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Every Fast And Furious Main Character Explained

Back in 2001, the original The Fast and the Furious only gave us a handful of main characters to keep track of. Since then, however, each additional film in the franchise has tacked more and more names onto the roster. Keeping tabs on each member of the Fast family has become an increasingly daunting task with each furious installment. Even when a character seems to have been effectively written out of the saga, we know it's never really goodbye. Any character's storyline could come back to intersect with the main narrative at any time, even if it's only a mention.

With two decades worth of Fast films already out there and more on the way, that's a lot of faces and backstories to remember, and you may need an elaborate roadmap to recall all the ways their lives intertwine. Plus, for folks who've been around since the beginning, forgetting some of the earlier parts in their winding journeys is understandable. To help you out, we've recapped every main character's story, including where they started, where they are now, and any notable stops they've made along the way.

Dominic Toretto

We first met Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) in the first film in the Fast franchise, 2001's The Fast and the Furious. The son of a professional stock car driver, Dom helped his sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster) run his family's small L.A. market, while on the side, he ran an operation stealing electronics off of moving 18-wheelers and participating in illegal street races. Formerly, Dom had been incarcerated for assaulting the man he blamed for causing the accident that killed his father, but that wasn't enough to steer him away from his criminal enterprises, which ultimately led to him going on the run to avoid arrest.

Dom has been with his girlfriend, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), since they were teenagers, and in the fourth film, they tie the knot, although their marriage isn't revealed to the audience until the seventh film. In between, when Dom is forced to flee law enforcement yet again, he learns that Letty has been killed. After taking some time to grieve, he begins dating Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky), with whom he fathers a child, although he doesn't learn about the existence of his son for several months. While Elena is pregnant, he learns Letty is alive but suffering from amnesia, and Elena steps aside so they can be together. Eventually, Letty regains her memories, and, following Elena's death, Letty and Dom raise his son together, whom Dom names Brian, after his best friend.

Despite spending many of the Fast films on the run from the law, Dom's taste for criminal activity has only increased, albeit with a bit of a Robin Hood slant: Dom prefers to steal from greedy corporations and corrupt crime lords, and believes in passing around the spoils of his heists to the underprivileged. He also values family above all else, specifically the found family he has created among the crew of friends he has gradually assembled to help him pull off his various schemes. Beginning in Fast and Furious 6, Dom and his crew began partnering with the U.S. government to help bring down various terrorists, thanks to their unique expertise, high success rate, and — presumably — their ability to drive extremely fast. Their first government collaboration earned Dom and his allies a full pardon for all of their past crimes.

Brian O'Conner

Introduced in The Fast and the Furious as an LAPD officer tasked infiltrating a local crime ring to discover who is stealing millions of dollars worth of electronics off of 18-wheelers, Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) initially ingratiates himself with Dom under false pretenses, with the aim of earning his trust so that he can catch him and his crew in the act and arrest them all. But his friendship with Dom quickly turns genuine. By the end of the film, Brian chooses Dom over his career.

Brian goes on the run but is eventually tracked down by FBI agents, who offer him a deal: help them bring down the drug lord Arturo Braga (John Ortiz) in exchange for a pardon. Brian agrees, and that collaboration leads to him eventually securing a position with the FBI. As part of one of his cases, he sends Letty undercover, but receives word she has been killed, which leads to him teaming back up with Dom again to track down her killer. This also reunites him with Dom's sister, Mia, with whom Brian had a brief romance several years before. It doesn't take them long to get back together, and when Dom winds up killing Letty's murderer and earning himself a lifelong prison sentence, Brian ditches his career yet again to team up with Mia and break him out.

Together with Mia, Brian lives the quiet life of a fugitive for a while, but is pulled back into the criminal world when Mia tells him that she's pregnant with their first child. Brian and Dom decide to pull off one huge heist that will allow them to drop off the grid and live in peace. However, even after retiring, Brian is pulled back in two more times — once, when Dom learns that Letty is alive, and again when their entire crew is targeted by a terrorist. After saving the people he loves yet again, though, Brian makes the decision to finally step away from the fast and furious lifestyle for good, leaving his danger-fueled life behind to settle down with Mia, who is expecting their second child, and their son Jack.

Off-screen, the decision to write Brian out of the franchise was prompted by the sudden death of Paul Walker during the making of Furious 7. Rather than write off Walker's character, the decision was made to give Brian a happy ending, with his character literally driving off into the sunset. Mia can still return as part of the crew, but Brian's story is likely complete.

