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What Is The Song In The Apple's New iPhone 12 Cooking Commercial?

Over the past year, Apple has experimented with a variety of music genres in its commercials — to varying degrees of success. From the jazzy trap song in its "Beyond Stereo" ad to the post-punk tune backing "Privacy on iPhone," the company has showcased how a diversity of musical styles that fit with its branding (although in one ad, Apple used music more fit for a revolution than a marketing campaign, a questionable — but not unfamiliar — choice for the tech giant).

In a recent Apple commercial, the brand takes viewers to another stop on its tour of genres with a new pop song with salsa and Brazilian funk influences. It's the "Cook" commercial, which follows a man as he dances around the kitchen, messily preparing a meal of mystery (at times it seems he's making pasta from scratch, but we're not so sure). As he throws flour around, punches eggs to break them, and spills milk everywhere, his phone finds itself in the line of fire, and gets pretty dirty.

To wrap it all up, the commercial ends with his phone falling screen-first onto the pile of dishes in the sink, and viewers recall that dreaded "Is she okay?" feeling we've all had at least once in our lives. But then text appears on the screen: "More durable than ever. Relax, it's iPhone." The man picks up the phone, washes it off in the sink, and everything's okay. 

The song provides a confident backdrop to all this, and helps instill in viewers the sense of security that you could wash your new iPhone 12 off if you really needed to.

Naïka brings the sauce

The song in the Apple "Cook" commercial is none other than the appropriately entitled "Sauce" by Naïka, a Miami-born artist of French and Haitian descent, whose life of international travel has influenced her music with diverse styles (via Position Music). She is a graduate from Berklee College of Music, and has garnered awards and recognition for her songwriting and obvious talent.

The lyrics of the chorus of "Sauce" take a call and response form, alternating between a deep male voice and Naïka's: "Who brought the sauce? I brought the sauce / Who made the sauce? I made the sauce / Who got the sauce? I got the sauce / What's in the sauce? I am the sauce." 

We're not so sure that the amateur chef in the Apple commercial is bringing anything to the table, but as the saying goes, "manifest it." "Sauce" exudes confidence, making it both a perfect fit for the Apple "Cook" commercial as well as a potential summer anthem.