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Disney Movies Fans Want To See Remade In Live-Action

Cinematic remakes and reboots of fan-favorite films have become increasingly commonplace in Hollywood lately, with just about every major movie studio now hoping to cash in on some of the greatest traditional stories they have already told and try to retell them (with some kind of update or twist) for a modern-day audience (and a hopeful strong second run at the box office). Remakes have never exactly been uncommon, and contrary to popular belief they are not always all that bad (in fact, some movie remakes ultimately prove to be so much better and more memorable than the originals). Disney Studios in particular is hot on the remake trend these days. Ever Tim Burton's 3-D reinvention of "Alice in Wonderland" in 2010 and the live-action "Cinderella" remake that dropped in 2015, Disney has steady begun releasing one or sometimes even two live-action remakes a year on average, which is a bit unprecedented, to say the least.

Some retellings are scene by scene remakes, such as "The Lion King" and "The Jungle Book," and those are clearly meant to invoke many of the same feelings of nostalgia and drama as the originals. Others offer some clever deviations from the originals, like "Maleficent," which challenged everything we knew about the tale of "Sleeping Beauty" and brought new information about the titular villain. The House of Mouse certainly shows no signs of slowing down on its love of remakes in the near future, for better and for worse: Not everyone is particularly excited to see some of their favorite Disney movies remade in live-action format — there is still something magical about animation, after all –  but there are quite a few Disney-philes out there who are indeed champing at the bit for more.

As more and more live-action remakes are announced and released by the studio, it is clear that Disney probably intends to revisit the vast majority of its already massive catalog of animated features for eventual live-action release, and at the rate they are going, they will get through that illustrious catalog in no time. So, with so many classics remaining out there to choose from, here are the biggest animated Disney movies that some fans really want to see remade in live-action next.

Treasure Planet could take us to whole new worlds

Among the animated movies that fans most want to see brought to life again, "Treasure Planet" is by far one of the most underrated from the past few decades. A science-fiction adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island," it tells the story of a young Jim Hawkins — played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt — as he sails the open extraterrestrial seas to find the infamous treasure-filled planet, all the while building a complex relationship with the pirate cyborg John Silver — who just so happens to be after the treasure for himself.

"Treasure Planet" is both an exciting modern twist on a familiar tale and one of the most beautifully animated features Disney has ever put out. Between the exploration of different alien species and worlds to the strong themes of friendship, comradery, and self-sacrifice, "Treasure Planet" is everything you could ask for in a swashbuckling sci-fi adventure. Rife with potential for exquisite live-action visuals, if "Treasure Planet" doesn't get translated into live-action at some point, it would be a real shame, especially since some fans on the internet have already put together detailed plans and cast lists (and even release dates) for how it could happen — and how it could even spark a whole new science-fiction franchise for the studio.

Unfortunately, "Treasure Planet" bombed at the box office, which probably makes the House of Mouse a bit hesitant to try it again on a grander scale. However, given the original's positive reviews and high fan praise, it's more than likely that fans would show up again if it meant they'd see a live-action "Treasure Planet" on the big screen.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire could be a blockbuster sensation

"Atlantis: The Lost Empire" has no business being as good a movie as it is, and yet, it's not only good, it's great. This science-fiction epic follows linguist Milo James Thatch — voiced by Michael J. Fox — as he joins an expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. As the crew travels through the ocean into the depths of the hollow Earth, they encounter and discover a lot more than they initially bargained for. Not only is Atlantis still around, but its technology is infinitely more advanced than anything above the surface.

Inspired in part by the works of Jules Verne, "The Lost Empire" is an adventure for the ages that feels completely otherworldly in the best of ways. With an epic love story that forces Milo to choose between his people and the Atlanteans, there is so much more the film could have explored if it had more time. "Atlantis" also features a pretty diverse cast that would fit perfectly into Disney's recent catalog and features a unique blend of anti-capitalistic and Native rights stories.

In a world where James Cameron's "Avatar" films and Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" and "Blade Runner 2049" can take science-fiction to a visually new level, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is the perfect Disney feature to adapt as a big-budget live-action blockbuster. Plus, the mythology behind "Atlantis" alone could make for a whole series of exciting adventures. Some fans have been steadily imagining what the cast list for a live-action version of "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" would look like, and it sparked quite an interesting debate online!

