or other pilot gear. There's also an action scene in which Wonder Woman throws her lasso out in order to pull herself toward something in the sky, yet we never see what she's pulling herself toward. Maybe we can't see it because it's invisible?

There is one detail we noticed that pokes a teeny hole in the invisible jet theory. In the fireworks scene it's Steve, not Diana, who's piloting the aircraft. That's not definitive in any way — it just would seem strange for Diana to finally get her invisible jet only to let the man drive.

The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is here

In early December 2019, the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 finally appeared, with an instrumental version of New Order's '80s hit "Blue Monday" setting the tone.

The beginning of the trailer implies that Diana and Minerva (destined to become the villain Cheetah) begin the film as friends, sharing drinks and laughter early in the trailer. We see a large shopping mall in which Diana takes down gunmen — a scene that was shown over a year ago at Warner Bros.' July 2018 San Diego Comic Con film slate panel. Steve Trevor appears to Diana in what looks like a pretty fancy party, still alive and as young as he was when he sacrificed himself in 2017's Wonder Woman. There appears to be an extensive action sequence set in the White House with Wonder Woman fighting policemen and Secret Service agents, as well as a battle in a desert with a military convoy. Themyscira isn't forgotten in Wonder Woman 1984, either. At the very least, it looks like we'll get flashback scenes with Diana as a young girl in some kind of arena competition.

The trailer ends with Diana unveiling a gold costume we saw first in a poster that director Patty Jenkins posted to Twitter, though we see a lot more of it. The outfit as a helmet and wings, and overall looks to be a pretty close replica of the armor the future version of Wonder Woman wears in the 1996 comic Kingdom Come.

Cheetah revealed?

While we've seen plenty of photos of Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984 (not to mention a few shots of her in the trailer), we haven't seen much of her alter ego, Cheetah. In the comics, Barbara Minerva takes on the role of the Cheetah in a powerful and vicious part-feline form. In December 2019, Warner Bros posted new character posters to their Instagram, including one with Wiig's character in a Cheetah-themed costume — leading some fans to worry that the film's villain would simply be a normal woman with a penchant for patterned fashions rather than the bestial villain of the comics. Since then, a couple of leaks have assuaged those fans' fears.

In early February 2020, Instagram user ww_collector_news posted what he claimed was a shot of Wiig fully transformed in the Cheetah, saying it was from a Trends International poster for the upcoming sequel. Predictably, the post was soon taken down. 

Later that month Funko released images for their line of Wonder Woman 1984 figures. One of the figures is blacked-out completely, but you can clearly see a tail and the character appears to have claws on her hands. While you can't see any more specific details, if it is Cheetah — which seems likely — then at the very least it seems safe to assume that Minerva will be transformed into a part-feline humanoid in the film like the villain from the source material. 

Pedro Pascal says Wonder Woman 1984 feels like an '80s film

According to Maxwell Lord actor Pedro Pascal, the "1984" in Wonder Woman 1984 is more than just a setting and a title. Speaking in an Entertainment Weekly roundtable interview along with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and director Patty Jenkins, Pascal said the sequel feels like a movie that could have been released in 1984. 

Pascal said he'd seen part of the finished film, and that what he saw elicited a very specific reaction. "I was born in 1975 and this movie reminds me of something, like, that would have come out in the '80s," Pascal said. He went on to say something that probably made Jenkins and the film's producers very happy: "There is something that feels more precious about this experience than other experiences of mine, wherein I really, really don't want to tell you anything about it, because I really want you to experience it."

Considering the strong '80s vibe of the trailer — including, but not limited to, the reworking of New Order's 1983 hit single "Blue Monday" — it likely isn't a huge surprise that Wonder Woman 1984's made to feel like it was in theaters the same year as Gremlins or Ghostbusters. But, if that's what you're hoping for, then it's likely good to hear from someone with firsthand knowledge that the '80s feel is more than just window dressing for the ad campaign.

Steve Trevor is a different man in Wonder Woman 1984

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in February 2020, Chris Pine didn't drop any hints about how his character returns from beyond the grave in the sequel, but he did talk about how audiences can expect his character to change from his portrayal in 2017's Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is set during the brutal days of World War I. According to Pine, being transplanted to a more optimistic time in the sequel will have a profound impact on his character. "In the first movie, I played the world-weary soldier who has seen all the depravity that humankind is capable of displaying," Pine told EW. "And in this one I get to be much more wide-eyed and joyful."

He also talked about Steve Trevor's role in the plot, saying Trevor "is really just as a friend, lover, boyfriend-cum-bodyguard who's trying his best to help Diana on her mission." He went on to call Trevor the "Watson to her Holmes."  

The Chaos Crystal may be in Wonder Woman 1984

In February 2020, Entertainment Weekly posted a series of photos from Wonder Woman 1984, including one that has fans wondering about a potential connection to a DC Comics artifact. The photo in question shows Kristen Wiig's Barbara Minerva and Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord in Minerva's office, with Lord pointing toward a crystal on Minerva's desk. 

The photo has some fans wondering if this could be the DCEU version of the Chaos Crystal or, possibly, one of its shards. In the comics, the Crystal first shows up in 2013's Batman/Superman #3. Along with boosting the power of anyone in contact with it, it also has wish-granting abilities. The Superman of Earth-2 eventually shatters the Crystal, scattering shards of it which still retain part of the original Crystal's power. 

From what we know of Wonder Woman 1984, the Chaos Crystal (or one of it shards) is a good guess for the artifact we see in the photo. For one, it matches with reports that Minerva and Lord will possess an artifact that grants wishes. For another, in the source material the Crystal is said to come from the Sphere of the Gods — a reality where many of DC's deities exist. Considering how important Greco-Roman mythology is to the story of Wonder Woman, there wouldn't be anything strange or surprising about an artifact from their home reality appearing in one of her movies.