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Mila Kunis Confessed To Stealing A Set Prop From That '70s Show

With the Netflix reboot, "That '90s Show," on the horizon, fans are looking back at the classic sitcom that came before it, "That '70s Show." It follows the adventures of Wisconsin youth as they try to find themselves and make it in the world in the turbulent decade of the 1970s. The group of friends hangs out in Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) basement, which he lovingly calls the "Batcave." The basement acts as the gang's clubhouse where they can hang out and ... watch TV.

The basement itself is almost like a character in the show. So many hookups and breakups on the show happen in this room. It is the same basement where Eric breaks up with Donna (Laura Prepon), effectively kicking her out of the group and out of the clubhouse, albeit temporarily. It's considered iconic as it is the set for both the first and the last scenes of the entire show. Even when Eric moves out of the Forman house, the basement is still used as Hyde (Danny Masterson) lives down there when the show comes to a close. 

Fans even want to see furniture from the basement used in That '90s Show" as a hand-me-down for the next generation. Whether that comes to fruition is yet to be seen, but one original prop won't be making a comeback as "That '70s Show" star Mila Kunis stole it from the set after filming was completed.

Mila Kunis stole a chair from the set of That '70s Show

When asked in a 2015 Reddit AMA if she took any memorabilia from the set of "That '70s Show," Kunis, who played Jackie Burkhart in the iconic sitcom, confessed to stealing one particular item. "I stole the chair that was in the basement. We used to call it the 'Johnny Carson.' I stole it," Kunis said.

There are two chairs in the space — one folding chair with arms and one standing chair with no arms. One could assume the "Johnny Carson" is the folding chair with arms since the late-night funnyman's desk chair on "The Tonight Show" had arms as well. None of that was confirmed in her response though.

Kunis has since said that she refuses to watch the show today because she has a hard time watching her teenage self work. Nevertheless, she still can't forget her emotional response to filming the ending of the show back in 2006 when she couldn't stop crying. Perhaps, sneaking off the set with a screen-used prop helped her to cope with the end of the series.