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What The Cast Of Scorpion Is Doing Today

On the CBS series Scorpion, the brilliant and eccentric Scorpion team saves society from high-tech threats, time and time again. Computer genius Walter O'Brien and his equally intelligent friends work with the Department of Homeland Security to solve extremely complex problems, but their smarts don't necessarily translate to social situations. Naturally, drama and hilarity ensue as the team has to focus on saving the world while dealing with awkward scenarios behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, Scorpion was canceled after its fourth season, and the series finale aired in April 2018. In the years since the show wrapped up, cast members have moved on to lots of exciting new projects. Today, you can hear your favorite Scorpion actors voicing characters in new video games, catch them performing on stage in musicals, or see them appearing as guest stars in other popular TV shows. Some of them have even gone on to get married and have children. It's time to catch up with the cast of Scorpion and find out what they've been working on since their final scenes.

Elyes Gabel keeps things dramatic

Elyes Gabel starred as Walter O'Brien, leader of the Scorpion team and resident expert on, well, almost anything under the sun — except for human interaction. Although O'Brien can complete practically any task demanded of him, he rarely forms real emotional connections with other people. But deep down, he does care for his friends and colleagues, even if he doesn't always know how to express it.

After his time on Scorpion came to a close, Gabel moved on to an entirely new project, voicing the character Starboy in the animated film Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. Gabel has since moved on to working on the Apple drama series Suspicion, based on the Israeli drama False Flag. This remake is a suspenseful, thrilling exploration of the aftermath of a high-profile kidnapping. Gabel has also dipped his toes into the world of short film, most prominently through his role in Game Show Hurt, alongside fellow Scorpion alum Kevin Weisman.

Katharine McPhee has been busy on Broadway

Katharine McPhee played Paige Dineen, one of the few characters on Scorpion who isn't an intimidating ultra-genius. Although she originally supports herself and her son by working as a waitress, she eventually meets the Scorpion team and becomes their office manager. While she doesn't have the intellectual prowess of her colleagues, they often need her to coach them through various social situations. When it comes to people skills, she's the smartest person in the room.

It seems like McPhee's next move was destiny at work: She went from playing a waitress on Scorpion to starring as Jenna in the hit Broadway musical Waitress. After making her Broadway debut, she left the role to focus on other projects for a while, but eventually returned for the musical's final run of shows, taking the stage as Jenna for the final time in January 2020. Since her days on Scorpion, she's also played Shelly in Bayou Caviar, and appeared in films like The Tiger Rising and Intensive Care. A whole new world of genre opened up to her when she landed the role of aspiring country singer Bailey, star of the TV series Country Comfort. In the midst of her busy schedule, she also found the time to marry record producer David Foster in 2019.

Eddie Kaye Thomas is everywhere

Eddie Kaye Thomas played Toby on Scorpion, a psychiatrist who is responsible for "reading" everyone the Scorpion team encounters. Although he's a psychiatrist with an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the human mind, he has demons of his own, like his narcissistic tendencies and his gambling addiction. Plus, there's his habit of making inappropriate jokes in tense situations, which is usually an attempt to hide his real feelings.

After the final episode of Scorpion aired, Thomas continued voicing Barry Robinson on American Dad, a character he has portrayed since 2005. He has also landed guest spots on popular series including This is Us, Outmatched, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Thomas has also appeared in a number of TV movies like Shattered Memories, Nature of the Beast, and Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden. Given the fact that these productions encompass murder mystery, werewolves, and real-life action, we're willing to bet he's going to keep things exciting for many years yet.

Jadyn Wong is working in sci-fi

Jadyn Wong played Happy Quinn, the Scorpion team's resident mechanical engineer. It would be easy to assume that she has a naturally cheery disposition, but in defiance of her name, she doesn't exactly have the most positive attitude. You can't blame her: Happy had a traumatic upbringing, and as a result, she often comes across as hostile to people who don't know her. But the rest of the team knows well that she'd do anything for them, no questions asked.

