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Netflix March 2021 - The Best New Movies And TV Shows To Watch

It's a tale as old as time: With each new month comes a new batch of films and television shows arriving on Netflix. The king of streamers has been at this game for as long as anyone can remember — well, at least those who weren't old enough to remember when Netflix sent DVDs to your home. The process will be no different in March 2021, which will see plenty of amazing Netflix Original projects and content from around the world be added to the streaming platform's digital library.

That considered, settling on something to watch on Netflix isn't always the easiest task in the world, even when an avalanche of new content hasn't just arrived. Prepared for a ton of brand-new and already well-loved films, series, documentaries, and stand-up specials to hit Netflix in March 2021, but unsure of what to prioritize first? We've got you covered.

Here are the best movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix next month — plus a comprehensive list of what's leaving the streamer before March 2021 is up.

Netflix Original movies that will have you hooked in March 2021

To go along with its streamer-of-all-streamers status, Netflix is also one of the top companies creating original content. In the middle of January 2021, the company made a big announcement about its original content plan: It will release one Netflix Original movie each week for the entirety of 2021. That's 52 films to enjoy! A number of these have already hit the service throughout January and February, but of course, March won't be left out.

Subscribers can look forward to watching Moxie, about a 16-year-old girl who creates a zine to call out misogyny and sexism at her high school; Dogwashers, which focuses on a "narco past his prime" whose gardener has found the hidden cache of money that his employer's men needed to save themselves; Sentinelle, about a soldier who returns home following a traumatic combat mission and ventures to find the man who murdered her sister; and the frame-by-frame-painted film Bombay Rose, which tells the story of a club dancer who escaped child marriage and must now choose between real love and family.

Other Netflix Originals to get hyped about in March 2021 are Coven of Sisters, coming on March 11; Paper Lives and YES DAY, both arriving on March 12; Get the Goat (Cabras da Peste), hitting Netflix on March 18; and Caught by a Wave, which will debut on March 25. On March 26, Netflix will release A Week Away and Bad Trip — a coming-of-age, fish-out-of-water story and a road trip comedy from the producers of Bad Grandpa, respectively.

March 3


March 5



March 8

Bombay Rose

March 11

Coven of Sisters

March 12

Paper Lives


March 18

Get the Goat (Cabras da Peste)

March 25

Caught by a Wave

March 26

A Week Away

Bad Trip

Add these comedies, thrillers, and action flicks to your Netflix watch list in March 2021

When Netflix isn't busy whipping up exciting original movies, the company is pulling strings and executing deals with film studios in order to nab streaming rights to flicks audiences either already know and love or will definitely want to get caught up on. March 2021 will bring a treasure trove of movies to Netflix — which are either returning to the service after some time away or are hitting Netflix for the very first time — and there's something to satisfy fans of pretty much any major genre.

In the action category, keep an eye out for Batman Begins, Invictus, The Dark Knight, Jason X, and I Am Legend, which will tickle the fancies of those who also love thrillers and post-apocalyptic tales. For more legit thrillers, Netflix is offering in March 2021 Black Swan, the Natalie Portman-starring psychological thriller about a ballerina who spirals into madness as her ballet company prepares to perform its production of the Swan Lake ballet; Safe Haven, the Julianne Hough-led feature that begins as a typical romance but winds up a heart-racing thriller by the time its third act kicks in; and Training Day, the classic crime thriller from 2001 that stars Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke as narcotics officers patrolling crime-heavy areas of Los Angeles over the course of 12 hours.

