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Marvel's Female Superheroes That Can Actually Beat She-Hulk In A Fight

"She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" is a high-profile Disney+ series starring Tatiana Maslany (an Emmy-winning actress for her role as, well, everyone in the thriller "Orphan Black" series) and Jameela Jamil, with substantial cameos from such MCU faves as Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Wong, Tim Roth and Charlie Cox. 

Maslany brings to life Jennifer Walters, a character who dates back to 1980 in the pages of Marvel comics. The cousin of Bruce Banner (Ruffalo), Walters also has the power to transform into a big green monster. In the comics, Walters had the ability to maintain her humanity as a Hulk before Bruce could; in the MCU, Hulk is already disciplined enough to help Walters on her journey.

Marvel has long been stacked with strong powerhouse ladies, with She-Hulk being one of the most notable; like her cousin, she's nearly unstoppable. However, there are a few Marvel females that can go toe-to-toe with the lady green monster, many of whom have already proven it in splash pages. Read on for a smashing breakdown.

Captain Marvel

Portrayed in the MCU by Brie Larson, Captain Marvel is, without a doubt, the strongest Avenger (sorry Thor) running. Her abilities include super strength and speed, flight, immunity to all poisons and diseases, energy absorption, and cosmic energy blasts.

When MCU President Kevin Feige announced that Captain Marvel would be joining the Cinematic Universe, he explained why she was such a significant character. 

"In our comics mythology, Captain Marvel is a character who's got one foot on Earth and one foot in the cosmic arena," he said in a statement in the "Captain Marvel The Official Movie Special" book. "Now that we've made a number of movies that take place on Earth, and a number of cosmic adventures with the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor, we thought it was the right time to finally introduce Captain Marvel to the world. She's one of the most powerful — and one of the most popular — characters in our comics, and will be the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

In the MCU, Captain Marvel almost singlehandedly took down Thanos and was able to survive being hit by an Infinity Stone in "Avengers: Endgame" with barely a scratch. When The Hulk used the Infinity Stones to snap everyone back, by comparison, he severely damaged his arm and has since been nursing the injury.

In the comics, Captain Marvel has many epic accomplishments; when she is in her Binary persona, she becomes particularly  unstoppable. Binary allows Captain Marvel to tap into the energy of a white hole, giving her complete control over all cosmic power. This includes control over heat, gravity, and even electromagnetic fields. Because of this, Binary gives her the power to completely obliterate planets. She-Hulk would have a hard time punching her way out of that fight.


As a part of The X-Men, Rogue has been depicted on screen several times throughout the years. In addition to "X-Men: The Animated Series" and "X-Men: Evolution," the character has been portrayed by Anna Paquin in four live-action films.

Rogue has a complicated mutation, unable to physically touch people for fear of draining their life force; if she holds on for too long, she can kill them. When she touches a mutant, or someone with powers, she can borrow their ability for a brief period — as long as she lets go before she kills them.

This led to a heartbreaking storyline in the comics between Rogue and Ms. Marvel, when Rogue held on for too long, absorbing both her powers and memories, leaving Ms. Marvel a blank slate. In the aftermath, Rogue continues to carry some of her abilities, and the relationship between them is understandably frosty.

While Rogue may have the charm of a Southern Belle, she is anything but. With a single touch, she can take down the strongest of comic book characters, including She-Hulk. Plus, thanks to Ms. Marvel, she is now even more formidable in a fight, so it wouldn't be difficult for Rogue to grab hold of She-Hulk.

Jean Grey

Another powerful X-Men character is Jean Grey, portrayed in various X-Men properties, often as being hit with the Phoenix Force, something similar to Captain Marvel's Binary. 

The Phoenix Force is an identity that takes over Jean. She is selected due to her Omega level mutation ,which makes her one of the most powerful mutants alive. Her mutation is telekinesis, but it's got a few extra steps, boosting Jean's telekinetic abilities down to the molecular level. 

This level of power does, however, tend to make Jean unstable, resulting in the birth of the Dark Phoenix, an alien force that latches on to Jean in order to cause chaos and destruction in its wake.

