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What Is The Song In The Geico 'Sidecar Groom' Commercial?

A new commercial from Geico just dropped with a storyline that diverges from the insurance company's commercials of the past, adding to a variety of goofy campaigns — including one featuring a remix of the song "Whoomp (There It Is)" and another starring an Olympic gymnast — that has become the insurance company's signature. The "Sidecar Groom" commercial opens with a man on a solo motorcycle ride down a winding road along the side of a rocky mountain, belting out a joyful tune with a big smile. After a few bars, however, he snaps out of this fantasy, and is revealed to be daydreaming about this trip and is singing out loud, a cappella at his own wedding — yikes! His new wife approaches, hands on hips in what seems to be irritation, and asks, "Daydreaming again?" He looks around confused and a little embarrassed, but his wife drops the act, cracking a smile, and continues the song, singing, "But I love you still."

The camera zooms out, revealing a cherry red motorcycle with sidecar attached, and the bride humorously informs her groom, "You know I'm driving, right?" to which he replies, appropriately for the occasion, "I do." She rips the skirt off her wedding dress to uncover pants, and the two hop into their respective spots. In a sweet finale to the scene, the Geico logo emerges against the backdrop of the newlyweds riding together on an open road, a "Just Married" sign fixed to the back of the sidecar.

The upbeat song that the couple sings is central to the advertisement, and you've probably heard it before. But in case you just can't place it, we did some research on the song from the Geico "Sidecar Groom" commercial.

The lyrics don't match, but the tune makes up for it

The song from the Geico "Sidecar Groom" commercial is none other than "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations, a late-1960s British pop soul musical group. The band made history as the first multiracial group to top the British charts with their 1967 breakout hit, "Baby Now That I've Found You" (via Spotify). "Build Me Up Buttercup" would come out soon after, in early 1969, topping both British and U.S. charts at Number 2 and Number 1, respectively. Although the band would dissolve in 1970, its most popular songs have reemerged in pop culture through the years, and "Build Me Up Buttercup" is no exception. The song was heavily featured at the end of 1998's "There's Something About Mary," drawing new attention to The Foundations after almost 30 years since the group made a song together.

And now there's the Geico "Sidecar Groom" commercial. While the lyrics don't really match the storyline of the ad — the couple's love seems very much reciprocal — the happy, fun tune behind the lyrics is a perfect fit. It's creative decisions like these that make Geico commercials some of America's favorites.