Letty Ortiz

Romantically entwined with Dominic Toretto from the time they were teenagers, the highly capable and skilled Letty Ortiz has long been his right-hand woman, sticking by his side through every twist and turn their life of crime has to offer — even when Dom keeps leaving her behind. After he goes on the run at the end of The Fast and the Furious, Letty spends the next several years tracking him down, and eventually locates him in the Dominican Republic. Picking up right where they left off, the couple wastes no time in getting secretly married before pulling off their biggest heist yet. But when part of the plan goes sideways, Dom goes on the run again, once again leaving Letty on her own.

Unwilling to simply accept the hand fate has dealt her, Letty tracks down FBI agent Brian O'Conner and brokers a deal: She'll go undercover to help him bring down Braga in exchange for a pardon for Dom. But when she uncovers a plot to kill her, she tries to flee, only to be left for dead. Unbeknownst to her husband or her friends, Letty awakens in the hospital with amnesia, and is taken under the wing of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), who was originally supposed to finish her off for Braga.

Letty works for several years as part of Shaw's crew, retaining no memory of her former life, but switches sides when she encounters Dom again and he wins back her trust. The two date for a while, but Letty eventually breaks up with him, on the basis that she doesn't think it's fair to either of them to be together while she still lacks her memories. However, she ultimately regains them when Dom is nearly killed, and the two finally take their long-overdue honeymoon. Even when Dom appears to betray the team after being blackmailed, Letty is sure there's more to the story, and welcomes him back into the family with open arms.

Mia Toretto

The youngest Toretto sibling, Mia Toretto, resisted her brother Dominic's criminal endeavors for as long as she could — especially after she learned that her boyfriend, Brian, was actually an undercover cop whose assignment forced Dom to go on the run. But she eventually gets pulled in herself when Dom is sentenced to 25 years to life in prison and she decides to help Brian break him out. After that, Mia is all in, sticking with Brian as they travel internationally to evade the law and pull off daring heists alongside Dom.

When they're double crossed by the crime lord Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) in Rio de Janeiro, Brian and Dom believe they'll need to split up to avoid being caught, but Mia refuses to allow them to go their separate ways, revealing she's pregnant and doesn't want to lose her family. This prompts a change of plan, with the trio deciding to bring in a number of past associates to steal $100 million of Reyes' money so that they can drop off the grid and live safely in obscurity.

Because of her pregnancy, Mia takes a less active role in that heist, and once it's complete, she and Brian head to the Canary Islands to settle down. There, she gives birth to their son, Jack. Shortly thereafter, she agrees that Brian should help Dom track down Letty while she stays behind with Jack, but winds up getting kidnapped by Owen Shaw. After being freed, she and Brian settle down again back in their childhood home, but after learning she's pregnant again, Brian joins Dom for one final mission when their house is blown up. Once their family is finally safe again, Mia and Brian decide to retire for good with their children. However, Mia will be rejoining the action — this time without Brian — when her estranged older brother Jakob (John Cena) shows up in F9.

Roman Pearce

A childhood friend of Brian O'Conner, Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) started stealing cars at a young age. His friendship with Brian stagnated when Brian joined the LAPD, and he grew resentful after he was arrested and his old friend did nothing to help him. However, the two reconnect in 2 Fast 2 Furious, when Roman is released on house arrest and Brian recruits him to help in an investigation of Arturo Braga, requiring them both to go undercover. In return, the FBI promises Roman a pardon. They complete their mission and clear their names, but, unbeknownst to the FBI, Roman also sets aside a generous portion of Braga's money for himself, which he wants to use to open a garage.

Roman re-enters the picture in Fast Five, when Brian and Dom need someone on their team who can talk his way out of any situation. After earning his $11 million from that heist, Roman lived lavishly, buying expensive cars and a private jet, but was still willing to rejoin the crew whenever Dom needs his help. He helps Dom track down Letty and foil both Shaw brothers, and sticks with him even after Brian retires. When Dom seems to betray the crew while being blackmailed by Cipher, Roman is part of the group that works to stop him, but is quick to welcome him back once the truth is revealed.

Roman has a lot of pride and can be somewhat egocentric, but he lacks the bravado of some of the other members of the crew and is often reluctant to participate in some of their more daring endeavors. Like most of the other characters, he loves cars and is a proficient driver, although not quite on the elite level of some of the others.

