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Yellowstone's Jefferson White On Potentially Leaving The Show For The 6666 Spin-Off - Exclusive

Lovable ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom has come a long way since his days as a recovering career criminal on "Yellowstone." In fact, he's come so far, he's become a fan favorite with viewers of the hit Paramount Network show, which just wrapped up its record-breaking fourth season

On the season finale, those fans were left wondering what exactly was going to happen to Jimmy — played by Jefferson White, who also hosts the ongoing "Official Yellowstone Podcast" — as he rode off into the sunset with his new fiancée by his side, leaving the Dutton-owned Montana ranch in the rearview and heading back to the far-removed 6666 Ranch. 

That said, most fans of "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan know there's a planned spin-off revolving around the Texas ranch otherwise known as the Four Sixes, a real ranch that Sheridan purchased in 2020. While it seems obvious that Jimmy will be the connection that allows the "6666" spin-off to happen, no details have been released about who exactly will be starring in the upcoming series. 

We went straight to the source and asked White during a recent exclusive interview if what we all suspect is true — will he be starring in the "6666" spin-off? Here's what he had to say.

Jefferson White has no control over what's going to happen to Jimmy

When asked whether Jimmy will appear on the "6666" spin-off, White plays coy. "I wish I knew," he says. "I think you won't be surprised to hear that they don't tell me anything. It's mostly my job just to try to hold on to the bucking bronco at any given moment. Any time I try to guess what Taylor's going to do, what he actually does is much better, and more surprising, and cooler, and more interesting than what I would've guessed. So, at this point, I've learned to just kind of try to hold on."

As for whether leaving "Yellowstone" for a new series is something White wants to do, he's equally self-effacing. "It's really wherever things take me," he says. "Similar to real life, you don't get many choices. For Jimmy, he doesn't get a lot of choices. He was plucked, picked up, and tossed to the Yellowstone ranch. At some point they got sick of him messing up and threw him over to the Sixes. He kind of gets buffeted back and forth by these powerful forces. And I really think it's appropriate, then, that I, myself, don't make a lot of choices."

As for his dream role — on "Yellowstone," "6666," or beyond — White is always looking forward to what the future holds. "As an actor, so much of our job is about responding to material, about figuring out how to make things work in circumstances that are new, surprising, and strange to us — and I'm always excited to do that," he says. "I land where I land, and it's a joy to figure out how to conform myself to those contours. I think the dream job is always the next job, to a certain extent."

In addition to playing Jimmy on "Yellowstone," which just wrapped Season 4 on the Paramount Network, White also hosts the ongoing "Official Yellowstone Podcast," with new episodes released every Thursday.