Although Wong has not worked on any other TV shows since Scorpion, she has jumped into the world of film. Most excitingly, Wong scored a role in the sci-fi film Needle in a Timestack. In Needle in a Timestack, a married couple struggles to stay together in a world where time travel is a reality. Timestack features a number of big names, including Orlando Bloom and Leslie Odom Jr., and is sure to get a lot of buzz before it hits theaters.

Ari Stidham showcases his musical talents

On Scorpion, Ari Stidham is endlessly entertaining as Sylvester Dodd, who is often described as a "human calculator." As an extremely gifted mathematician with a knack for statistics, the team often finds themselves relying on his talents. Despite his many strengths, he also struggles with OCD and a long list of phobias.

Today, Stidham is branching out as a producer, working behind the scenes on the comedy-drama film, Clara's Ghost. He's also embraced his love of the stage: He has written and directed several musicals, including The Edgar Allan Show and SOLO MUST DIE: A Musical Parody. He created these musicals because he wanted audiences to be able to laugh and have a good time, whether they were familiar with the material that inspired them or not. If the reviews are anything to go by, he succeeded.

Although his career has taken him in unexpected directions since Scorpion, Stridham plans to continue acting and producing for decades to come. "I love every facet of entertainment," Stidham remarked in 2018. "I will be performing till I die, that's for sure."

Robert Patrick has a packed schedule

Agent Cabe Gallo, played by Robert Patrick, meets Walter O'Brien when he hacks into NASA's system as a child. Gallo ends up being O'Brien's mentor for several years. Their relationship takes a nosedive when Gallo asks O'Brien to design tracking software for a supposedly "humanitarian" initiative. O'Brien is devastated to discover his software was actually used to bomb Baghdad. But later in life, Gallo and O'Brien find themselves working together again when O'Brien's team ends up assisting Homeland Security. 

Patrick has had no difficulties staying busy after Scorpion – in fact, he always seems to be juggling several projects at any given time. Once his time on Scorpion was up, he switched his focus from TV to film, appearing in movies like Back Roads, The Laundromat, and The Rising Hawk. Recently, he portrayed Herman Baggerly on the crime drama Perry Mason. Not one to slow down, he lined up several more movies after that. Patrick's not lacked for dazzling co-stars, starring alongside Liam Neeson in the action film Honest Thief and Samuel L. Jackson in The Asset. Patrick also has a small role in the movie Troubled Waters, which follows a comedian trying to stage a career comeback. Finally, he's set to star in A Place Among the Dead with Juliet Landau and Gary Oldman.

Riley B. Smith is taking a hiatus

Paige Dineen initially assumes that her son Ralph, played by Riley B. Smith, is a troubled child. He doesn't seem to fit in with the other kids his age, and she doesn't quite know how to connect with him. But when O'Brien and Sylvester end up at the diner where Paige works, they quickly pick up on just how smart Ralph is. As it turns out, Ralph is a genius, and just as O'Brien needs Paige to "translate" the world for him, she needs O'Brien to help her understand Ralph.

Portraying a child genius and making it seem believable is no easy task, but Smith played his role well. However, he did not immediately start seeking out new roles after Scorpion. He did appear on an episode of Inside the Crazy Ant Farm in 2018, but overall, it looks like Smith is taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry right now. As he's been acting since 2009, meaning most of his childhood has been spent in front of the camera, he's certainly  earned the time off.

Scott Porter is voicing video game characters

Scott Porter played former Navy SEAL Tim Armstrong, who Gallo brings in to work with the Scorpion team. The first time he meets Paige, he realizes how much he likes her — but when the two start dating, their relationship creates some awkwardness for O'Brien. This couple wasn't meant to last, however, and eventually, they break up.

Even if you haven't seen Porter on screen in a while, you may have heard his voice while playing video games. After leaving Scorpion, he's done voice work for several video games, including Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Spider-Man, and Lego DC Super-Villains. It definitely seems like Porter has a passion for the superhero genre, as he also voiced Scarlet Spider in the TV series The Ultimate Spider-Man, White Wolf in Avengers Assemble, and the Flash in Harley Quinn

In addition to all of his voice work, Porter played Mayor Paul Randolph in the drama series Ginny & Georgia and Ralph Vlasin in Why Women Kill. To top it all off, Porter and his wife welcomed their daughter Clover Ash in August 2017.