Tarzan could swing into franchise territory

The last film in the beloved Disney Renaissance series of animated features that ran from 1989 until 1999, "Tarzan" is a jungle tale about a man raised by apes, with a powerful Phil Collins soundtrack and a talented vocal cast leading the charge. Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs original "Tarzan of the Apes" stories, the Disney feature was a huge success for the company that — much like "The Lion King" before it — produced various sequels, spin-offs, a Broadway musical, and even won an Academy Award.

The past success of "Tarzan" alone proves that Disney should at least consider a live-action reboot, and since the House of Mouse seems to have no issue with multiple adaptations of the same story coming out around the same time — their recent live-action versions of "Pinocchio" and "Jungle Book" prove that much, at least — there should not be any confusion if Burroughs' iconic story is retold again by someone else. If remakes of the popular Disney princess films are to appeal to youngsters of now, then surely a new "Tarzan" would no doubt appeal to even more kiddos.

As one of the most beloved Disney movies of the late '90s, "Tarzan" is a live-action adventure just waiting to happen. Indeed, the story of Tarzan has certainly found its way into the live-action sphere for other studios during his long history of screen adaptation, including 1932's "Tarzan of the Apes" and the 2016 action-adventure film "The Legend of Tarzan." Now that Disney has perfected the CGI animal game with their latest live-action remakes, "Tarzan" is surely a property Walt Disney Pictures could remake with its signature fanciful tones next. 

Brother Bear could bring this wholesome tale to the big screen again

A musical fantasy comedy-drama (say that three times fast), "Brother Bear" was released in 2003 to moderate success. It told the story of a Native Alaskan boy named Kenai — voiced by Joaquin Phoenix — who is transformed into a bear by the Spirits after he mercilessly and unnecessarily kills a bear. As a bear, Kenai meets the young Koda, a cub in need of a friend, or more specifically a brother. In this heartwarming tale, Kenai slowly becomes one with the animal kingdom, further understanding and accepting the nature around him.

There is so much to love about "Brother Bear," which is pretty underappreciated as far as more recent Disney animated features are concerned. The Alaskan landscape makes for a beautiful and serene setting that juxtaposes wonderfully with Kenai's own complex journey with mother nature. Like "The Jungle Book," a live-action adaptation of "Brother Bear" would feature more beautifully rendered CGI animals, but it would also open doors of representation for Native Alaskan peoples in a live-action Disney production. Plus, unlike some of the other Disney animated movies where the soundtrack is too iconic to remove (looking at you "Mulan"), "Brother Bear" doesn't necessarily need the Phil Collins soundtrack to tell a powerful and effective tale as the story can easily stand on its own without them (though, that's not to say we'd complain if there were some musical numbers in the mix).

Some Disney megafans have already started cobbling together pitch lists for some of the potential actors who could voice the characters in the film, and rumors of potential studio interest in making the movie have been swirling for some time, so it remains to be seen if this one will get the live-action treatment like so many others from the Disney archives.

Disney's American Legends could remind new generations of time-honored tales

Originally a series of shorts compiled together as one feature film, "Disney's American Legends" is an anthology about some of America's most famous tall tales. Including the likes of John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, and "The Brave Engineer" Casey Jones, "American Legends" collects old Disney animated productions from 1948 through the year 2000 to retell these historic tales. Between the power and strength of John Henry to the heroics of Casey Jones, there is a lot of material here just primed and ready for a remake.

Just like Disney's 1995 feature film "Tall Tale," which united Bunyan and Henry with the mythical cowboy Pecos Bill, a live-action adaptation of "American Legends" would provide an opportunity to retell these traditional American stories for those modern audiences who have yet to hear about the legends of Johnny Appleseed or Paul Bunyan. A perfect mix of historical legend and fantasy, these Tall Tales have always been a part of the broader American culture, and they still mean something to this day.

"Disney's American Legends" may not be the most popular animated feature out there, or even one that most remember, but it does present a piece of our country's history that should be celebrated and cherished. More than ever, the up-and-coming generations need to hear these American Tall Tales, and a live-action adaptation of this series could do just the trick to bring these figures into the mainstream again.