Those who prefer dramas will want to watch Rain Man, Slumdog Millionaire, The Pursuit of Happyness, and the Chadwick Boseman-starring James Brown biopic Get on Up on Netflix in March 2021, while romance fans can be swept up by Nights in Rodanthe and Two Weeks Notice. As for comedies, Netflix will offer up Crazy, Stupid, Love; Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny; and Year One. Other movies you won't want to miss on Netflix in March 2021 include Killing Gunther, Step Up: Revolution, The Village, The BFG, Deadly Illusions, The Block Island Sound, The Fluffy Movie, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

March 1

Batman Begins

Black Swan

Blanche Gardin: Bonne Nuit Blanche (France)

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Dances with Wolves

Dear Affy

Gold Statue

Goodachari 2

I Am Legend


Jason X

Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards

Killing Gunther

Nights in Rodanthe


Rain Man

Slumdog Millionaire

Step Up: Revolution

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

The Dark Knight

The Fisherman Diary

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Village

This Lady Called Life

Training Day

Two Weeks Notice

Year One 

March 2

Black or White

March 4

Ali & The Queens


Safe Haven

March 11

The Block Island Sound

March 14


March 15



The Last Blockbuster

March 16

Get on Up


March 18

Deadly Illusions


The Fluffy Movie

March 19

Sam Smith: Love Goes Live

March 22


March 26


March 29

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

March 31

At Eternity's Gate

The best TV shows to watch on Netflix in March 2021

Much like the volume and variety of its March 2021 movie additions, Netflix's television offerings for next month are a diverse and sizable bunch — and include original series, new premieres, and fresh seasons of shows that are already in progress.

Near the beginning and middle of the month, Netflix subscribers can stream Bombay Begums, about five women navigating "dreams, desires, and disappointments" in Mumbai; The Houseboat, which follows musician buddies Fynn Kliemann and Olli Schulz as they spent two years restoring singer Gunter Gabriel's home; the third part of the animated sitcom Paradise PD; the second season of Love Alarm; and the docuseries The Lost Pirate Kingdom, about "the real-life pirates of the Caribbean [who] violently plunder the world's riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic."

Later on in March 2021, be sure to stream Bakugan: Armored Alliance, Sky Rojo, season 3 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case, Who Killed Sara?, and The Irregulars.

Arguably the most thrilling TV addition in March 2021 is DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Netflix's brand-new anime based on Valve's series of strategy games. It follows a "conflicted yet courageous Dragon Knight" who summons a dragon's power to bring an end to a dangerous and deadly demonic force. DOTA: Dragon's Blood is set to premiere on Netflix on March 25. Alongside that is another highly anticipated anime series: Pacific Rim: The Black, created by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle and based off the two Pacific Rim movies, which will hit Netflix on March 4.

Those looking for some lighthearted TV fare can load up Nailed It!: Double Trouble and all four seasons of Big Time Rush on March 26.

March 1

Power Rangers Beast Morphers: Season 2

DC Super Hero Girls: Season 1

March 4

Pacific Rim: The Black

March 8

Bombay Begums

March 9

The Houseboat

March 10

Dealer (Caïd)

Marriage or Mortgage

March 12

Paradise PD: Part 3

Love Alarm: Season 2

The One

March 15

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

March 17

Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case

March 19

Sky Rojo

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 3

March 22


March 24

Who Killed Sara?

March 25

DOTA: Dragon's Blood

Millennials: Season 3

March 26

Big Time Rush: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4

Nailed It!: Double Trouble

The Irregulars

March 31

Haunted: Latin America


Abla Fahita: Drama Queen

Stream these documentaries and stand-up specials on Netflix in March 2021

Looking to let out a laugh or learn something new in March 2021? Netflix is the place to be. The streamer is adding to its library a handful of stand-up specials and documentaries to make you feel all the feels — happy, inspired, enlightened, and even thoroughly spooked.

In the first few days of March, Netflix will release the documentaries Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell, Murder Among the Mormons, and Nevenka: Breaking the Silence. Then, there are two college-centric documentaries being released just a week apart: Last Chance U: Basketball, an eight-episode docuseries that shares an "honest, gritty look inside the world of community college basketball" by following the East Los Angeles College Huskies' unlikely journey to a California state basketball championship; and Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal, which investigates the "mastermind" who falsified college applications for children of wealthy people and celebrities in the U.S. Last Chance U: Basketball debuts on March 10, and Operation Varsity Blues hits Netflix on March 17.