In most iterations of the Dark Phoenix story, Jean dies or sacrifices herself to rid the world of the powerful force, as she believes she's the only one strong enough to defeat it. This shatters the X-Men family, as Jean is a core piece of their team (and a love interest to other characters in different iterations). However, no one stays dead for long in comics, and Jean finds ways to live on with her team in alternate realities, what-if storylines, and comic rewrites. 

Nevertheless, Jean Grey has immense power at her command, and when the Phoenix Force takes over, it is time for straight carnage. Not many can defeat her, She-Hulk included.

Lady Thor

In the comics, Thor's romantic partner Jane takes up his mantle, christening herself with the name Lady Thor. Similar to the plot in "Thor: Love and Thunder," Jane gains the ability to hold Mjolnir while she is sick from breast cancer. The hammer rejuvenates her, giving her the powers of the mighty Thor, transforming her into a formidable ally for the god of thunder.

While it's never quite confirmed in the MCU if Thor is stronger than The Hulk (although Thor did survive being hit by a dying star — just saying), in the comics, the area is less grey. The two cross paths on more than one occasion, and there have been times when Thor has defeated The Hulk in battle, indicating that he could be stronger than the big green giant. Therefore, if Jane is given the exact strength and power as Thor, it stands to reason that she could defeat She-Hulk. 

This is especially the case as, in the comics, She-Hulk is known to be weaker than her cousin. She only gets her Hulk abilities after being given a blood transfusion from Bruce. Sorry She-Hulk, but Lady Thor wins this round.

America Chavez

America Chavez was introduced to the MCU via "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," portrayed by Xochitl Gomez as a girl with the ability to travel through the multiverse. With just her fists to guide her, Chavez (otherwise known as Miss America) can smash through universes and travel safely between them. If you're surprised to see her listed as a worthy She-Hulk nemesis, it's because her comic book counterpart has far more power than just that.

Aside from smashing through universes, Miss America has superior powers such as super strength, speed and the ability to fly. She is considered to be nearly indestructible — much like She-Hulk herself.

According to comic book threads on Quora, characters like Loki have been in awe of her power, stating that she can throw a tank all the way to the moon. She's also defeated a Sorcerer Supreme of the 6th dimension with just one hit, and when she uses her star-traveling punch through dimensions, she can close the dimension behind her, slicing anyone who dares follow her. Miss America may look unassuming, but she is not a character on which to sleep.


One of She-Hulk's great arch-nemeses is Titania, and in the Disney+ series Jamil's take on the character gains superpowers in order to fight back against those she believes have wronged her. The character's story in the comics, however, is much different.

Born Mary MacPherran, Titania grew up as a scrawny kid with the nickname "Skeeter," and was often bullied as a child. Gifted the power of a Greek god by one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, Doctor Doom, her life then changed its course. She took on the name of Titania, believing herself to truly be a god. However, when she first battled She-Hulk, she lost. 

Vowing revenge, Titania began to train in order to defeat her self-appointed foe. Now that she's trained, has put her ego in check, and even dipped her toe in the hero pool on occasion, she's primed for a re-match.

Red Harpy

Betty Ross is Bruce Banner's main love interest throughout his journey in the comics. But while she has been featured in both 2003's "Hulk" and 2008's "The Incredible Hulk" (portrayed by Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler, respectively), she has otherwise been largely absent from the MCU.

Aside from being Bruce's love interest and a fellow scientist, Betty has her own experiences with being a Hulk in the comics, and they are vast. Betty was captured and placed inside a gamma-ray transformer, used as bait to stop the Hulk. She was then transformed into a green Harpy, complete with wings and talons. 

Later, Betty is turned into the Red Harpy, a beast that loses the ability to speak. As the Red Harpy, she fights with the Hulk against The Avengers, wielding strength, speed, and rage on par with the green beast.

Finally, she is turned into the Red She-Hulk, controlled by her emotions and resulting in multiple confrontations between herself and Hulk. Although Betty was eventually separated from her multiple Hulk personas, the Red Harpy retains Betty's shape, and continues to seek vengeance against those who have wronged her. She's a rage-filled fighting machine that has gone head-to-head with Hulk on many occasions. Knowledge and experience in such battles would undoubtedly be helpful against She-Hulk.

Scarlet Witch

As MCU fans saw in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," Elizabeth Olsen's take on Scarlet Witch is nearly unstoppable. 

