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How Yellowstone Fans Really Feel About Jimmy Leaving

After the record-breaking premiere of "Yellowstone" Season 4, the western drama has come to a dramatic end with "Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops." The season finale has it all: murder, marriage, farewells, and an unexpected brawl between barrel racer Mia (Eden Brolin) and vet tech Emily (Kathryn Kelly) over Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White), who revealed his engagement to the latter.

The season finale also confirms that Jimmy is officially leaving the Dutton's ranch for the 6666 Ranch, where he was banished by John Dutton (Kevin Costner) after recklessly sustaining a near-fatal injury in the Season 3 finale. While there, the ranchhand tackled a jaw-dropping new job and fell in love with the straightforward veterinary technician.

As "Yellowstone" fans get caught up on the Season 4 finale, many are eager to share their thoughts on the Jimmy-centric spin-off series "6666." Many have already expressed frustration over how "Yellowstone" handled plugging "6666" and the star-studded prequel "1883," but now that the season is over, here's how fans really feel.

Yellowstone fans are divided over Jimmy's storyline

Although "Yellowstone" fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the upcoming season will most likely stop cross-promoting the spin-offs, many are still skeptical that Jimmy Hurdstrom is a strong enough character to carry "6666." On the show's subreddit, however, it seems that fans were split on the matter.

"Pure set up for the show 6666 — I just don't see the selling point for 6666," wrote u/Tongue37. "I mean, aside from Jimmy and his gf what is going to go on there? It seems like it will be Yellowstone light."

"He literally stated in this episode that Texas is all about ranching and there's no conflict," said u/Chyrch. "That doesn't exactly make the new series sound very interesting."

Others rejoiced that his character would no longer appear on "Yellowstone," though u/ClanOrdo16 admitted their unpopular opinion that Jimmy's storyline was "probably the highlight and most coherent" in Season 4. Echoing their point, another Redditor said that they "f***ing loved" the ranchhand's arc this season, calling him a "great connection" between the two series.

With the details still unknown about "6666," fans will just have to wait and see what's to come.