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What The Cast Of Weeds Is Doing Today

When Nancy Botwin's husband dies, she doesn't know what to do. She's grown accustomed to living an upper-middle-class lifestyle in the fictional town of Agrestic, California, and her many years as a housewife haven't exactly prepared her for the professional world. But now that she has no choice but to step up as the breadwinner, she needs to find a way to support her family. As a result, she makes a rather unorthodox decision: In order to pay the bills, she starts selling marijuana.

Weeds follows Nancy's journey into the underground world of drugs, cartels, and turf wars. As Nancy becomes more entangled in this dangerous system, the safety of her family and friends is also put at risk. During its eight-season run, the talented cast of this dark, comedic drama won plenty of prestigious awards. Now, these actors have directed their own films, starred in other series, and even gotten married. The series finale aired in 2012 — here's what the cast of Weeds has been up to since then.

Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy Botwin)

Nancy's foray into selling marijuana begins with innocent intentions. But what starts as a desperate and risky endeavor to support her family through a rough patch quickly spirals into chaos. Suddenly, every aspect of the comfortable life she longs to maintain is threatened. Throughout the series, Nancy becomes an anti-hero of sorts — it's easy to understand her initial motivations, but it's clear that her moral compass is skewed.

Mary-Louise Parker perfectly pulls off the part of the PTA mom-turned-pot dealer, and in the years since Weeds ended, she's been keeping busy. In addition to landing recurring roles on shows like The Blacklist, When We Rise, Billions, and Mr. Mercedes, she also found the time to publish a memoir entitled Dear Mr. You. Hearkening back to her pre-Weeds career on the stage, she's stepped away from the camera to work in theater, most prominently in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, How I Learned to Drive. Parker's career has always been multi-faceted, but in the wake of Weeds' finale, she's become an even stronger, more impressive creative force.

Hunter Parrish (Silas Botwin)

Hunter Parrish plays Silas Botwin, Nancy's oldest son, whose impulsive and daring nature makes him a natural when it comes to the "family business." Silas is devastated by the death of his father, and his relationship with his mother is often rocky — in some ways, Silas and Nancy mirror each other, and often butt heads as a result.

Not long after Weeds ended, Parrish became engaged to his girlfriend, Kathryn Wahl, whom he met on the set of Weeds when she had a small part on the show. The happy couple were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding in 2015. Parrish has continued to enjoy steady work in television, appearing on shows like Quantico and The Good Wife. He also played Tom Howland in the film Still Alice, which tells the story of a woman who struggles with early-onset Alzheimer's.

What's Parrish's next big move? You can catch him on the upcoming Netflix series Ratched, which is currently in post-production and is due for release on the platform in September 2020.

Alexander Gould (Shane Botwin)

Playing Shane Botwin on Weeds was Alexander Gould's first major recurring role on a TV show. Shane is extremely intelligent, yet deeply depressed, and he struggles with social anxiety. He is bullied relentlessly in school, and his family's neglect ends up sending him down a dark path. Though Gould was a child when he began playing Shane, he quickly grew into the role and created a dazzling character arc that unfolds across the entire series.

Apart from his role on Weeds, Gould is mainly known for his work as a voice actor. If you're a fan of Pixar films, he probably sounds familiar — he's the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo! Naturally, he returned to work with many of the same cast members for the sequel, Finding Dory. He's also moved into the world of superheroes by playing Jimmy Olsen in Superman: Unbound.

Gould has also had some exciting developments in his personal life. In 2018, he married Lieba Gould, who has also taken on a few acting projects in recent years — you can catch her in short films like The Birth Of and Child.

Kevin Nealon (Doug Wilson)

Nancy's close friend Doug Wilson, played by Kevin Nealon, helps her get her business off the ground in the early seasons. Although he has an irresponsible streak, he initially manages to hold down a seat on the city council and keep his marriage together. That is, until his life begins to unravel in later seasons of the show.