Tina Majorino got to play a serial killer

Fans of Veronica Mars and Napoleon Dynamite probably recognized Tina Majorino right away when she joined the cast of Scorpion as Florence, a chemist. Though she initially butts heads with the team, she eventually pitches in to help them out with tough cases.

Although Majorino isn't a regular on any TV shows right now, she's been having a ton of fun doing guest spots and playing characters that push her out of her comfort zone. For instance, you might have noticed her playing Erin on the twisted drama series Etheria. She also had the opportunity to play a serial killer on Hulu's horror anthology series Into the Darka role she took on to challenge herself. Despite her character's morbid storyline, Majorino had a great time working on the show. "It was probably the most fun that I've had creating a character and also on set, dark as the subject matter was," she told Meaww. Majorino is a self-professed fan of true crime, so perhaps we'll see her take on similar roles in the future.

Kevin Weisman is reuniting with Elyes Gabel

For a brief period of time, Paige leaves the Scorpion team — and that's when Ray Spiewack steps in. Spiewack, played by Kevin Weisman, is a former firefighter who becomes friends with O'Brien through community service. Like many of the other characters, he struggles with trauma from his past: In his case, he lost a close friend in a fire years ago. Although he only works with the team for a short time, he does grow close enough to them to conduct Toby and Happy's wedding, which is a truly touching highlight of the show.

Just before he ended his run on Scorpion, Weisman began appearing on the Marvel sci-fi drama Runaways, where he played Dale Yorkes until 2019. Just because Scorpion has ended doesn't mean the cast has all gone their separate ways. As it turns out, Hollywood is a small world, and Weisman will be working with Elyes Gabel on the short film Game Show Hurt. Scorpion fans will definitely be happy to see these two actors working together again.

Camille Guaty is enjoying motherhood

Camille Guaty's role in Scorpion ends in tragedy. She played Walter's sister and Sylvester's wife, Megan O'Brien, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Megan eventually passes away due to complications related to her disease.

Since leaving Scorpion, Guaty been busy in both her professional and personal life. She landed a role as Nina Sandoval on Daytime Divas, and also appeared in the films Nappily Ever After and A Futile and Stupid Decision. She's also stepped into an entirely new role: motherhood. When Guaty married British songwriter Sy Rhys Kaye in 2011, the couple knew that they wanted to have children. Their road to parenthood proved complicated, involving struggles with infertility, but in October 2019, they welcomed their son, Morrison Rafael Kaye. "I had such faith that I was going to be a mother," Guaty told People. "I didn't know how it was going to turn out, but I realized being a mother means nurturing a child in an environment that will help them grow and flourish. That's a family." Guaty has also worked with non-profits to support children in foster care, and the couple hopes that they will be able to adopt a child in the future.

Reiko Aylesworth is tackling new genres

When Sylvester decides to run for the city council, the Scorpion team gets to know a little bit about his competition, Sanjay Patel — and that's when they meet Allie Jones. Allie, played by Reiko Aylesworth, works for Patel's campaign. The drama really begins when she starts dating Gallo, and the pair proceeds to ride the roller coaster of an on-and-off-again relationship. 

Since her role on Scorpion ended, Aylesworth has continued working in TV. She landed guest spots on shows like Salvation, The Good Doctor, and Bull. In addition, Aylesworth played Charlene Johnson in the thriller Rapid Eye Movement, which follows a DJ who attempts to stay awake for over 11 days after receiving a terrifying phone call. She also portrayed Regina Newhall in Dark Harbor, in which a mother-to-be is forced to confront her family's past when she comes home for her father's funeral. Aylesworth recently scored the role of Marie in the drama Loulou, which tells the story of a transgender girl struggling to gain her family's acceptance.