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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Reveals If He'd Ever Do A Robin Or Nightwing Movie

It's been nearly a decade since Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared in "The Dark Knight Rises" and teased a possible cinematic debut as Robin, Batman's legendary sidekick, and fans still can't stop talking about it. 

Gordon-Levitt took part in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread on Thursday, December 9, and was quickly asked about whether he'd ever consider actually playing the role of Robin or perhaps Nightwing — the character's alter ego — in a movie someday. In "Dark Knight Rises," the actor plays John Blake, an ordinary street cop who tries to help Batman and Commissioner Gordon throughout the film. It's later revealed that his legal name is actually Robin, prompting many fans at the time to believe Gordon-Levitt would be appearing as Robin or Nightwing someday. 

"If you were offered to play Robin/ Nightwing in a movie right now, would you sign on?" asked Redditor u/SpidersMage during Thursday's AMA discussion. What Gordon-Levitt said next likely won't sit well with DC diehards. 

Gordon-Levitt says chances of Robin or Nightwing movie are slim

According to the "500 Days of Summer" star, the only way he would ever consider doing a Robin or Nightwing movie is if someone approached him with a dynamite script and production plan. But he doesn't ever see this happening. 

"As with every project for me, it would depend on the script and the director," Gordon-Levitt explained. "But if I were to do a movie like that, I'd only want to do it if it were going to be awesome, and honestly, I think the odds of that happening would be pretty slim."

Gordon-Levitt, 40, is preparing to star as Jiminy Cricket in Disney's 2022 live-action adaptation of "Pinocchio." Some of his latest work includes the role of Richard Schultz in Netflix's "The Trial of the Chicago 7" and a cameo in 2019's "Knives Out." The actor has previously said he'd be open to playing Robin again someday (via Jake's Takes), he just doesn't see it ever actually coming to fruition. 

In addition, Gordon-Levitt feels Christopher Nolan's ending in "The Dark Knight Rises" doesn't really need to be approached again. "As far as I know, that was always going to be the conclusion of Nolan's Batman movies," he said during a 2020 AMA. "It actually makes a really good ending to his trilogy. The theme recurs throughout that Batman is more than a man, it's a symbol, it makes sense to end the story with a person other than Bruce Wayne donning the mask."