After shooting the finale of Weeds, Nealon has been quite busy working in film. He's appeared in several movies over the past few years, including Small Time, Blended, and Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping. He also played Don Burns on Man With a Plan, which is about a father who has to adjust to life as a stay-at-home dad after his wife goes back to work. On top of acting, Nealon makes time for his own creative outlet: His YouTube channel Hiking With Kevin. On episodes of Hiking With Kevin, Nealon interviews different celebrities while hiking. You can check out new episodes every Thursday.

Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin)

After abruptly losing her husband, Nancy needs someone to lean on. She begins relying heavily upon support from her brother-in-law, Andy Botwin, played by Justin Kirk. Andy ends up moving in with Nancy, and although she occasionally becomes frustrated by his immature behavior, she needs someone to help run her business and act as a father figure to her children.

After Weeds wrapped, Kirk had a packed schedule ready to go. He had a recurring role on Animal Practice lined up, and since then, he's had bit parts and small roles on plenty of other TV shows, including series like Modern Family and Kidding. He also starred as Gideon Reeves in the series APB, which follows the story of a billionaire who purchases a dysfunctional police precinct.

In addition to his TV projects, Kirk has been busy appearing in plays. His most recent role was in the play Evanston Salt Costs Rising, which depicts the lives of the workers who salt the roads in Evanston, Illinois. Right now, he's also working on two new films, Under the Bridge and Hollywood Fringe.

Elizabeth Perkins (Celia Hodes)

Celia Hodes is a fan favorite on Weeds — she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, she always speaks her mind, and her raunchy sense of humor makes her scenes some of the funniest in the entire show. As Nancy's neighbor, the two have a tendency to fuel each other's worst impulses. Although Elizabeth Perkins only played Celia for five seasons and did not return for the series finale, Perkins still says that she considers Celia her favorite character she has ever played — and considering how many roles she has landed since Weeds ended, that's a huge compliment to the show.

After Weeds, Perkins played Jackie O'Neill on Sharp Objects, a miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn. She also had a major role as Ann Moody in The Moodys, and then went on to play Melanie Cave in Truth be Told. Most recently, she appeared in the popular NBC drama This is Us as Janet Malone. No matter what sort of work she's part of, Perkins is always certain to be a highlight.

Andy Milder (Dean Hodes)

Celia's antics might be entertaining for audiences, but her relationship with her husband Dean Hodes, played by Andy Milder, is always strained. The two clash constantly, and after Celia has an affair with Doug Wilson, they finally get a divorce. Oddly enough, Dean does maintain a close friendship with Doug, despite the fact that he went behind Dean's back with his wife.

Although Perkins left the series after season five, Milder stuck around until the finale episode. While appearing on Weeds, Milder also had a recurring role as Lester Dawson on the Disney Channel sitcom Austin & Ally. He continued appearing on several episodes of Austin & Ally after Weeds ended. He also picked up some voice work — you can hear him as the character Quillfire on Transformers: Robots in Disguise. He later moved on to recurring roles on Chicken Girls and The Broken Hearts Division. Most recently, Milder had a guest spot as Gene Rhodes on the series Kidding, which his co-star Justin Kirk has also appeared on.

Allie Grant (Isabelle Hodes)

Allie Grant's first major role was playing Isabelle Hodes on Weeds. As her character goes on quite a journey over the course the show, this is certain to have been quite the learning experience for the young actress. As Celia and Dean's daughter, Isabelle grows up in a dysfunctional household. Coming out as a lesbian further complicates things, driving a wedge between her and her mother. 

After leaving the cast of Weeds in 2009, Grant focused on academics — she eventually graduated as the valedictorian of her high school class in 2011. She then went on to attend a summer program at Harvard University. But while she was hitting the books, she was also working hard as an actress to build her career beyond Weeds. She had a long-running role as Lisa Shay on the TV series Suburgatory, and she eventually went on to play Evelyn Silver in The Goldbergs. Since then, she's played Melinda Weems on All Night, and had a guest appearance as Evy Silver on Schooled.

