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Uncle Drew Trailer Ages Up The World's Best Ballers

Kyrie Irving's Uncle Drew character is putting down the Pepsi and heading to Hollywood.

The advertising campaign that virally perplexed viewers the world over is now a full-fledged narrative movie, and you can watch the first trailer for the feature, Uncle Drew, right now.

In case you don't remember, Uncle Drew was the focal point of a series of ad spots, featuring a sweatpants-clad, overweight 80-year-old who stuns the block with his skills on the court, played by then-Cavalier Kyrie Irving while he was in his early 20s. 

The movie version of the story stars Get Out's Lil Rel Howery as Dax, a street ball coach in a tricky predicament. After spending everything he has to enter a team of up-and-coming ballers in Harlem's Rucker Classic, his team is stolen from beneath him by his villainous rival Mookie, played by Nick Kroll. To defeat his nemesis and get his savings back, a desperate Dax teams up with old, gray Uncle Drew to put a team together and bring the hurt to Mookie.

Irving isn't the only character from the spots making his return, with Nate Robinson also coming back from the commercials as the wheelchair-bound Boots. Additionally, in the most exciting expansion of the Uncle Drew extended universe to date, the movie will also feature a handful of other famous basketball players as remarkably tall, suspiciously spry old folks. 

Let's run down the trailer's starting lineup: We've got Chris Webber performing a baptism, passing the baby behind his back like he's Steph Curry; Shaq with a Hulk Hogan-esque horseshoe mustache teaching karate, which seems like something he'd do in real life; and Lisa Leslie pulling up in a church-owned Escalade with support stockings and a damn baseball bat. At some point, everyone hits the club for a dance sequence. Reggie Miller's dude is apparently blind. 

Overall, this thing looks in every way like the bizarre relic of a bygone era that it is — and we are, without irony, here for it 100%. As a full-length movie, Uncle Drew looks like it comes from an alternate dimension where 9/11 never happened, and the 90s never stopped. But despite looking almost as fake as Danny McBride's Dundee, this is actually a real movie, Sugarhill Gang drop and all. 

In addition to the aged-up ballers, the movie also features Tiffany Haddish and Erica Ash in supporting roles.

Uncle Drew was written by Jay Longino, who previously wrote the screenplays for Skiptrace and the upcoming Son of Shaolin. It was directed by Charles Stone III, known for DrumlinePaid in Full, and Lila & Eve. 

The squad turns up in time for summer with a theatrical release on June 29.