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The Challenge Star You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

MTV's "The Challenge" is the reality competition show that just keeps on giving, as it recently wrapped up its 37th season, "Spies, Lies, and Allies." The series takes a group of reality TV stars and places them in varied challenges that range from physical to mental. And when you have a group of strong personalities trapped in a house competing for prize money things can get a little wild. "The Challenge" has an emotional aspect to playing the game as well, as players are often seen manipulating others to get ahead. 

Over time, "The Challenge" has seen many competitors come and go, with brand new cast members replacing the old for a chance to win. Each season sees a different theme, like "Rivals" or "Battle of the Exes" that are meant to push the competitors to their limits in order to claim the coveted title of champion. The player's huge personalities can all clash in various ways to make for some juicy reality TV. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the biggest "Challenge" competitors and outline how their personalities match with their zodiac signs. Dive in to see which "Challenge" competitors zodiac sign you are!

Jenna is a Capricorn

Jenna Compono was first introduced to MTV audiences during her time on "The Real World." Since then she has appeared on 8 seasons of "The Challenge," making it to 3 finals in the process. Jenna met her now-husband Zach Nichols during her time on the show, and their relationship was a subject of much drama, as they kept making up and breaking up.

Capricorns are typically born between December 22nd to January 19th and are an Earth sign. As Jenna is born on December 31st, she fits right in with her zodiac sign. Typically, Capricorns are known for being hardworking and stubborn, achieving whatever they put their minds to. While Jenna was always a strong competitor on "The Challenge," many would underestimate her as being weak, but she would often prove them wrong with her determination. Similarly, she always knew that she wanted Zach and made the relationship work no matter what. Jenna follows her Capricorn personality trait of knowing what she wants and doing whatever she can to achieve it.

Nany is an Aquarius

Nany González first joined "The Challenge" cast back in 2012 in "Battle of the Seasons." Since then, she's been a part of 10 other "Challenge" seasons, making it to 3 finals. Nany was born on January 26th, making her an Aquarius, someone born between January 20th and February 18th.

Those who fall under the Aquarius zodiac sign are typically seen as strong with a personality that can move like the wind. As the Aquarius element is air, it makes sense that characteristics can change on a dime. An Aquarian is an individual who doesn't like to be held down by labels. This relates to Nany perfectly as each season on "The Challenge" introduces to audiences to a "new" Nany. She's been a team player, a hothead, a party girl, and most recently, engaged in her first same-sex relationship. Nany is like the wind, you never know what you're going to get from her. And her "Challenge" gameplay generally relates to who she's connected to at the time.

Tori is a Pisces

Tori Deal has been a staple on "The Challenge" for 5 years. She first began her relationship with MTV when she started in the network's fourth season of the reality dating show "Are You The One?" After that, Tori made a name for herself in "The Challenge," as she made it to the final in her rookie year.

Born on March 7th, Tori is the Water zodiac sign Pisces as it ranges from those born between February 19th and March 20th. Pisces' zodiac traits tend to be deeply creative and intuitive. They're seemingly friendly but prefer to spend their time in a creative space. During Tori's time on "The Challenge," she shared her love for the creative space with her partner and then-fiance Jordan Wiseley. Tori often shares with her followers on social media her creative outlets such as her book "The Search For Syrup," her podcast with Challenge friend and co-star Aneesa, and her self-care meditation account SuiHeart Club.

Laurel is an Aries

Laurel Stucky is a well-known face on "The Challenge" as she began her career with MTV 12 years ago on "Fresh Meat II." While she has been back for a few "Challenge" seasons in recent years, she has yet to return after her iconic, and somewhat embarrassing, elimination in "The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2" when Laurel overly celebrated a win. Unfortunately, she did so prematurely and ended up losing that challenge because she cheated and her win did not count.

There's no doubt that Laurel is an amazing competitor on "The Challenge" and as an Aries, she lives up to her personality traits of being passionate, competitive, and independent to her core. Aries are born between March 21st and April 19th, with Laurel being born on April 11th. Her competitive nature is what makes her such a good contestant for the show, but her passion for winning and independent nature of marching to her own drum often leads her to confrontations with many other players.

Leroy is a Taurus

Starting his reality star career on "The Real World" Leroy Garrett has participated in 12 seasons of "The Challenge" before announcing his retirement from the franchise in "The Challenge: Double Agents." Leroy was always a trustworthy competitor throughout the show. He kept a level head and tried to be drama-free when his co-stars would engage. This was especially the case when he experienced a racist encounter with one of his co-stars Camilla Nakagawa. Leroy did his best to defuse the situation and calmly discussed her problematic outburst.

As an Earth sign, those born between April 20th and May 20th are generally considered to be wonderful friends and partners, drama-free, and honest. A Taurus personality has the ability to listen to both sides and come to a level-headed consensus regarding the issue. Like Leroy, if you are a Taurus then you're generally known to be calm, cool, and collected. A Taurus would definitely pass the vibe check.

Kyle is a Gemini

MTV decided to switch things up with "The Challenge" back in 2018 when they introduced a new formula to the series. Instead of concentrating on reality stars strictly from MTV shows, they opted to cast people from reality shows worldwide, thus introducing "The Challenge: Vendettas." Kyle Christie was cast due to his experience on "Geordie Shore" and he immediately began a relationship with Challenge champ Cara Maria. Unfortunately for Kyle, their relationship soured and caused much drama between the pair in later seasons.