Tonye Patano (Heylia James)

As Nancy's supplier, Heylia James, played by Tonye Patano, always has a no-nonsense attitude. She's particularly quick to point out whenever Nancy is about to do something reckless. Over time, she becomes impressed by Nancy's business skills, but often finds herself frustrated by Nancy's rookie mistakes. Her relationship with Nancy becomes more complicated when it becomes apparent that her nephew, Conrad Shephard, has romantic feelings for Nancy that lead him into dangerous situations.

Patano definitely knows how to deliver a deadpan line, and often shuts Nancy down with just one stern look. She mastered Heylia's mannerisms, making it easy to see her as someone who you wouldn't want to cross. Although she was a regular on Weeds for several seasons, Patano was also occupied with other projects. She had recurring roles on One Life to Live and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which she returned to once her time on Weeds was over. Later, she appeared on the show Tommy, and was also in indie films including Jack of the Red Hearts and Diving Normal. She's recently wrapped filming for the movie Topside, a drama that has yet to get a release date.

Romany Malco (Conrad Shephard)

Conrad Shephard, played by Romany Malco, works as Nancy's supplier under the guidance of his aunt Heylia. He's a skilled businessman who wants more responsibility, but his affectionate feelings towards Nancy get in the way of being professional. Eventually, Conrad and Nancy do have a brief romantic relationship, but in the end, they simply aren't meant to be.

Malco has embarked on some exciting adventures since ending his time on Weeds. In 2015, Malco moved to Puerto Rico after working on the series Mad Dogs, and while this island isn't a popular spot for movie sets, he managed to balance his time there with his career. Although he loved living in Puerto Rico, he eventually had to return home to the United States after Hurricane Maria devastated parts of the island. He's currently putting the finishing touches on his film Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison, which he directed, wrote, and stars in. The movie is set to be released in July 2020.

Damien Bichir (Esteban Reyes)

Demian Bichir plays Esteban Reyes, who is a source of major drama in Nancy's life. He is the mayor of Tijuana, the head of an organized crime cartel, and eventually becomes her third husband. Nancy and Esteban have a child together named Stevie. They are, ultimately, from completely different worlds, and although Nancy harbors a deep attraction for Esteban, she is never completely safe with him. Their marriage ends in betrayal and catastrophe.

Since leaving Weeds, Bichir has not only appeared in major films, he has gotten behind the camera for his directorial debut. You may have spotted him in The Nun, The Hateful Eight, or the remake of The Grudge. His first film as a director, Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song, was released in 2016. He will also be in the upcoming films Godzilla vs. Kong and Chaos Walking.

Sadly, Bichir has also dealt with a tragedy in his personal life: His wife, Stefanie Sherk, passed away in April 2019. Bichir stated that it was the "saddest and toughest" time that he has ever endured, and that "Stefanie's beautiful, angelical, and talented presence will be immensely missed."

Guillermo Diaz (Guillermo Gomez)

Guillermo Gomez, played by Guillermo Diaz, meets Nancy while working under Esteban. He takes a liking to Nancy, but she does not return his feelings. The two of them eventually end up in jail together, but in the end, the audience finds out that he is released. Later, they both go into business with Conrad, and before the series wraps up, Guillermo tells Stevie his biological father's dramatic backstory.

Diaz has taken on some interesting projects after leaving Weeds. For instance, he appears alongside many other celebrities in Jay-Z and Beyonce's video, Part II: On the Run. Aside from his role on Weeds, Diaz is probably best known for his long-running role on Scandal as Huck — in fact, he spent a couple of years balancing his work on both Weeds and Scandal. Diaz even noted that the two roles had some similarities. "Guillermo had this cocky side to him and had a bit of a grin from inside that would show ... and Huck would do the same," he told The Hollywood Reporter. Since his run on Scandal ended, Diaz has also appeared on Broad City, and his most recent guest spot was on the series United We Fall.