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Captain Marvel: New Trailer, Posters Revealed

Hope begins with a hero — a sassy-mouthed, motorcycle-riding, Photon blast-emitting hero with a foggy memory and a love for all things grunge. 

Late Monday night during the College Football Playoff National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers, Marvel Studios dropped a special-look trailer for Captain Marvel

Far more dialogue-driven than previously released footage (but still action-packed, don't you worry), the new Captain Marvel clip features the titular superhero teaming up with a certain agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., explaining just how nasty the shape-shifting alien Skrulls are, proving that she isn't one of them and means no harm to planet Earth, and desperately trying to remember what her life was like before she became Captain Marvel and left her humanity behind to join the super-villain squad Starforce. It also sees her returning to her home planet when the war between the Skrulls and her people (well, her half-people) the Kree reaches a bubbling-over point, when the Skrulls make touch-down on Earth and begin their mission to destroy everyone and everything on Earth. 

The footage opens on Brie Larson's Carol cruising on her motorcycle down an open road before turning into the parking lot of a bar-slash-market-slash-liquor store. There, she meets Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury — a young, two-eyed, eyepatch-less Nick that the Captain Marvel digital effects team created by de-aging Jackson in post-production. After Nick catches a glimpse of Carol's biker aesthetic, he quips that "grunge is a good look" for her. She retorts, "Did you have a rough day, Agent Fury?" — a jab at both his attitude and the freshly stitched-up wound above his eye. 

It then shifts to detail the Skrull space invasion, with Carol stating that the evil extraterrestrials are shape-shifters that cannot be trusted — not even when they appear as gentle, sweet old ladies. We again see that infamous clip of Carol knocking an elderly woman's lights out (she's a Skrull, so Carol is totally in the right here) as she explains that the Skrulls have completely infiltrated Earth. Nick, concerned that Carol may be a Skrull masquerading as a part-human, part-Kree former pilot, asks Carol to prove her non-Skrull identity. Happily obliging, Carol fires off a Photon blast and cracks, "A Skrull cannot do that." She then gives Nick a satisfied eyebrow wiggle when he asks if he's simply supposed to take her word at face value. 

Elsewhere in the new footage, we get a clip of Carol training with her mentor Mar-Vell (Jude Law), who tells her that she must let go of her past and learn to better control her powers; Carol admitting that she has no idea where her abilities came from; Captain Marvel soaring through the skies, her signature mohawk flittering in the wind; and Nick saying that he's "never seen anything like her before." We then catch a young Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) asking Nick whether he thinks they can find others just like Captain Marvel, to which he answers, "She's just the beginning." 

The whole thing ends on the same kind of humorous note it began: Carol places a S.H.I.E.L.D. hat on her head and jokes with Nick, "Does announcing your identity on clothing help with the covert part of your job?" He fires back, "Says the space soldier who was wearing a rubber suit." Yeah, these two are gonna get along just fine. 

Check it out in the video above. 

Alongside the fresh Captain Marvel extended spot, Marvel unveiled three incredible new posters for the film — one for the IMAX version, another for the Dolby Cinema format, and one for the RealD 3-D version. Each one-sheet features Captain Marvel wearing her comic book-accurate red, blue, and gold suit, with the IMAX and Dolby Cinema posters displaying the hero sporting her headgear and mohawk. Take a peek at them below. 

Everything we've seen of Captain Marvel has us amped for the superhero's Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, which will mark the start of a new era and set a new precedent for strength and power amongst the franchise's heroes. (Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige promised that once Captain Marvel joins the MCU, she'll be "by far the strongest character" in the ranks.) But train-top fights and bus brawls and intergalactic battles can only take a property so far — and that's why it's so wonderful that Marvel is continuing to show us that Captain Marvel will be about more than just the action. 

As this new clip showed, the upcoming film will feature a lot of humor — an aspect of fellow MCU entries Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok that made the movies well-rounded, pretty damn revolutionary, and more enjoyable than your standard superhero movie fare. Looking beyond the scope of the film itself, Captain Marvel is set to launch only a few weeks ahead of Avengers: Endgame – so going hard with the funnies is important to balance out the heartbreak that's to come in the fourth Avengers film. 

With the reveal of this new footage and collection of posters, Captain Marvel tickets have officially gone on sale. Fans eager to secure their spot to see the 21st MCU movie in theaters can do so by heading to Fandango right now. 

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel will fly into theaters on March 8.