Jane Harkness

St. Mary's College Of Maryland, University College Dublin
Movies, TV, Pop Culture
  • Jane is the managing editor for the grassroots arts and culture newsletter The Community Arch.
  • She covered TV, comedy, and literature for The Artifice.
  • She has contributed freelance work to a variety of digital publications, including The Financial Diet, Kaur.space, Student Universe, Peaceful Dumpling, and Pink Pangea.


Jane has been working as a freelance writer and editor since 2014. She started her journey as a staff writer at her college's student newspaper and hasn't stopped writing since. In addition to writing about movies, TV, and pop culture for outlets like Looper and The Artifice, she has covered political and social issues for The Borgen Project, Peaceful Dumpling, The Lala, Kaur.space, and other publications. As a freelance contributor for Looper, Jane has had the chance to share her love of horror films, comedy, and more.


Jane earned her BA in English with a minor in film and media studies from St. Mary's College of Maryland after co-writing, directing, shooting, and editing a film project for her senior thesis. She also holds an MA in Media and International Conflict from University College Dublin.
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