Toronto, Canada
Carleton University
Movies, TV, Trailers
  • Jasmine has 10 years of editorial experience.
  • She's previously written for WhatCulture, The Mary Sue, and Screen Rant.
  • She's had poems and short stories published and is currently working on a sci-fi novel.


Jasmine has been writing professionally for a decade. She worked as an editorial assistant for Canadian magazines FASHION Magazine and ELLE Canada. She's worked as a copywriter and content creator, and has been featured on WhatCulture and The Mary Sue. She has written for Screen Rant and was displayed in Cineplex Magazine. Jasmine has written scripts for ad campaigns, interviewed celebrities for content pieces, and worked with publishers on her short stories. She can often be found debating whether TNG or SDS9 is the superior Trek series, and can get into deep cuts regarding Star Wars lore. She's currently working on a sci-fi novel of her own.


Jasmine has her BA Honours from Carleton University in Communications PR and English Literature. She has her Post Graduate from Centennial College in Advertising Media Management. Once she graduated, she began her content journey interning and freelancing her way to Looper.
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