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Lost Girl: What The Cast Is Doing Today

Television series "Lost Girl" comes courtesy of Canada, and was often compared to other supernatural drama series like "True Blood." It ran on Syfy in the United States from 2010-2016, with its final seasons suffering a bit as the fan base fell. That said, "Lost Girl" does have a few things going for it that helped develop a cult following. The series deals with a succubus named Bo who is raised without knowing of a world outside of the normal one. She soon discovers she has incredible powers and tries to learn to control them as she learns more about her history.

The show was often lauded for its compelling take on female power and sexuality, even if its overall premise was nothing terribly original. At the same time, "Lost Girl" boasted an impressive cast of character actors in its ensemble, many of whom have started popping up in other media more recently. Here's what else you know the cast from and what they're doing now.

Anna Silk - Bo Dennis

A show like "Lost Girl" needs a strong, compelling lead in order to succeed, and Bo Dennis is exactly that. Played by Anna Silk, Bo is a complex and powerful character that still feels relatable, despite the fact that she's a succubus that can (and has) killed people she's intimate with. Silk brings a lot to the table in the role, and it's surprising she hasn't gained a bit more fame over the years.

Before taking on the lead in "Lost Girl," Silk appeared on a few major series and was known across Canada for a beloved ad campaign. You might have caught her on the miniseries "The Company," where she played Stella Bledsoe. She also had a guest role on "Ghost Whisperer" as Haylie Wayne in the episode "Big Chills." However, Silk was best known at the time as the "NicoDerm Girl," a stressed out flight attendant trying to quit smoking, in a series of commercials.

Silk hasn't done a lot of notable work since "Lost Girl" concluded. She had a guest spot as Kevin on an episode of "Wynonna Earp," and she has a recurring role as a mercenary named Roarke on the CBS series "Blood & Treasure."

Kris Holden-Ried - Dyson Thornwood

An early romantic interest for Bo, Dyson Thornwood is also a powerful Fae in the world of "Lost Girl." Unlike our succubus lead, however, Dyson is a centuries-old wolf shapeshifter and homicide detective. Even though their relationship doesn't work out (sacrifices, powerful magic, you know the drill), Dyson and Bo remain allies and a powerful force against the forces of evil. He is played by Kris Holden-Ried.

Holden-Ried has popped up in a number of movies and series over the years, and he tends to be one of those actors you recognize but can't name. Early in his career, he had small roles in a few major films like "Gossip" and "K-19: The Widowmaker," and his most recognizable film role to date came in 2012's "Underworld: Awakening," where he played Quint.

Television is where Holden-Ried has really made his mark. Before "Lost Girl," he had roles on series like "Degrassi: The Next Generation," where he played Tracker, and "The Tudors" as William Compton. He's had even more notable television roles recently: he played Eyvind/Dom on "Vikings," Coop on "The Expanse," and Karl on "Clarice." His fate as Axel, the last surviving Swede assassin on "The Umbrella Academy," was left open for a possible return in a later season.

Zoie Palmer - Lauren Lewis

The big will-they-won't-they of "Lost Girl" was Bo's relationship with Dr. Lauren Lewis, a human scientist with all sorts of dark secrets. Dr. Lewis, played by actor Zoie Palmer, has a lot of reasons to be apprehensive about getting together with Bo, but the two ultimately wind up together in the final episodes.

Palmer has had a lot of success in television, and has moved between genres with ease over her career. Immediately after "Lost Girl" concluded, Palmer jumped onto another Syfy series, "Dark Matter," where she played The Android. She has had plenty of guest spots on other series, and also has a few recurring roles. She played Valerie on the second season of "Pure," Jolene in a recurring role on "Wynonna Earp," and she's part of the central ensemble as Max on the comedy series "Jann."

Zoie Palmer hasn't done a ton of notable film work, but she's appeared in a few things you may have caught her in. She's popped up in a number of recognizable horror films over her career, such as the so-bad-it-might-be-good 2004 flick "Godsend," the 2010 satanic-elevator tale "Devil" and, most recently, 2021's "Spiral: From the Book of Saw," where she played Kara Boswick.

Rick Howland - Fitzpatrick Trick McCorrigan

Blood magic is one of the most powerful forces in all of "Lost Girl," and Trick is one of the few who have control over this awesome ability. Luckily, it fell into the hands of a good man. Fitzpatrick "Trick" McCorrigan, played by Rick Howland, is an affable pub owner with a soft spot for humanity and, who we learn later on, is actually Bo's grandfather.

Howland has a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as "Brittle Bones," resulting in bones that can break extremely easily. It also accounts for his extremely short stature: Howland stands at just 4'7". Roles for the Canadian actor are fairly limited, and "Lost Girl" is easily the highest profile work he's done. Around the same time he played Trick, he also appeared on the comedy series "The Penumbra," and he's made guest appearances on series like "Killjoys" and "Literary Personals." Howland is also part of a comedy currently in production called "Captain Tsunami's Army."

Ksenia Solo - Kenzi Malikov

Every good hero needs a good sidekick, and Bo's is Mackenzie Malikov, played by actor Ksenia Solo. Kenzi, as she's generally referred to, may not have the supernatural abilities that many of the other regulars on "Lost Girl" possess (she's only human, after all), but she does have her own talents that frequently get our heroes out of jams, and she also provides much of the show's comic relief.