In that film, only America Chavez was able to stop her, showing Wanda that she'd become the very evil she once fought so hard to stop. Even those she loves, those she is fighting to protect, have come to fear her. Compared to the comics, however, this version of Scarlet Witch doesn't even scratch the surface of what the characters can do.

As the daughter of the powerful mutant Magneto, Wanda Maximoff (aka the Scarlet Witch) has unimaginable powers. She is able to warp reality and completely bend the universe to her will; for instance, the character has been so overcome by emotion that she has been known to create her own alternate reality where everyone is happy and living out their dreams (as seen in "WandaVision"); in the comics, she might put Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy, or render Uncle Ben still alive. When people mess with her reality, all she needs to do is whisper "no more mutants" and reality has once again bent to her will.

If it came down to a fight between Scarlet Witch and She-Hulk, things likely wouldn't end well for the big green lawyer. the Witch could simply erase her from existence without breaking a sweat. It's doubtful that She-Hulk could even get close enough to land a punch.


Before audiences saw Peggy Carter as Captain Britain in the MCU animated series "What If...?" and the "Doctor Strange" sequel, there was Lionheart. 

According to Marvel comics, Kelsey (aka Lionheart) idolized Captain America and chose to pick up his shield and defend him when he was struck down. This resulted in her death; however, Brain Braddock witnessed her selfless act and subsequently gave her the choice between the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might. Choosing the Sword, she was brought back to life as the new Captain Britain.

Upon her return, Kelsey fights with the Avengers to defend the Earth from threats. She even defends Captain America once more against the Hulk, who's gone on a rampage — as is his wont. She's able to hold her own and survive the battle, even if she ends up recovering in the hospital. 

Once she is all healed, Kelsey leaves the Avengers and takes up the mantle of Lionheart. It's an appropriate name, as she has a pure heart and a drive to help those in need. Her inability to back down would likely lead to a victory against She-Hulk.

Molly Hayes

Molly Hayes is a relatively unknown mutant girl that is a part of Marvel's "Runaways" storyline. A television series of the same name ran for three seasons, and Molly was portrayed by Allegra Acosta, with her character's last name being changed from Hayes to Hernandez.

The "Runaways" comic is focused on a group of runaway teens who get into various mischief and adventurous once they learn that their parents are villains. Molly is the youngest of the runaways and crosses paths with Wolverine. He frightens her as she believes he is there to separate her from her friends. In a moment of fight or flight, she punches him so hard that he's knocked out cold. Her punch is so powerful, in fact, that he goes flying out of the building.

According to Marvel, Molly is known to have stood her ground against such other powerful characters as The Punisher and the Wrecking Crew (consisting of six powerful inmates who all share superhuman strength and invulnerability), who are rumored to be making an upcoming appearance in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law."

Since Molly is only a child, her powers are likely to get stronger as she continues to grow; if She-Hulk still is stronger, she might want to hurry up and pick a fight now.


Much like Titania, Thundra is another enemy that She-Hulk fights on occasion. However, unlike Titania, She-Hulk likely considers Thundra to be her actual arch-nemesis. The two crossed paths in "Secret Wars" and soon discovered they were on opposite ends of the same coin. 

Thundra and She-Hulk are both consumed by rage, and fight to break down how the world perceives them. However, unlike She-Hulk (who fights to protect others and for good), Thundra fights only for herself. She couldn't care less about who gets in her way, and it's because of this fundamentally different outlook on life that these two women so frequently clash.

According to Marvel Entertainment, Thundra comes from a possible version of the future Earth that is run entirely by women. As natural birth is a thing of the past, she was genetically created to be superior in strength and endurance to make her the perfect fighting machine. She travels back in time to fight against those who dare to oppose her.

Aside from battling She-Hulk, Thundra is often found fighting against (or sometimes with) The Fantastic Four. This especially applies to Thing, as he's considered to be (at least physically speaking) the strongest of the team. Although Thundra and She-Hulk have met in battle before, it would be intriguing to see one final round to determine who stands victorious, as they've both had moments of victor and defeat in past head-to-head smackdowns. Which would truly take the crown, pure rage or pure genetic superiority?