Tej Parker

Although Tej (Ludacris), like most of the Fast crew, has a background in street racing, by the time we meet him in 2 Fast 2 Furious, he's shifted gears to spend more time under the hood as a mechanic than in the driver's seat. Tej meets Brian O'Conner while Brian is living in Miami after going on the run at the end of the first film, and the two become friends through the street racing scene. Later, Tej assists Brian and Roman in their undercover assignment for the FBI, and forms an antagonistic friendship with Roman, who often winds up partnering with him during missions.

Brian brings Tej back in for the heist in Fast Five, this time as the group's hacker. Tej proves to be adept at more than just car mechanics, hacking into Reyes' advanced security system. Tej is more generous than some of the others with his cut from the heist, giving away money to locals and using it to purchase cars for the rest of the team when the next mission requires them.

In addition to being the team's mechanic, hacker, and occasional driver, Tej is also an innovator, always wanting to push the crew's technology to the next level. From Fast Five on, he's an integral part of the crew, with his laid-back vibe balancing out Roman's more high-strung energy. Tej also speaks several languages, and although it's never definitively proven, he is most likely the smartest member of the team by a pretty generous margin.

Han Seoul-Oh

The always-snacking Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) actually got his start outside of the Fast and the Furious franchise, in director Justin Lin's earlier film, Better Luck Tomorrow. That film shows that in his high school days, Han was part of an organized cheating operation that spun out of control and eventually resulted in a murder. Following the events of that film, Han changed his name from Han Lue to Han Seoul-Oh and began traveling the world. He met Dominic Toretto in Mexico, and is occasionally called on by Dom to help with various jobs.

Technically, we first meet Han in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but chronologically, his first appearance is in the prequel Fast & Furious, which is the fourth released film in the franchise. Quiet, observant, and adaptable, Han helps out with Dom's various heists in the fourth, fifth, and sixth movies, during which time he also falls in love with fellow crew member Gisele Yashar (Gal Gadot). The two dream of traveling the world and growing old together, but those plans are thwarted when Gisele sacrifices herself to save Han's life while working to take down Owen Shaw. Grieving, Han heads to Tokyo, where he befriends a group of local street racers and takes American teen Sean Boswell under his wing.

Unfortunately, Han also begins stealing from the Yakuza, and eventually finds himself in a high-speed chase once his crimes are discovered. The chase ends in a horrific crash, but it turns out to be no accident — Han was targeted by Owen's brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). It appears Han dies in the crash, but F9 reveals that, somehow, Han actually survived and will rejoin Dom's crew.


First introduced in Furious 7, Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) is an accomplished hacker who catches the attention of Dom and his crew after she invents a device called the God's Eye. Essentially a high-tech tracking device on steroids, the God's Eye can hack into basically any device with a camera or microphone and use it to track down anyone on the planet. Realizing how dangerous the God's Eye can be, Ramsey sends it to a friend to keep safe, but is then herself kidnapped by a mercenary who plans to torture her until she reveals the location of the device.

Knowing Deckard Shaw has targeted Dom's crew, the U.S. government strikes a bargain: If Dom retrieves Ramsey and the God's Eye, he can use it to track down Shaw. After rescuing Ramsey from her kidnappers, she determines she can trust Dom based on the loyalty shown by members of his crew, and helps them track down the God's Eye. After helping defeat Shaw, Ramsey joins Dom's crew permanently, and joins Tej as the group's resident hacker and programmer.

Ramsey quickly forms bonds with both Roman and Tej, who frequently compete for her romantic affections. However, although Ramsey says she likes them both, she turns them both down when neither can recall her last name (which hasn't actually been revealed yet). Ramsey is also the lone member of the crew who can't drive, as revealed in F9, and is therefore always a passenger or an observer during the high-speed parts of the group's missions.

Luke Hobbs

Originally serving as a secondary antagonist in Fast Five, Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) enters the picture as a Diplomatic Security Service agent tasked with tracking down Dominic Toretto and his crew after a heist goes wrong and several DEA agents are killed. However, after finally getting the upper hand and arresting Dom, Brian, and several members of their crew, Hobbs' DSS caravan is ambushed by Reyes' men. Dom, Brian, and their friend Vince (Matt Schulze) wind up saving Hobbs' life, and he decides to join forces with them to get revenge on Reyes. After the mission is complete, Hobbs returns to the DSS, where he receives word that Letty Ortiz is still alive. Hobbs passes this information on to Dom and joins his crew again to help track her down, and is able to negotiate pardons for all of them after they assist in capturing Owen Shaw.

