Adam Cetorelli

Seattle, WA
The George Washington University
Pop Culture, Movies, TV, News
  • Adam is a writer for Looper's News team.
  • At The George Washington University, he worked as a teaching assistant for the course Film and Politics, which paired films with political theory and asked undergraduates to craft arguments about the intersection of movies and culture.
  • He has reviewed movies, television, and music videos for his personal website,


Adam is a freelancer who specializes in queer content and pop-culture critique. He previously worked as a regular contributor to ENSPIRE Magazine, a digital/print lifestyle publication that highlights the positive things people are doing for their communities. You can also find his work on Planet Forward and his personal blog. Adam loves a good murder mystery (especially if it takes place on a train!) and devotes a lot of his free time to rewatching episodes of the original "Twilight Zone" series.


Adam earned his master's in American Studies from The George Washington University, where he researched pop-culture representations of gender and sexuality and instructed undergraduates in writing-focused courses.
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