The Black Cauldron could bring this underappreciated gem back

One of Disney's most forgotten classics, "The Black Cauldron" is an animated dark fantasy loosely based on the first two novels in the "Chronicles of Prydain" series by Lloyd Alexander. Taking inspiration from Welsh mythology and the early Dark Ages, this medieval coming-of-age adventure story was Disney's most expensive animated production in 1985, and when it bombed at the box office, it took Disney over a decade to release the film onto home video. Since then, "The Black Cauldron" has become something of a cult classic, leading some fans of the film to hope for a live-action remake that might restore the story to its rightful glory.

Following the adventures of a young pig keeper named Taran, Princess Eilonwy, a bard named Fflewddur Fflam, and a strange man-beast creature named Gurgi, our heroes in the film venture out to defeat the evil Horned King who above all desires a mythic cauldron that would give him the power to rule the world. With high-stakes, epic swordplay and a magical pig, there is plenty of reasons to want to see this story retold. This exciting — and pretty dark — fantasy would look incredible in live-action, and could easily be the successor to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise that the House of Mouse has been searching for.

With so much source material to pull from, "The Black Cauldron" could easily become an epic high-fantasy series that would usher Disney into a new era of live-action production. If they played their cards right, they might have the next "Lord of the Rings" on their hands. There's some good and bad news for those hoping to see this story unearthed for the live-action treatment. The good news is talk of this exact thing happening is already starting to percolate. The bad news is, as of now, it's just that: talk. For now, at least, fans can enjoy some of the faux live-action previews fans have cooked up in their spare time online.

Meet The Robinsons' buddy time travel adventure would look great in live-action

A more recent animated feature, "Meet the Robinsons" is still pretty new compared to the rest of the vast Disney catalog, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be remade with live actors like others on this list. Set in both the past and the future, the film features a young time traveler named Wilbur who brings an orphaned boy named Lewis to the future in order to escape the clutches of a villain who seeks to change his family's past. With plenty of sci-fi antics and futuristic visuals to work from, a live-action "Meet the Robinsons" remake could be both visually stunning and thematically interesting (hey, a similar concept worked for Netflix's "The Adam Project," so why not?). 

Based on the '90s children's book "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" by William Joyce, "Meet the Robinsons" is all about the importance of family and how, as Walt Disney often said, we should "keep moving forward" instead of dwelling on our own failures. With a positive Disney message and plenty of sci-fi adventure to boot, "Meet the Robinsons" is an often forgotten Disney movie that deserves a remake, if not just to bring this timeless story back into the limelight.

"Meet the Robinsons" might be a bit outlandish, but in the best of ways that would be perfect for a Disney+ adventure. If larger productions like "The Mysterious Benedict Society" and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" can get made, there's no doubt that Disney could adapt "Meet the Robinsons" into live-action, too.

The Adventures of Ichabod could be a spooky sensation

Although "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" is a single feature film, it is actually two separate and distinct stories: "The Wind in the Willows" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." With that in mind, a new live-action adaptation of the second half, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," is what fans may be a bit more interested in seeing. Based on the 1820 short story by Washington Irving, "Sleepy Hollow" follows Ichabod Crane, a small-town schoolmaster hoping to marry a young woman for her father's fortune, as he encounters a strange Headless Horseman on his way home one evening.

A classic American folktale, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" has been adapted before, including by Tim Burton in the late 1990s and in a short-lived supernatural small-screen series called "Sleepy Hollow." Yet, a live-action vision of "Adventures of Ichabod" would fit in perfectly with Disney's massive Halloween catalog, especially after the recent release of Marvel Studios' "Werewolf by Night." A fun blend of musical and horror, Disney's original 1949 adaptation of "Sleepy Hollow" has held up well over the years, though a live-action update could easily spark new life into the New England folktale.

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is one of the most famous spooky stories to be previously adapted by Walt Disney, complete with Bing Crosby narration and beautiful animation. But, after over 70 years, it might be time for the second half of "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" to find a live-action update that'll whet our Halloween appetites. Certainly, Disney fans have already come up with some intriguing ideas for who could join the cast of such a project, so some of the footwork for it is already done!