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Why Dr. Dylan Scott From Chicago Med Looks So Familiar

Executive Producer Dick Wolf's ever-expanding "One Chicago" universe is populated with so many different cast lineups that, frankly, it's hard to keep track without a whiteboard and flow chart. Since launching back in October 2012 with the very first "Chicago Fire" episode, the "One Chicago" franchise quickly evolved to include "Chicago P.D., "Chicago Med," and lasting for just one season, "Chicago Justice." So, plenty of actor and character names and job titles to remember already, right?

Adding to the challenge of recalling which actor you saw and what show you saw them on are the franchise's annual crossover events. You know, the three-hour TV spectaculars spawned by city-wide catastrophes that can only be contained in multi-episode marathons of "One Chicago" action and mayhem. With all this in mind, it's entirely understandable that fans might come across a character who prompts a puzzled "where have I seen that face before?" reaction. In the case of Guy Lockard's Dr. Dylan Scott on "Chicago Med," there are a number of reasons this cop-turned-doc looks so familiar.

Guy Lockard has been acting for over 20 years

With an acting career reaching back over two decades, Guy Lockard fans of a certain age may have first glimpsed him on BET's long-running "Teen Summit" talk-and-variety show. Airing from 1989 through 2002, the series earned a record six wins for NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Children's Program and gave the teenaged Lockard a taste for entertainment that would fuel his drive to pursue acting as a life-long pursuit.

Lockard's acting gigs immediately following "Teen Summit" were generally smaller roles, but in some easily recognized TV productions. After playing Eric in the short film "Wish" in 2003, he began a professional relationship with "One Chicago" executive producer Dick Wolf when he landed parts in "Law & Order" in 2009 and "Law & Order: SVU" in 2011. Additional small-screen appearances for Lockard included playing a cab driver on "Gossip Girl," the role of Surfer Dude on "The Mysteries of Laura," another stint as a driver on "The Blacklist" and the part of a thug on "Gotham."

Guy Lockard played Gordon Davis in NBC's The Village

In 2018, Guy Lockard climbed the next rung of his career ladder by landing a recurring role as Gordon Davis in the NBC urban drama "The Village." Written and executive produced by Mike Daniels ("Sons of Anarchy"), the series centered on the residents of a unique apartment building in Brooklyn, New York.

With a cast featuring a diverse spectrum of age, race, and lifestyles, "The Village" explored the complex relationships of the apartment building's tenants as their lives intertwined, broke apart, and came together again to forge a closely bonded extended family. As Gordon, Lockard portrayed the estranged son of the building's super, Ron (Frankie Faison).

Appearing in four episodes of "The Village," Gordon would frequently find himself butting heads with his father over how to raise his daughter, Olivia (Hailey Kilgore), a rebellious young woman with enough attitude to keep any father on his toes.

The series received mixed reviews from critics and, despite earning an Average Audience Score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, the show was canceled after just one season.

Guy Lockard's first One Chicago role isn't the one he's now known for

The pace of Guy Lockard's acting career picked up speed in 2020 when he was cast in the role of Sam in "God Friended Me," and then as Len Barker in another Dick Wolf series, the CBS police procedural "FBI." Then, in Season 8, Episode 19 of "Chicago Fire" in 2020, sharp-eyed viewers might have spotted Lockard in his very first scenes in a "One Chicago" show — but not as the character he would later take on in "Chicago Med."

In the "Light Things Up" episode of "Chicago Fire," Lockard was cast as Lewis, a Chicago resident who joins a group of protesters storming Firehouse 51 to demand that the city do more to meet the needs of their underserved part of town. The outraged citizens chain the firehouse doors shut to ensure their cause gets the attention they think it deserves. Lockard's rabble-rousing Lewis faces a medical emergency and is ironically rushed to the same hospital Lockhard's Dr. Dylan Scott would eventually practice medicine in.  

It would be just a year later that fans would see Lockard don the white coat in "Chicago Med" as a new series regular that fans can't get enough of.