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New Footage From The Batman Revealed By Little Caesars Pizza

With the highly anticipated "The Batman" releasing in only a few short weeks, fan expectations are reaching a fever pitch. Directed by Matt Reeves, the film is expected to be a fresh spin on the long-standing franchise, drawing on some of the Caped Crusader's most famed storylines to put Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit alongside Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, and Paul Dano as the fearsome Riddler.

Although much of the movie, like any other franchise blockbuster these days, remains shrouded in secrecy, fans have been exposed to a steady drip of new information as the theatrical release draws near, from Easter egg-packed trailers to tantalizing interviews with its stars. But the latest look at "The Batman," which reveals an astonishing range of information about the characters and plot, comes from an unlikely source: Little Caesars Pizza.

That's right, the go-to spot for large amounts of carbohydrates at bargain prices is fighting crime — and hunger — with a "The Batman" themed menu item, and as a part of that promotional campaign, an extensive sneak peek of the film was released today through the pizza joint's YouTube channel. It covers the heroes, villains, and plot, revealing some juicy details about what fans can expect when they head to theaters next month.

Robert Pattinson says Riddler will be the greatest adversary Batman has ever known

The new sneak peek at "The Batman" features commentary from several of the movie's starring cast, including Robert Pattinson, who explained what makes the Riddler such a terrifying villain for a hero like Batman. "This is by far the most major adversary he's come across," Pattinson says, as clips of ominous messages left for Batman by the Riddler fill the screen.

"The Batman" will focus on the dark history of Bruce's parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne, something the Riddler is able to exploit as a weakness for Bruce. "The Riddler seems to know secrets about Batman that even Bruce didn't know," Pattinson explains. "It's all about the Waynes," a voice is heard saying, and it seems even Bruce's closest companion, Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis), has been covering up the truth, with Bruce saying, "All these years, you lied to me, Alfred." One clip shows a TV screen broadcasting a news station with the chyron, "Echoes of Wayne murder?" and Batman can be heard asking, "How am I a part of this?" Whatever the Riddler reveals about the history of the Wayne family, it's clear that Bruce may not be ready to confront the truth.

This examination of Bruce's past allows the Riddler to get under Batman's skin, according to Pattinson, who comments, "He wants to end up punishing the Riddler because he's being a mirror to Bruce's secrets."

Gotham is desperate, and so is Gordon, says Jeffrey Wright

"The Batman" looks like it will be presenting a 21st-century version of Gotham, with this new sneak peek showing off busy streets and neon billboards reminiscent of Times Square (including an ad for Little Caesars delivery). "It's Gotham in a way that I hadn't seen before," says Jeffrey Wright, who plays Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon. With the city thrown into chaos by the Riddler's rampage, it seems Gordon has reached a breaking point. "Gordon reaches out to Batman out of a level, I think, of desperation," Wright says.

Of course, there are more villains on the loose aside from the Riddler. Colin Farrell is appearing as Penguin, who has featured heavily in the film's trailers (and will reportedly get a spinoff of his own), and John Turturro is in the cast as Carmine Falcon, another of the city's mob heavies. The clip features explosions aplenty, including one in a civilian area, and we see a veritable army of police officers with weapons drawn, led by Gordon, in one shot. It's no wonder he needs the bat.

There's another reason for Batman's assistance of law enforcement that better integrates with the plot, though. As Pattinson points out, "The Riddler is addressing everything directly to Batman." Indeed, we see several letters addressed "to the Batman" in Riddler's handwriting, and a similar note duct-taped to the front of a suicide bomber's vest. Batman villains have always had a penchant for putting the weight of their carnage on Bruce's conscience, and that appears equally the case in "The Batman."

Zoe Kravitz says Batman and Catwoman will die for what they believe in

Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, has always had a flirtatious, yet cautious relationship with Batman, and with Zoe Kravitz in the expert jewel thief's leather suit this time around, "The Batman" appears to be exploring that dynamic with zeal. We see a clip of Batman catching her in the process of robbing a safe, and Kravitz tells us, "Catwoman meets Batman, who's looking for a serial killer in Gotham."

"New friend of yours?" Alfred Pennyworth asks Bruce in one part of the clip, to which he responds, "I'm not so sure." But just as in many of the comics on which the film is based, the two tend to find more common ground than they do a reason to fight. While the sneak peek shows off several fight scenes between Bruce and Selina, it seems they may need to work together in order to defeat a greater evil plaguing the city of Gotham. "They're both people who fight for what they believe in," Kravitz says. "They aren't afraid to die for what they believe in."

With so much new context made clear in this brand-new clip, the way it will all play out on screen now feels more fascinating than ever. Fans clearly feel the same, as "The Batman" has been projected to smash the record for first-weekend box office earnings previously established by "The Dark Knight Rises" when it drops on March 4.