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Bromates - What We Know So Far

Though theatrically released blockbuster comedies are arguably a bit rarer than they once were during their heyday, Hollywood is still producing plenty of great, chuckle-inducing films year after year. Movies like "Booksmart," "Good Boys," and "Girls Trip" have shown that the genre can get a lot of mileage out of smart casting and good writing, and now it's looking like next year may have a potential comedy goldmine on its hands in the form of the upcoming buddy comedy "Bromates."

The feature directorial debut for Court Crandall, who earned his comedy bonafides as one of the credited writers for "Old School," "Bromates" is executive produced by Snoop Dogg and, per Deadline, has enlisted some headlining star power to fill out its main roles. Fans of feature comedies may be looking for additional information about the upcoming film, and luckily, Crandall and company have given moviegoers a good idea of what to expect from the project. Here is what we currently know about "Bromates."

What is the release date of Bromates?

At this time, no formal release date for "Bromates" has been announced. However, it is known that the movie is targeting a 2022 release date. Production is currently underway on the film, so fans looking for a laugh could potentially see it hit theaters sometime in the latter half of next year.

However, with the film currently in production, interested parties will also have to keep an eye on things to see how the situation unfolds. After all, there have been numerous film delays across almost all major studios over the last year. This is due in large part to a combination of COVID-related delays shutting down production on major upcoming films such as "Mission: Impossible 7" and "The Batman," as well as consumer hesitancy to return to theaters to see films. 

However, with "Bromates" seemingly telling a smaller scale story than some of its big-budget competition, the movie may be able to get through production unscathed and stick to its targeted 2022 release.

Who is in the cast of Bromates?

As a comedic two-hander, "Bromates" has reportedly enlisted the comedic sensibilities of Lil Rel Howery and Josh Brener. Howery became a household name with Jordan Peele's "Get Out" and has since gone on to numerous acclaimed comedic performances in films like "Uncle Drew" and the 2021 video game comedy "Free Guy." Brener is arguably best known for his performance as Nelson "Big Head" Bighetti in HBO's "Silicon Valley," but he has also appeared in films such as "The Belko Experiment" and "What Men Want."

In addition to Lil Rel Howery and Josh Brener, "Bromates" has assembled an impressive supporting cast as well. This includes "Orange is the New Black" actress Taryn Manning, "The Jeffersons" star Marla Gibbs, "WandaVision" actor Asif Ali, "The Suicide Squad" actor Flula Borg, and "American Horror Story" actress Jamie Brewer, among others. Lastly, with Snoop Dogg operating as a producer behind the scenes, we are left to wonder if we may see a cameo appearance from the legendary rapper.

What is the plot of Bromates?

Based on what has been revealed about "Bromates" so far, it seems clear that the Snoop Dogg-produced film will take an old school premise and modernize it for modern times. At its core, the story will follow two best friends (Lil Rel Howery and Josh Brener) who move in together after breaking up with their girlfriends at the same time. That inciting incident leads to a series of misadventures, primarily modeled after the legendary comedic stylings of "The Odd Couple."

Director Court Crandall explained to Deadline that he intends to update the formula and inject some modernity into the proceedings, despite the old-school premise. As a result, audiences can reportedly expect the film to tap into contemporary concepts like online dating and feature an environmentally conscious message. So, while there may be some familiarity to the story of two grown men moving in together after life-changing events, fans can expect a new storytelling sheen that feels very modern.