Seaspiracy, from the same creator who made What the Health and Cowspiracy, arrives on Netflix on March 24 and will explore the harm that humankind has done to marine life. Later, tune into 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story, available to stream on Netflix as soon as March 30.

As far as stand-up specials are concerned, there are four you'll want to add to your queue: RebellComedy: Straight Outta the Zoo, hitting Netflix on March 16; Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American, debuting on March 18; Loyiso Gola: Unlearning, set for streaming on March 23; and George Lopez: Why You Crying?, an older comedy special that you can watch on Netflix on March 31.

March 1

Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell

March 3

Murder Among the Mormons

March 5

Nevenka: Breaking the Silence

March 10

Last Chance U: Basketball

March 16

RebellComedy: Straight Outta the Zoo

March 17

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

March 18

Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American

March 23

Loyiso Gola: Unlearning

March 24


March 30

7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story

March 31

George Lopez: Why You Crying?

Everything leaving Netflix in March 2021

In a perfect world, Netflix would continue adding more and more movies and TV shows to stream without ever getting rid of anything. Gone would be the times where you'd have a specific movie in mind to watch on a lazy weekend, only to discover that it's no longer available on Netflix. Here would be the era of truly endless options. It sounds like a dream, but unfortunately, it won't come true anytime soon. And really, it's for the best. In order to spotlight new additions, Netflix does have to shuffle off some old stuff from its shelves each month. (And doesn't distance make the heart grow fonder, anyway?) March 2021 is no exception to this rule, and subscribers should be aware of what to watch before it's too late.

The first week of March 2021 will see the exit of seasons 1 through 4 of Rectify and seasons 1 through 3 of Hunter X Hunter, leaving on March 3 and March 7, respectively. On March 8, Apollo 18 and The Young Offenders fly off Netflix, followed by November Criminals and The Boss's Daughter on March 9. Get in your last streams of Last Ferry and Summer Night before March 10, and be sure to watch Spring Breakers and The Outsider ahead of their Netflix exits on March 13.

As the month carries on, Netflix is saying goodbye to films and shows like Chicken Little, The Assignment, The Student, the Jennifer Lawrence drama Silver Linings Playbook, Pocoyo seasons 1 and 2, The Hurricane Heist, Ghost Rider, The House That Made Me seasons 1 through 3, and Domino.

March 31, the very last day of the month, finds a huge list of movies and shows that will bid farewell to Netflix. These include Chappaquiddick, Enter the Dragon, Inception, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Molly's Game, Sex and the City 2 and Sex and the City: The Movie, Skin Wars seasons 1 through 3, Taxi Driver, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Prince & Me, and all eight seasons of Weeds. Watch 'em while you still can.

March 3

Recifity: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4

Hunter X Hunter: Seasons 1, 2, and 3

March 8

Apollo 18

The Young Offenders

March 9

November Criminals

The Boss's Daughter

March 10

Last Ferry

Summer Night

March 13

Spring Breakers

The Outsider

March 14


Marvel & ESPN Films Present: 1 of 1: Genesis

The Assignment

The Student

March 15

Chicken Little

Pocoyo: Seasons 1 and 2

March 16

Deep Undercover: Collections 1, 2, and 3

Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment

Silver Linings Playbook

All About Nina

March 17

Come and Find Me

March 20

Conor McGregor: Notorious

March 22

Agatha and the Truth of Murder

I Don't Know How She Does It

March 24

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

March 25

Blood Father

The Hurricane Heist

March 26

Ghost Rider

March 27


March 30

Extras: Season 1 and 2

Killing Them Softly

London Spy: Season 1

The House That Made Me: Seasons 1, 2, and 3

March 31



Enter the Dragon

God's Not Dead



Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Kung Fu Hustle

Molly's Game

Money Talks

School Daze

Secret in Their Eyes

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City: The Movie

Sinister Circle

Skin Wars: Seasons 1, 2, and 3

Taxi Driver

The Bye Bye Man

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Prince & Me

The Roommate

The Runaways

Weeds: Seasons 1 through 8