Solo has actually had a number of major roles over the years, both before and after "Lost Girl" aired. You may have caught her in the Oscar-winner "Black Swan," where she played Veronica, or in the recurring role of Shay on the series "Orphan Black." After "Lost Girl" finished its run, Solo would star alongside Dominic Monaghan in the psychological thriller "Pet," then head back to television. She had a central role as Peggy Shippen on the AMC series "Turn: Washington's Spies," and more recently starred as Susie Miller on the History series "Project Blue Book."

K.C. Collins - William Hale Santiago

Another Fae who sticks his neck out to protect the world from the forces of evil, William "Hale" Santiago works alongside Dyson as a detective and with our central duo when he can. Played by actor K.C. Collins, Hale uses his whistling ability to accomplish all sorts of impressive tasks and spark a romantic relationship with Kenzi, but he is ultimately killed by Massimo at the end of season four.

Collins has a considerable number of roles under his belt, but "Lost Girl" was one of the first times he really started to get his name out there. Around the time his role on the show was winding down, you could also catch him portraying Dr. Reycraft on the medical series "Raising Hope," and he appeared in a small role in the 2014 "RoboCop" reboot.

In more recent television roles, Collins appeared in season four of the FX horror series "The Strain," where he played Captain Daniel Roman, and as Agent Garrett on the CBS series "Clarice." He also played Detective Drury in "Spiral: From the Book of Saw" alongside fellow "Lost Girl" alum Zoie Palmer.

Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin

Once Hale stops working as a detective in season three to fulfill his duties as The Ash, Tamsin steps in to become Dyson's new partner. Unlike Dyson, she is a Dark-aligned Fae, and does not understand or appreciate her partner's fascination with Bo. Tamsin eventually forms an uneasy truce with the succubus. Tamsin is portrayed by actor Rachel Skarsten.

Most of Skarsten's major roles have come in the years since "Lost Girl" concluded. It is worth noting that her big break came early on, when she played Dinah Lance on the short-lived WB series "Birds of Prey." Skarsten has had small roles in a few major films: she played Christian Grey's assistant, Andrea, in the film adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" and also played a minor role in "Molly's Game."

Television is where Skarsten is best known. After "Lost Girl" ended, she joined the ensemble of "Reign," where she portrayed Elizabeth Tudor. Even more recently, Skarsten got to rejoin the world of comic books, playing big bad Alice on the CW series "Batwoman."

Paul Amos - Vex

In a show featuring all sorts of powerful beings, few are as terrifying as Vex. This Dark Fae is ruthless and enjoys causing pain — not a tall order, since he can manipulate and control people against their will. Played by Paul Amos, Vex is a force to be reckoned with, and someone our leads can never really trust.

You may have seen (or heard) Amos in a few different places. Prior to "Lost Girl," he made a name for himself with a small, recurring role as Dr. Roberts on "Murdoch Mysteries." His most notable roles since "Lost Girl" came to an end are as Wren in the film "Darken" and its prequel series, and a single episode appearance as Barnabas on the Netflix series "Jupiter's Legacy."

Amos has also had a few major video game roles, voicing characters in multiple iterations of the "Assassin's Creed" series. Amos provided the voice of Jacob Frye in "Syndicate," and you could hear him as King Rhodri in "Valhalla."

Emmanuelle Vaugier - Ebony Fleurette Marquise

Another Dark Fae with particularly nasty powers, Ebony Fleurette Marquise (aka The Morrigan) can cause extreme destruction with just a simple touch. She gives Faustian bargains throughout "Lost Girl," offering and fortune to entertainers while feeding off their lifeforce. Actor Emmanuelle Vaugier chews the scenery in this role.

Vaugier is one of the more well-known actors to appear on "Lost Girl," with major roles both before and after the series. Before she was melting people on the SyFy series, you might have seen her as Jessica Angell on "CSI: NY," Mia on "Two and a Half Men" or as Addison in few of the "Saw" horror films.

Since "Lost Girl" ended, Vaugier has yet to make any other major moves with her roles. She's had a few recurring television roles on series like ABC's "Mistresses" and the crime drama "Rogue," and she has a role in the ensemble of the web series "The Potwins."

Inga Cadranel - Aife

Another succubus on "Lost Girl," Aife has a complicated relationship with both the Light and Dark Fae of the series. It is eventually revealed that she is Trick's daughter and Bo's mother and, even though she doesn't appear in that many episodes, she has a huge impact on many of the main characters. Aife is played by actor Inga Cadranel.

Most of Cadranel's notable roles come on other science fiction series. At the same time she played Aife on "Lost Girl," Cadranel was also a regular on "Orphan Black" as Detective DeAngelis and on "The Strain" as Diane, while shortly afterwards she had a recurring role on "Dark Matter" as Alicia.

More recently, Cadranel has picked up a soap opera role on "General Hospital," where she plays Harmony Miller. She also had a small role in the Netflix film "Polar" and continues to find work on a variety of other series and films.