Hobbs is later injured when Deckard Shaw breaks into the DSS offices in search of information on Dom and his crew, but still helps Dom turn the tables and bring Shaw to justice. Later, when Hobbs is tasked with retrieving a stolen EMP in an off-the-books mission, he calls on Dom and his crew to help him, but Dom's double-cross for Cipher winds up sending Hobbs to prison. He eventually breaks out and is part of the team that helps stop Cipher. Later, Hobbs was tasked by the CIA with teaming up with Deckard Shaw to recover a dangerous bioweapon, which led to him reconnecting with his estranged family in Samoa.

As part of Dom's crew, Hobbs functions as both a secondary leader and as one of the group's heaviest hitters. Extremely tactically minded, Hobbs is cool-headed under pressure and doesn't hesitate to rush into danger in service of the mission. He also has a teenage daughter named Samantha and tries to prioritize his time with her, even if it means turning down missions occasionally.

Gisele Yashar

An ex-Mossad agent, Gisele Yashar is introduced as an employee of Arturo Braga in Fast & Furious. However, Gisele, who has a moral compass that Braga lacks, warns Dom when Braga plots to kill his drivers. Later, Dom saves Gisele's life, building a trust between them that comes back into play in Fast Five, when Dom recruits Gisele as a member of his heist crew.

During the planning of the heist, Gisele and Han quickly become attracted to one another, and end the film as a couple. The two then travel the world together — their version of "settling down" — and are in Hong Kong when they receive Dom's call to come help stop Shaw and save Letty. Gisele is a key member of the team, proving herself to be adept at interrogation, combat, weapons, and of course, driving. She's the only member of the team able to drive quickly and precisely enough to evade traffic cameras when preparing for the heist in Fast Five, and often demonstrates an ability to think fast and adapt quickly to new situations.

Tragically, that quick thinking — as well as her love and loyalty for Han — is what leads to her ultimate demise. As the crew works to stop Owen Shaw's plane from taking off at the end of Fast & Furious 6, she's hanging off the top of a speeding car when she sees one of Shaw's henchmen preparing to kill Han. Making a split-second call, Gisele releases her grip on Han's hand in order to pull out her gun and kill his attacker, saving his life as she falls to her death.

Elena Neves

Previously married to a Brazilian police officer who was murdered in the line of duty, Elena Neves then became a police officer herself. We meet her in Fast Five, when she's recruited by Luke Hobbs to assist in his investigation of Dom and his crew. Elena proves a competent and trustworthy ally, although during the course of the investigation she opts not to shoot Dom when she has the chance, leading to her nearly getting killed. In turn, Dom saves her from Reyes' men, leading Elena to question whether he could really be guilty of the crimes he's being blamed for.

After Dom and Brian save her life again, Elena switches sides, leaving her career as a police officer behind to go on the run with Dom. The two begin a romantic relationship on the Canary Islands, where she also grows close to Brian and Mia during Mia's pregnancy. However, once Dom learns Letty is alive, Elena urges him to go find her, knowing she'd do the same in his place. Elena stays behind to protect Mia and baby Jack, and is able to take Jack to safety when Mia is kidnapped. After Dom finds Letty, Elena steps aside and gives them her blessing, not revealing to either of them that she's pregnant with Dom's child.

Elena then joins the DSS with Hobbs and helps care for his daughter when he's injured in Furious 7. At some point, she gives birth, presumably in secret, as Hobbs appears not to know that she was ever pregnant. Shortly after, she and her infant son are kidnapped by Cipher to use as leverage against Dom. Elena tells Dom that she's given the baby a middle name — Marcos — but she saved the first name for Dom, and asks him to promise to protect the baby at all costs. Shortly thereafter, Elena is executed by Cipher as punishment for Dom's insubordination.

Owen Shaw

A former Major in the Special Air Service, Owen Shaw eventually turned mercenary after being dishonorably discharged from the military. He became an associate of Arturo Braga, whom he then helped expand his criminal empire. It was through Braga that he met Letty Ortiz, intending to finish her off after Braga's initial attempt to kill her failed. But when Shaw realized that Letty had lost her memories, he instead recruited her to be part of his crew, which functioned as a sort of dark mirror version of Dom's crew.