Throughout the show, Kyle has developed somewhat of a chameleon personality, switching alliances with his cast members and making whatever promises he could in the hopes of making it to the final and winning the prize — and he does it all while cracking jokes and smiling. This character trait is perfectly in tune with that of a Gemini, as those personalities are known to be quick-witted and adaptable. If you're a Gemini then you tend to land on your feet and have a generally positive view of life. Don't ever change, Kyle.

Johnny Bananas is a Cancer

Johnny Devenanzio, better known as Johnny Bananas, is THE "Challenge" GOAT. Hate him or love him, his name has become synonymous with the reality series competition. He is a 7-time Challenge champ and has competed in a total of 20 seasons. Johnny's history has been a complicated one, as he's often the cause of drama in the house. Johnny is an intuitive player and will often play off his castmates' personalities to emotionally manipulate them to do what he wants in order to get farther ahead in the game.

Born on June 22, Johnny is a Cancer and Water sign. Like his zodiac personality, Johnny is emotional and perceptive to those around him. As a Cancer, he keeps a tight-knit group of friends around him that he trusts to play the game with. As far as he's concerned, anyone else that doesn't fall into his crew is on the chopping block and up for elimination. While he may seem like a ruthless player, as the biggest Challenge champ thus far, his old-school Challenge ways are clearly doing something right.

Jemmye is a Leo

While Jemmye Carroll may not have as many "Challenge" wins as some of the other players on this list, she's a memorable player due to the fact that she always makes big moves in her seasons. Jemmye is an intelligent and strategic player when it comes to "The Challenge." She's not the most athletic in the competition, but she more than makes up for it with her leadership qualities. After all, it was Jemmye who seemingly cursed Johnny Bananas, saying that he wouldn't win another Challenge again after he betrayed his partner. After she said that, it took him 6 more seasons before winning again.

Born on August 5th, Jemmye is a Leo and Fire sign. As a Leo, she has the character traits of being bold, ambitious, and smart. Always one to speak her mind, Jemmye has an opinion for everything and can usually back her opinions up in most social situations. She prefers to watch from the sideline and calculate how to perform in a Challenge than to make a grand statement claiming that she's the best competitor there. In her latest season, Jemmye finally made it to the final. You know what they say: slow and steady wins the race. Perhaps next time she'll take home the prize of "Challenge" champ.

Aneesa is a Virgo

Some may call Aneessa Ferreira the momma of "The Challenge" house, as she's been competing on the show since 2002. Aneesa plays the game with her heart on the sleeve and can't help but to critically analyze her castmates' behavior. While her opinions may come from the heart, they rarely ever help the situation and can result in drama, which is certainly the last thing Anessa ever wants.

As a Virgo, Aneesa is born between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd. If you're a Virgo you are known to be an amazingly loyal friend. People will often come to you for advice as Virgos are known to be caring and kind. Aneesa always has good intentions and wants the best for her castmates, and while that leads to her having her foot in her mouth sometimes, she takes it all in stride. She's confident, loyal, and smart — classic Virgo traits.

Ashley is a Libra

Ashley Mitchell is one of the richest "Challenge" winners to come out of the franchise, as the two finals that she won had the biggest prize amount. And while that fact alone may be enough to put a target on her back in future seasons, it's probably more her volatile personality that gets her into trouble. Ashley is never happier than when she's in a large group of people that she can count on, however, the moment you turn on her, there's no going back.

Born on August 7th, Ashley falls under the birth dates of a Libra. While they're typically known to be diplomatic, Ashley's personality tends to focus more on the loyalty characteristic of a Libra instead. Loyalty in the game means everything to Ashley. If you're loyal to her, she will have you back 100%, but the moment that loyalty isn't reciprocated, you had better watch out because she'll come for you. This is what she did to her partner Hunter Barfield in "The Challenge: Final Reckoning." She felt that Hunter wasn't loyal to her, and when it came time to split the prize money, she took the full million for herself and never looked back.

Kam is a Scorpio

Kam Williams, or "Killer Kam" as she's known, has made quite a name for herself on "The Challenge." While she's only competed on 5 seasons, she's made it to the final 3 times and has become one of the best strategic and physical contestants the show has ever had. Kam is a genuine player, and while she might not tell you her entire plan, she's definitely not going to lie to your face to get what she wants.

Born on November 3, Kam is Scorpio and encompasses many of the zodiac signs' character traits. She's a trailblazer in her own right as she's not afraid to give it to you straight and doesn't care what other people think. She's an independent player, and often forgoes relying on following the pack to get ahead of the game. Kam's not afraid to make big moves and is the perfect balance to her partner Leroy's more laid-back attitude.

Wes is a Sagittarius

And finally, we get to the biggest "Challenge" elimination winner of all time, Weston Bergmann, or Wes as most know him. Wes has been on "The Challenge" 14 times, and has given himself the reputation of being a conniving player. He likes to manipulate players to do his bidding without them even realizing that he's the mastermind behind it all. The rivalry between Wes and Johnny Bananas is Challenge legend, with the two finally burying the hatchet and working together in "The Challenge: Total Madness," as they're really more similar than they cared to admit.

Born on November 24th, Wes falls into the birth dates of a Sagittarius. Character traits for this sign include having a strong will, natural leadership, and being adventurous. As an avid swimmer, Wes loves to take part in adventurous underwater tasks, this is probably what makes him continuously return to "The Challenge" for more. He likes to take control of the house, by uniting the 'rookie' players to do his bidding, regardless of if his actions may rub people the wrong way. Wes is someone that goes after what he wants, making him a true Sagittarius through and through.