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Percy Jackson Disney+ Series - What We Know So Far

Fans of Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson" novels rejoice — Disney is officially working on a new adaptation of the popular YA book series, and we have every reason to think the company intends to get it right.

Initially, in May of 2020, Riordan took to Twitter to announce that a TV adaptation of his book series was in-development for Disney (via Variety). This seemed to be a positive sign, since the author famously distanced himself from the divisive feature film series based on his work. Then, in January 2022, Disney confirmed that it had finally greenlit the series after its lengthy development period (via The Hollywood Reporter). Furthermore, Riordan himself will co-write the pilot alongside Jon Steinberg of "Black Sails" fame. Steinberg will likewise produce alongside partner Dan Shotz.

The new adaptation follows in the wake of 2010's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" and its 2013 sequel, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monsters." Both films received lukewarm responses from critics and fans alike. The detractors cited the movies' significant and sometimes inexplicable departures from the bestselling books as a major pain point. Riordan himself claims to have never seen the movies, and has grumbled about being shut out from the production process.

This latest project is still midway into its development, but here's everything we know so far.

Updated June 23, 2022: This article has been updated to include news of the series entering into production and to reflect its most recent casting announcements.

When is the release date for the Percy Jackson Disney+ series?

Attempting to estimate the release date of a TV series that was only recently picked up is a fool's errand. The Riordans, however, have been unusually communicative about the development of "Percy Jackson" on Twitter, since back when development on the series first began. In response to a deluge of fan inquiries about the project during its early stages, Beth Riordan tweeted, "Any news to share? A couple of studio meetings this week. Getting close to wrapping up the pilot outline. A script outline isn't the same as an outline for a term paper but is more a script without dialog if that makes sense. We are having a blast! We love our team! More soon."

Then, on November 24, 2020, more good news came once again from the Riordans themselves. Becky tweeted, "Great news to share this morning. Yesterday our team sent the #PercyJackson pilot script up the chain of command at the TV studio for notes and approvals. Why is this news? Adaptation is a very slow collaborative process so we are excited for every step in the right direction!"

Because Disney has since approved of this preliminary round of scripts, we could potentially see the first episodes streaming sometime in late 2022. Any estimated date before that — especially in light of the vast production uncertainties in the industry this year — would be foolishly optimistic. Rick Riordan himself appeared to confirm this timeline in a message to fans about production process: "So it takes me 6-12 months just to write a novel all by myself. Making a TV show is infinitely more complicated, especially w/unknown factors like the pandemic in play. We are still in the earliest stages of writing, which will take months. Most optimistic guess 2 years? Maybe?" (via CBR). He made this comment back in 2020, suggesting this timeline might even be optimistic.

Finally, on June 3, 2022, Disney confirmed on Twitter that it was in the process of filming "Percy Jackson," further supporting the prospect of a late 2022 or even an early 2023 release window.

Who is in the cast of the Percy Jackson Disney+ series?

In April of 2021, Rick Riordan himself announced that the search for the next Percy Jackson had begun. Then, a year later, Riordan shared on his personal blog that the show's titular character will be portrayed by a young actor named Walker Scobell, whose only credit prior to news of his casting was the Netflix film "The Adam Project."

Then, in May of 2022, Disney announced that it rounded out the show's central trio with actors Aryan Simhadri and Leah Sava Jeffries, who will portray Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase respectively (via Variety).

On June 2, Variety confirmed a group of five new additions to the cast of "Percy Jackson" comprised of Virginia Kull, Glynn Turman, Jason Mantzoukas, Megan Mullally and Timm Sharp. Each of them are credited as reoccurring guest stars. This announcement also revealed that Kull will portray Percy's mother Sally, Turman will be the centaur Chiron, Mantzoukas will play camp director Dionysus, Mullally will be the fury Alecto, and that Sharp will portray Percy's stepdad Gabe.

Most recently, on June 21, Variety shared the news that "Percy Jackson" added Dior Goodjohn, Charlie Bushnell, and Olivea Morton to its cast. They will portray Clarisse La Rue, Luke Castellan, and Nancy Bobofit, in that order. Whereas the former two actors are confirmed for reoccurring parts, Morton is simply credited as a guest star.

On the whole, then, fans now have a pretty clear picture of who all will serve as the major players in Disney+'s "Percy Jackson."

What is the plot of the Percy Jackson Disney+ series?

Given Riordan's enthusiasm for the streaming iteration of his magnum opus, we can assume the TV producers plan to hew much closer to his original plot than the films did. The novels follow Perseus "Percy" Jackson, a young demigod sired by the Greek sea god Poseidon. Percy was raised by his human mother, and the revelation of his divine parentage sets in motion the major conflict of the series.

The book series comprises five novels and two companion books, "The Demigod Files" and "The Demigod Diaries." The first novel, subtitled "The Lightning Thief," was released in 2005 and became an instant bestseller. It was followed by "The Sea of Monsters," "The Titan's Curse," "The Battle of the Labyrinth," and "The Last Olympian." The first film attempt at adapting the series loosely translated the events of the first novel, while the 2013 sequel appeared to blend elements from the second and fifth books.

The new series destined for Disney+ may take an approach akin to that of "Game of Thrones" by adapting approximately one book per season, or it may try to cram all five novels into a single limited series event. We'll just have to wait and see. According to the very talkative author, he hopes that Disney will commit a budget similar to what's been deployed on series like "WandaVision" and "The Mandalorian" — though whether or not the Mouse is ready to pony-up Marvel numbers for a somewhat unproven franchise is still unknown (via Cinemablend).

As soon as Disney releases any more information, we'll be sure to keep you updated.