After Braga is arrested, Shaw is recruited by Cipher. With the help of his crew, he begins stealing components to build an advanced weapon of mass destruction, which he intends to sell off to the highest bidder. Shaw proves to have none of Dom's moral compunctions, willingly sacrificing members of his crew and kidnapping Mia to use as leverage to secure his freedom. He's still ultimately stopped by Dom, though, and is grievously injured in the process.

After being hospitalized while in police custody for an extended period of time, Owen is transferred to a secret location. Dom makes a deal with his mother to reveal his location in exchange for the Shaw family's assistance, to which she agrees. Owen, then, is instrumental in helping rescue Dom's baby from Cipher.

Deckard Shaw

The older brother of Owen Shaw, Deckard first appears at the very end of Fast & Furious 6, tracking down and presumably killing Han in Tokyo as payback for his participation in the effort to apprehend Owen. A former clandestine military operative and MI6 agent turned mercenary, Deckard uses his significant skills to break into the DSS offices and steal the information on Dom's team. At the same time he is in Tokyo, he also mails a bomb to Dom's childhood home, where Mia and Brian are living, and detonates it while on the phone with Dom.

Deckard continues his attempts to hunt down and kill Brian, Dom, and the other members of their crew, and is very nearly successful, but is ultimately thwarted by Dom and taken into custody by the CIA. He is surprised when Hobbs is later put into the cell opposite him, and quickly becomes annoyed, as the two are uniquely able to get under one another's skin. But it doesn't take long before the two escape during a prison riot, initiated by Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), a covert U.S. government agent. Reluctantly, Deckard agrees to work with Dom's crew to stop Cipher, since he also blames her for what happened to Owen. After assisting them in tracking down Dom and Cipher, it appears Deckard is killed by Dom, but that turns out to be a ruse facilitated by his mother. Together with Owen, Deckard breaks onto Cipher's plane and rescues Dom's son, whom he returns safely to Dom. Later, Deckard is recruited by the CIA to assist Hobbs — to their mutual irritation — in recovering a bioweapon possessed by Deckard's sister, Hattie (Vanessa Kirby).

Monica Fuentes

A significant character in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) is a U.S. Customs agent who we meet while she's undercover, working to expose a Miami drug lord. When Brian and Roman are also embedded in his operation, Monica blows her cover to pass Brian important information. Realizing that Monica betrayed him, the drug lord takes her as a hostage aboard his boat, but Brian and Roman distract him in a theatrical rescue attempt that involves jumping their car onto the boat.

Monica takes advantage of the situation, holding her captor at gunpoint until she's able to arrest him. The situation earns the trust of both Brian and Roman, although, unlike other past associates, Brain never attempts to recruit her later as a member of the crew. However, Monica seems to keep tabs on them all, since she is the one who later alerts Hobbs that Letty Ortiz is still alive.

Rico Santos

A frequent member of Dom's crew, Rico Santos (Don Omar) is a friend of Dom's from his time in the Dominican Republic. Along with his best friend Tego Leo (Tego Calderon), Santos is instrumental in helping Dom plan and execute the fuel heist at the beginning of the fourth film, and shows back up at the end of the film to help Brian and Mia break Dom out of prison.

Santos' loyalty to Dom makes him an obvious choice to join the crew in Fast Five, although his role is as more of a blunt object than the scalpel-like precision of some of the others. Santos and Leo always work together and provide much of the comic relief of the group, doing surveillance, planting explosives, and posing as workers in various other professions to pull off some of the crew's sneakier plans. After receiving his cut of their multimillion-dollar score at the end of Fast Five, Santos and Leo head to a casino. Santos bets everything he has on black while playing roulette. We never learn whether he wins or loses, but he shows up again later in The Fate of the Furious as a key member of Dom's plan to fake Deckard's death, proving he still has Dom's trust.

Tego Leo

Alongside Rico Santos, Tego Leo often comes through to help Dom in a pinch. He is the one who plants the seed in Dom's mind for the fuel heist, after opining in prison about the injustice of corrupt corporations controlling the energy market. After Dom and Santos break him out, Leo and Santos are key players in the fuel heist, and Leo later returns the favor Dom did for him by helping free Dom from prison.

