Mike Floorwalker

Photo of Mike Floorwalker
Denver, CO
Fairview High School
Movies, Television, Comic Books
  • Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge of movies (even ones he has never seen) with a distinct specialty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which he has consumed every tiny bit of).
  • Mike is a diligent researcher and enjoys mining topics for fresh, inventive angles that will keep readers engaged.
  • Mike spent much of his youth reading comic books, could not be more thrilled with the advent of the modern superhero film, and enjoys tying the deep histories of the two media together for readers.


Mike has written dozens of pop culture and science articles for sites such as Listverse and Cracked. He has also done freelance work scripting YouTube videos for pop culture channels, and has experience running Twitter and Facebook accounts. Mike has been involved in freelance writing for nearly a decade, and has been writing full-time for five years.


Mike never went to college, but his high school experience (surrounded by mostly jocks) taught him to seek out the weird kids, because they know about all the cool stuff. Mike then BECAME one of the weird kids, which is why he knows about all the cool stuff.
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