He works alongside Santos at every step during the heist planning in Fast Five, although the two are frequently seen bickering. It is implied that Santos is the smarter of the two, or at least that he thinks he is, with Leo being the more impulsive and reckless one. At the casino at the end of the film, Leo puts all of his chips on red, which is what prompts Santos to place his on black, meaning at least one of them loses everything. However, the loss doesn't appear to have come between them, since the pair shows back up in The Fate of the Furious, helping Dom with a secret plan that not even the rest of his crew knows about.

Sean Boswell

The youngest protagonist in the Fast and the Furious franchise, Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) was introduced in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as a teenager from Alabama with a penchant for reckless driving. After having to move numerous times when her son gets in trouble, Sean's mother finally decides to send him to Tokyo to live with his father after he takes out most of an under-construction suburban neighborhood during a drag race. In Tokyo, Sean quickly falls in with the city's street racing scene through a friend. But the Japanese racers all know how to "drift" — maneuvering around tight corners quickly via controlled skids — a skill which Sean is initially woefully unable to master.

Impulsive and a little too cocky for his own good, Han takes Sean under his wing and teaches him how to drift. Sean also unknowingly flirts with a girl that turns out to be the girlfriend of Takashi (Brian Tee), the local Drift King and the nephew of a member of the Yakuza. After Han is apparently killed while being pursued by members of the Yakuza, Sean challenges Takashi to a race, with the loser agreeing to leave Tokyo for good. Thanks to Han's teaching, Sean beats Takashi, and is crowned the new Drift King. Afterward, he meets Dom while Dom is in Tokyo investigating Han's death.


An American army brat with a lot of time on his hands, Twinkie (Bow Wow) eventually landed in Tokyo, selling stolen goods out of Han's garage. He met Sean Boswell in high school, and although their initial interaction is prompted by Twinkie trying to sell Sean various stolen items, including a laptop, a cell phone, and a pair of sneakers, the two quickly became friends after they start talking about Twinkie's car — a gaudy, bright-green Volkswagen Touran that has been customized within an inch of its life.

It's through Twinkie that Sean is introduced to Han and the Tokyo street racing crowd. Although Twinkie is well connected in Tokyo, he and Sean seem to have a closer friendship than Twinkie shares with most people. When Sean finds himself on the wrong side of the Yakuza after Han's death, Twinkie even gives him money out of his own pocket to pay off his debts. The two remain friends at the end of the movie, with Twinkie serving as the second in command to the new Drift King.

Magdalene Queenie Shaw

The mother of a trio of truly exceptional offspring, we first meet Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren) in The Fate of the Furious, when Dom sneaks away from Cipher long enough to ask her for help. Owen, Deckard, and their sister Hattie are all formidable, and their mother shows that the apples haven't fallen far from the tree. Dom meets with the Shaw family matriarch to make a deal — in exchange for her help rescuing his son, he will give her the location of her incarcerated son, Owen, whom he has located using the God's Eye.

The trade is acceptable to Magdalene, who, like Dom, values family above all else. Her interaction with Deckard shows that she's cunning and manipulative both as a businesswoman and as a parent; she can turn the tears on and off to get her son to do her bidding. She also appears to have significant resources at her disposal, since she's able to set up multiple complex operations with seemingly little effort. It's never made totally clear what sort of crime Magdalene is most proficient in, but eventually, it lands her in prison. However, at the end of Hobbs and Shaw, it's implied that she's getting ready to break herself out, thanks to a nail file hidden in a cake delivered to her by Deckard and Hattie.


Vince and Dom's friendship goes all the way back to the third grade. We meet Vince for the first time in The Fast and the Furious as a loyal member of Dom's crew who instantly distrusts Brian O'Conner. Part of Vince's issue with Brian is Mia's attraction to him, since Vince clearly wants her attention for himself. His misgivings are also due to his loyalty to Dom, and his suspicious nature of anyone he sees getting close to him.

When the crew's climactic heist goes drastically wrong at the end of the first film, Vince is seriously injured, prompting Brian to blow his cover to get Vince medical attention. At some point after his recovery, Vince goes on the run, winding up in Rio de Janeiro, where he met the woman who would eventually become his wife. The two had a son whom they name Dominic, but call Nico for short. After spending years resenting Brian, Vince ultimately forgives him when he returned in Fast Five. He offers shelter to Brian and Mia, and rejoins the crew when Dom showed up. Tragically, he's killed by Reyes' men when they attack Hobbs, so Dom gives Vince's portion of the $100 million heist to Vince's wife and son.


Only appearing in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Suki (Devon Aoki) is a street racer who is friends with Brian and Tej, and also occasionally dates the latter. Suki runs her own crew of drivers, but unlike Dom's male-heavy team, Suki's is almost entirely female. She's an extremely competent driver who takes pride in her skills, and early in the film, she takes a close second place in a race behind Brian.

Later, Suki proves a valuable asset when Roman and Brian need to misdirect the police to avoid being taken into custody. While Tej drives Brian's car, Suki drives Roman's, leading the police on a wild goose chase away from their actual targets. Suki is also an artist who uses her talents to design custom paint designs for cars — including her own bright-pink Honda which has an anime girl with a purple ponytail painted on the side.

Agent Stasiak

Initially introduced in the fourth film, F.B.I. agent Michael Stasiak (Shea Whigham) initially got along with his coworker, Brian O'Conner, but the two butted heads — literally — when Stasiak brought Mia in for questioning, and Brian tricked him into letting her go. From that point on, Stasiak is suspicious of Brian's loyalties, and winds up second-guessing him at a critical juncture that puts their entire undercover operation at risk.

However, despite their animosity in Fast & Furious and the fact that Brian even broke Stasiak's nose at one point, Stasiak still has a good enough impression of Brian to help him sneak back into the country in Fast & Furious 6. He gives Brian an alias that allows him to enter the country undetected, and also embeds him in the prison where Braga is being kept so that Brian can question him about Letty. And even when Brian breaks Stasiak's nose a second time — this time so that he can be placed into solitary confinement to get close to Braga — Stasiak still offers Brian his assistance, getting him released from prison before anyone learns his true identity.

Mr. Nobody

No one knows Mr. Nobody's real name, or even which government organization he works for. All we know about the enigmatic character is that he's a covert agent who showed up in Furious 7 offering Dom a deal: rescue Ramsey and recover the God's Eye, and in return, Dom can use the technology to track down Deckard Shaw. Describing himself as a "shadow," Mr. Nobody has abundant resources and technology at his disposal. He doesn't shy away from using methods — and people — that the U.S. government would never officially condone.

Mr. Nobody shows up again in The Fate of the Furious, offering Hobbs his release from prison if he'll plead guilty to the crimes he was put up to by the government. When Hobbs refuses, Mr. Nobody stages a prison riot to achieve the same ends, proving that he's capable of getting what he wants by a variety of means. Once again, Mr. Nobody enlists a non-government crew to do his off-the-books bidding, although this time, he needs Dom's crew to stop their own leader. However, he seems relatively unshaken when Dom switches sides yet again by the end of the movie, which is consistent with the seemingly laid-back persona he exhibits whenever he pops up.

Little Nobody

As rigid as Mr. Nobody is easygoing, Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood) shows up as Mr. Nobody's protégé in The Fate of the Furious, and has a decidedly inferior sense of humor and fun. For a covert operative, Little Nobody is shockingly by-the-book in his approach to basically everything, and routinely disapproves of the crew's improvisational tendencies. He gradually adapts to their more theatrical methods, and loosens his grip on the rule book.

Little Nobody is a competent driver, although not on the level of most of Dom's crew. He participates in the effort in Russia to stop Cipher's plan by driving across the ice to prevent her from launching a nuclear submarine. By that point, he's grown comfortable with letting the team call the shots, even if they go against his more straightforward instincts and training. At the end of the film, he seems like he's warmed up to the rest of the group, but still feels a little too distant to be considered family.

Earl Hu

If Han is playing his same character from Better Luck Tomorrow, one has to wonder if the same goes for Earl (Jason Tobin), who played Han's cousin Virgil Hu in that film. We never receive any confirmation that the two characters are the same in Tokyo Drift, where Earl is introduced as Han's friend who helps tune and modify the cars of various racers. Although not a driver himself, Earl has a knack for understanding fuel systems and enhancing their performance.

After assisting Sean in learning how to drift, Earl is instrumental in helping him fix up his father's old car to be race-ready, which involves salvaging the engine from one of Han's cars that Sean previously wrecked. Although the Fast and the Furious movies never give any indication that Earl and Han could be cousins, perhaps Earl's willingness to assist Sean by reusing a piece of one of Han's cars is in part due to his familial ties to Sean's deceased friend and teacher.


Appearing only in Furious 7, Kara (Ronda Rousey) serves as the bodyguard for a rich prince in Abu Dhabi who comes into possession of the God's Eye. When Dom, Brian, and their crew infiltrate the prince's party to locate and retrieve the God's Eye, it's Kara who realizes they don't belong there, after noticing Letty speaking into an earpiece. Without Letty noticing, Kara manages to gather several other guards to apprehend her, alerts the other staff, and orders a lockdown of the building.

Despite Kara's intuition and quick action, though, Letty still manages to get the upper hand, defeating the other guards and taking on Kara one on one. Although Kara is the larger of the two and possesses impressive martial arts skills, Letty is able to hold her own until the two tumble over a railing at the party, where Kara is knocked unconscious. Kara appears to be a skilled and highly competent bodyguard; she just was never going to be a match for a member of the crew.

Riley Hicks

Originally introduced in Fast & Furious 6 as a DSS agent and associate of Luke Hobbs, Riley Hicks (Gina Carano) is an ex-soldier with an impressive record. Highly intelligent and skilled in multiple forms of combat, Riley works alongside Hobbs to track down Owen Shaw and his team, and Riley is helpful in both extracting information from informants and nearly capturing Letty while Letty has amnesia.

However, after Dom's group helps Hobbs arrest Shaw, only for Shaw to reveal that he's kidnapped Mia Toretto and use her as leverage to secure his release, Riley reveals that she's been a double agent the whole time, and is romantically involved with Shaw. From that point on, Riley is openly a part of Shaw's crew, and proves willing to kill for him in cold blood, although she's thankfully thwarted. Riley is ultimately killed by Letty when Letty shoots her with a harpoon gun, causing her to fall from Shaw's plane to her death.

Ramon Campos/Arturo Braga

Although Brian and Dom spent most of Fast & Furious working for the drug lord known as Braga, it turned out that the man they thought was Braga was actually a decoy, and the real Braga was his second-in-command, who had been going by the name Ramon Campos. Those closest to him knew about the deception, but everyone else bought into the lie of the false Braga, which helped the real cartel leader avoid detection.

For a while, this helps him fly under Brian and Dom's radar, even after they've infiltrated his team. However, though he initially escapes, they are eventually able to apprehend him in Mexico, and he's subsequently sentenced to life in prison. However, at some point prior to this, he formed an alliance with Owen Shaw, who helped influence Braga's operation. Braga then hired him to kill Letty while in the hospital. While Braga is in prison, Brian arranges to pose as a prisoner to get close to him in order to find out more information about what happened to Letty. Braga tells him everything only because he intends to kill him, but Brian manages to get the upper hand, stabbing Braga in the leg in the process.


Although Cipher (Charlize Theron) is not officially introduced until The Fate of the Furious, we learn during the course of the film that she has actually been pulling strings behind the scenes for quite some time. She was the one who hired Owen Shaw to steal the components he was assembling in Fast & Furious 6, as well as the mastermind behind the plan to steal the God's Eye in Furious 7. It's even implied that she may have had ties to Arturo Braga.

In the eighth movie, Cipher kidnaps Elena Neves and her son to use as leverage to manipulate Dom, which proves successful for a while. However, while Cipher knows that Dom's loyalty lies with his family, she underestimates the lengths he will go to in order to keep them safe, which enables him to eventually regain the upper hand and break free of her control.

Motivated by a desire for unchecked power, and unfettered by empathy or compassion, Cipher's goal is to start a nuclear war. She's frighteningly smart and seems to have no semblance of a conscience — a dangerous combo made deadlier by her extensive technological knowledge. Even though her plans are thwarted by the end of the eighth movie, she manages to escape, and will be returning to collect her revenge in F9.

Jakob Toretto

We don't know much about Jakob, the middle child of the three Toretto siblings, who will be making his debut in F9, but what we do know indicates that this Toretto will be very different from the other two. Dom and Mia have never mentioned their brother Jakob, and maybe there's a good reason for that. The ninth Fast and the Furious film will see Jakob teaming up with Cipher to take down his big brother, which may well prove to be the biggest challenge Dom has ever faced.

It's hard to imagine what could have driven the younger brother of the most family-driven character in the Fast franchise to hate his family so much he'd turn murderous, or what Jakob could have done that was so bad that Dom would cut all ties with him (after all, this is the man that even gave Deckard Shaw a second chance). Somehow, in their years apart, Jakob became a skilled assassin and, of course, an excellent precision driver, although the latter skills could easily have come from his early years growing up in the car-loving family. We'll learn what happened to set the Toretto siblings at one another's throats when F9 speeds into theaters.